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LLysowski recently reported on the Sabres hockey team and the facility Sharks Ice, the largest such facility west of the Mississippi. Many users have reacted to LLysowski's reports and tweets, such as concerns about who is playing and what trades could take place. Soccer fans also showed their support by referencing the movie "Miracle." Ultimately, LLysowski reported that the Sabres are not in on Arizona Defenseman Jakob Chychrun.

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  1. Hockey
  2. Team News
  3. Player Performance
  4. Refereeing/Officials
  5. Trade Rumors and Transactions

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The majority of these tweets express excitement and anticipation, with some expressing disappointment and frustration. There is a lot of discussion about hockey teams and players, with users expressing admiration for the work of @LLysowski, as well as speculating on potential trades and the outcomes of games. Some tweets also contain humorous references, suggesting a lighthearted tone. Overall, the tweets reflect an enthusiasm for the sport of hockey and its teams.

Trend Analysis

  1. Hockey
  2. Performance of Teams
  3. Player Analysis
  4. Player Trade Possibilities
  5. Sports Facilities

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JeffMarek Jeff Marek IG: jeffmarekhockey 221,256
TheBuffaloNews The Buffalo News News alerts, headlines & more from WNY’s largest newsroom. 183,100
JeremyWGR Jeremy White I talk on the radio every day, and it’s probably gone on longer than anyone expected. Fall is Elite. Punts are turnovers. Dogs are a miracle. 112,409
martybiron43 Martin Biron Retired NHL goalie. Studio analyst @BuffaloSabres for MSG and @SabresLive. TSN-RDS @AcademyOfHockey. Father of 4. Love all sports. Instagram: @martybiron43 103,447
MarkKaboly Mark Kaboly Sr. Steelers Writer/The Athletic; (former) President PFWA/Pit Chapter; covering team since '02; inventor #StickToFootballKaboly; Pronounced: kah-BAL-lee 80,993
hsimon62 Howard WGR 65,617
Matt_Bove Matthew Bové Sports Director @WKBW. Co-Host of ‘It’s Always Gameday in Buffalo’. Big golf guy. Fan of burrito bowls & nice people. 55,756
KevinBuffalo Kevin O’Neill Feature Reporter & Broadcast Meteorologist @wgrz, Buffalo. Recovering Buffalo Sports Fan. 55,026
sharkvoice Randy Hahn Television Play by Play broadcaster San Jose Sharks NBC Sports California National Hockey League 38,044
paulmcleary Paul McLeary National Security for @politico - former @ForeignPolicy #BillsMafia. At 34,917

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Valeria_Strega Lycanthropia, Donatella and Portulaca🦬😺😺🇮🇹 ✝Gemini♊ 5/25🌱🌿,animals,🪶🇺🇲 astrologer,paranormal,#420💚💨💙 🐈🌊#horror,#Ukraine,#FBR, #StopRacism🚫DM'S, #GoSabres,#GoBills,#Yankees #RepBX,#BillsMafia 16,016
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CamMill06830348 Cam Miller Mark p. Musician 5,001
dawn_keith Dawn Keith Hillbilly from Arkansas who dislikes both political parties & thinks that being kind is the greatest thing you can be. Bills, Sabres, Razorbacks, & TU Uber fan. 5,000
HPCultivars High Priestess Cultivars Rare, Small Batch Cannabis Genetics. Cannabis heals. Cannabis cures. #cannabis #seeds #CannabisCommunity #mmj #growyourown #Mmemberville #420friendly #health 5,000
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4starGeneral17 Liberals make no sense. Stop tweeting if you have had a lobotomy. 49
jfcsoup Pronouns Letsgo/Brandon 22
Bobbyboy01 - 20
dawn_keith Hillbilly from Arkansas who dislikes both political parties & thinks that being kind is the greatest thing you can be. Bills, Sabres, Razorbacks, & TU Uber fan. 19
NHLSabresNews 1 stop for all Buffalo Sabres News. I retweet all other accounts with important Sabres news so u only need to follow 1. Please follow my content providers too. 19
BIGDICK59529041 I steal He/him 18 19
LunaraSeries Buffalo Sabres and NY Jets super fan! Also, author of Lunara, Molly of Mars, and Vicky of Venus. First book is free! 17
ErmaGersch I’m here because I’m here. Also, I’m a dude. The name is an inside joke. Come on, people! #LetsGoBuffalo #billsmafia 16
T202Yno I am from Buffalo NY. No where near the deranged, progressive, garbage woke city people. The city of Buffalo is a liberal shit hole. #Facts 15
BogartHumperdin - 14

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1627308124376801281 Fantastic #Sabres behind the curtain story by @LLysowski here. 4
1624589175210098688 While on HNIC, @JeffMarek reports the Leafs and Oilers aren’t in on the Jakob Chychrun sweepstakes. About an hour ago, the Coyotes announced that he was a healthy scratch tonight for “trade related reasons. Also reported by @LLysowski that the Sabres are not in on him either 4
1627782711745081347 Coming to your podcast platform of choice very shortly and hot off the reels is the latest episode of Maintenance Day where @LLysowski and I talk about the upcoming gauntlet, line changes gone well, UPL, Krebs, and trade deadline fun -- 3
1627787903370772480 @LLysowski Almost time for a TBN #GoFundMe 3
1624579016043667456 Per @LLysowski , the Buffalo Sabres are not in on Arizona Defenseman Jakob Chychrun. Where will he end up?? #Yotes 3
1627317627851767814 While we were sleeping, the Sabres picked up valuable points in California — more from @LLysowski, out on the West Coast. 3
1625242991152582656 @LLysowski Why perpetuate the false narrative that it was a borderline call? Defender admitted he held as it was clear he got beat and had no safety help. If he didn’t hold Chiefs score TD and Eagles get ball back with time and timeouts and a chance to score to force overtime. 2
1627792566300164099 @LLysowski The Buffalo News sucks. The paper has sucked for quite some time. Your stories are horrible. You ignore important topics. You do not hole people in power accountable for their actions. No investigations of the fraud, waste and abuse in county/city governments. 2
1625195213701406720 Check out @LLysowski's #Sabres mailbag: Is Devon Levi going to sign this spring? 2
1625369399736647680 @LLysowski The Sabres seem closer to getting Bedard than getting Chychrun. 1

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1624836405481422851 @LLysowski 61
1627018375741444096 @LLysowski Sharks Ice is the largest such facility west of the Mississippi. 48
1625602465608376323 @LLysowski I like putting line 1 back together and trying to find something with the other lines. Good. 37
1627308124376801281 Fantastic #Sabres behind the curtain story by @LLysowski here. 33
1624844625352482817 @LLysowski That Thompson line is bothering me a lot. I also think Quinn needs to sit a game more than Peterka right now 31
1624836006733131777 @LLysowski Nice to hear Donnie can go to the whip. Diddnt think he had it in him. 31
1624843954683367435 @LLysowski 29
1624840161799405570 @LLysowski Whats the worse that could happen lose 7-2? 23
1624850723178414085 @SnipeGee @LLysowski Don Granato hates Tage Thompson? The guy who helped saved his career? You people need to seek help. 23
1625214642246017025 @LLysowski Think they're scratching the wrong young forward, but I'm fine letting Clague play against his former organization and give Bryson a night off. 21

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@cmdedominicis 17
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@peterkatoquinn 14

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