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4 years


This series of tweets discusses esports (Rocket League particularly) teams such as @KarmineCorp, @OXG_Esports, @TeamLiquid, @TeamVitality, @Quadrant, @NationRL_, and @MoistEsports. It also mentions iconic duos, roster changes, and comments on how fast the Rocket League Major will arrive.

Topic Modeling

  1. Esports teams, organizations, and personalities
  2. Esports tournaments and streaming platforms
  3. Esports results and performance
  4. Esports relationships and connections
  5. Esports content and culture

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from excitement and anticipation to disappointment and frustration. Many of the tweets mention specific esports teams and organizations, indicating a sense of loyalty and camaraderie. There is also a sense of nostalgia, with several tweets referring to events that took place four years ago. Finally, some tweets express a sense of humor, with one tweet even calling someone a "nerd". Overall, these tweets capture a range of emotions from the esports community.

Trend Analysis

  1. Esports Teams
  2. RL Scene
  3. Team/Player/Iconic Duo
  4. Major Competitions
  5. Competition Outcomes

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Top 5 devices used to tweet

Source Count
Twitter for iPhone 487
Twitter for Android 286
Twitter Web App 213
Twitter for iPad 9
TweetDeck 2

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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Bio Followers count
G2esports G2 Esports The greatest esports org #G2ARMY For shop support, please DM @g2shop_support 1,570,744
teamsecret Team Secret Official Twitter of Team Secret. Business inquiries: | Join our Discord 597,437
GenG Gen.G Esports The official English Twitter for Gen.G | @GenG_KR #GenG #GenGWIN #TigerNation | Change The Game. 147,478
ElevateGG ELEVATE Esports. Content. Apparel. #RedRebellion 96,612
KnightsGG Knights Bringing the Steel City of Champions to global Esports! | VALORANT, Rocket League, R6 & much more! #KnightsNation | @KnightsArena | @KnightsUpdates 66,559
OSM_RL OSM 19yo, professional @RocketLeague player for @GaiminGladiator YouTuber with 300K+ subs πŸ’› Discord: OSM#4468 40,614
Yukeo Yukeo RLCS Season 9 EU Champion πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Business: 36,597
PioneersGG Pioneers Gaming, lifestyle, and entertainment.⁣ Kansas City founded, globally driven.⁣ | Powered By: @GFuelEnergy @Brparadox 31,501
M80gg M80 The Fuse is Lit. #BombSquadπŸ’£ 22,258
FURIA_USA FURIA USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Welcome to the Official North American @FURIA profile! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Join us. Be FURIA! #DIADEFURIA 🐾 21,779

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
BabySealSwag BabySealApparel - 5,000
japah______ J A P A H Editor de VΓ­deo Criador de ConteΓΊdo no @Youtube 25 years Professional player Battle Teams 2 for ??? 4,810
_rai2i raii. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ British Rocket League and variety streamer :) Top 300 in every stat - Switch #StandWithUkraine 4,709
antcrdbl slg ant 17 | πŸ‡΅πŸ‡± | Discord: antcrdbl#0287 | #LetsGoLiquid | #BESILLY 4,348
RoyalesNTC W7M Royales 17yoπŸ‡§πŸ‡·Pro Rocket League player for @W7Mesports – @SantosFC 🀍 – @Rapha_S23❀️ 3,759
jackson_mnslp Jackson Loyal MN sports fan who endures a lot of pain. @USFLShowboats | @XFLVipers | @version1gg #BlackLivesMatter #Skol #mnwild #MNTwins #RaisedByWolves #SkiUMah 3,390
uluglo ulu. β€πŸ’™ et 🐝 3,156
MikeWRL1 Mike valorant gamer pfp: @cle_fairy 2,221
FallingState Falling State Game Studio πŸ•Ή #gamedev #indiedev Startup game dev studio - in r & d mode. Dope shit coming soon! 2,214

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
mtxtun @RLEsports Enjoyer. 😈 || @NRGgg #NRGFam πŸ”›πŸ” || Ι™ΚŒΙ uooΙ―ΚŽΙ™uoΙ₯ || πŸ’€ 16
Barrynevawrong Certified free willer and free thinker 14
EulaRaidenx2 just trolling 14
KyleB_Twitch Twitch|KyleB. Happy to be here πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ 11
ilyas88989567 - 11
wallysnakes Born a hater. only speaks facts 9
Rixie_RL - 8
NamorAbundez Got it, got it, baaaang… 8
exeed_brazil Perfil Oficial da equipe Exeed de Rocket League. Patrocinado por Adidas | Redbull | LG Oled | Open fiber πŸ“© #TimeToExeed @exeed_official 8
xkevinsanex Twitch Streamer. @RLEsports 8

Tweets per day

Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1624519774938988549 @AtowRL @LiquipediaRL @TeamLiquid @AcroniK @RLEsports 🀝 13
1624519564796076034 @LiquipediaRL @OskiRL @TeamLiquid @AcroniK @RLEsports Oski my brotha 5
1627445646184644616 @LiquipediaRL @zenrll @TeamVitality @RLEsports 😈😈😈 #VforVictory 5
1626285365039333377 @LiquipediaRL @RLEsports @FalconsEsport @TwisMinds @RuleOneGG @VisionEsp__ Mena enjoyers when they get FALC v R1 finals for the 12th time 1
1624495650346786816 @LiquipediaRL @KarmineCorp @Vatira5 @itachi_rl @exotiikrl @RLEsports KC CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY 1
1626293416614154241 @AraquinTheHuman @LiquipediaRL @RLEsports @FalconsEsport @TwisMinds @RuleOneGG @VisionEsp__ Some players might have personal problems or exams or school work on the same day as the regional and it prevents them from playing or maybe their parents are strict because most middle eastern parents are that way and they put studies and doing well in them over rocket league 1
1627453575738662917 @LiquipediaRL @zenrll @TeamVitality @RLEsports The Whole rl scene right now 1
1625958465360257030 @LiquipediaRL @G2esports @ChicagoRL @JKnaps @RLEsports of all the pictures u couldve chosen its the most heartbreaking one.. 1
1626586733382086666 @bartek007up @LiquipediaRL @RLEsports @VisionEsp__ @RuleOneGG @TwisMinds @FalconsEsport 2 team* 1
1625935852655284240 @LiquipediaRL @ChicagoRL @JKnaps @RLEsports Iconic duo ❀️❀️ 1

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1625278857971466240 @LiquipediaRL @RLEsports @KarmineCorp @OXG_Esports @TeamLiquid @TeamVitality @Quadrant @MoistEsports 259
1627446225703256064 @LiquipediaRL @NationRL_ @zenrll @TeamVitality @RLEsports uh oh 170
1627453575738662917 @LiquipediaRL @zenrll @TeamVitality @RLEsports The Whole rl scene right now 161
1627445503066529793 @LiquipediaRL @zenrll @TeamVitality @RLEsports 148
1627445646184644616 @LiquipediaRL @zenrll @TeamVitality @RLEsports 😈😈😈 #VforVictory 137
1625935852655284240 @LiquipediaRL @ChicagoRL @JKnaps @RLEsports Iconic duo ❀️❀️ 120
1627448786938126336 @LiquipediaRL @zenrll @TeamVitality @RLEsports oh 117
1624519564796076034 @LiquipediaRL @OskiRL @TeamLiquid @AcroniK @RLEsports Oski my brotha 114
1624519774938988549 @AtowRL @LiquipediaRL @TeamLiquid @AcroniK @RLEsports 🀝 99
1627447103336087557 @LiquipediaRL @zenrll @TeamVitality @RLEsports 96

Top 3 Languages Used In Tweets

Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#rlcs 85
#kcorpwin 10
#kcorp 8
#vforvictory 7
#vitwin 2
#1 2
#fazeup 1
#free 1
#falconsarehere 1
#savenrg 1

Top 10 Hashtags Used In Tweets

Top 10 mentions

Mention Count
@liquipediarl 999
@rlesports 954
@karminecorp 150
@m80gg 149
@teamvitality 131
@teamliquid 120
@knightsgg 116
@spacestation 115
@geng 102
@quadrant 102

Top 10 mentions

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Average number of emojis used per tweet


Emojis used in tweets

Emoji Count Emoji Text
πŸ† 44 trophy
πŸ’€ 22 skull
😭 19 loudly_crying_face
πŸ”₯ 17 fire
😈 13 smiling_face_with_horns
πŸ˜‚ 13 face_with_tears_of_joy
πŸ“Ί 12 television
πŸ“„ 12 page_facing_up
🀣 11 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
πŸ‘€ 10 eyes

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 187
People & Body 52
Activities 51
Flags 40
Objects 31
Travel & Places 20
Symbols 8
Animals & Nature 8
Food & Drink 1