Even if your current Twitter strategies are working it is good to make a few tweaks to ensure you are implementing the most current tactics. Below are a few of our suggestions for 2022.

Twitter has emerged as a behemoth of a social media platform that has an enormous reach and has a wide geo-political influence. Marketers are turning to the platform for their ever-growing targeted user data needs and are constantly on the lookout for cost-effective Twitter analytics solutions.

But your search for a reliable and cost-effective Twitter analytics solution can end here. Through twtData’s export Twitter followers list feature, you can instantly download Twitter followers from any account and turn raw analytical data into actionable insights.

Leverage the Twitter Marketing Calendar

If you are trying to attract more followers and engagement you must utilize the 2022 Twitter Marketing Calendar. It contains holidays and key events worth Tweeting about. Special events can serve as tweet inspirations and are easy to conceptualize. If you go through the Marketing Calendar, you would find that there are a whole lot of events to tweet about and while you wouldn’t attend them in person, but you can certainly tweet about them!

Export Twitter Tweets or Followers for Analytics

The people following your competitors are part of your demographic too, so it’s wise to try to capture their attention. You can do this by direct messaging, following them, or targeting them in marketing campaigns. If you are looking for ways to export Twitter followers list, here is a detailed post that can help you out.

Mix In New Hashtags

You should always include your Twitter profile name or business name as a hashtag, as well as your name or the name of your product or service if relevant. Then you should add at least a few more hashtags relevant to your specific post. Where many go wrong, is in using the same hashtags for every post. While this keeps things targeted it is a narrow approach. For inspiration, use a hashtag analytics tool that lets you know what industry keywords are trending in each region. Or, use the data you collect from twtData to select the high-performing hashtags your competition is using.

Engage Your Followers

Dedicate a few 5 minute chunks of time each day to engage your followers. This includes responding to direct messages, responding to comments, and liking and commenting on a few of your follower’s posts. If you simply post on your social channel and don’t engage with your followers, you won’t garner your audience’s attention. But, a well-engaged audience can work wonders for your brand’s social presence.

Personalize Your Posts

You have a posting calendar to keep up with, but never post of the sake of posting. Ensure that every post is personalized and engaging to your demographic. This includes everything from your photos, quotes, and image text—to the unique text you write for each post. Plan and schedule your posts in advance to optimize your time.

How To Export Twitter Followers List Using twtData?

twtData is a premier Twitter analytics platform that can help you in exporting Twitter followers list from any account. You can download the entire list of Twitter followers and perform a detailed analysis to gain audience insights and propel your brand to success. Here are the steps that can help you easily export Twitter followers list using twtData:

  1. Navigate to twtData.com
  2. Enter the Twitter handle of the account from which you want to download followers. You can enter multiple account handles separated by comma.
  3. Enter your email address for the report to be delivered.
  4. Enter the promocode (optional)
  5. Choose the preferred file format (csv/xlsx).
  6. Click on ‘Get Price or Free Sample’.
  7. twtData would now display the time required for report generation as well as the cost. The greater the number of followers in the account, the higher would be the time required for report generation. Similarly, higher the follower base, the higher would the report cost.
  8. Click on ‘Pay with card’ and complete the payment.
  9. Your report will be generated and sent to your email.

twtData is the fastest Twitter extraction tool available on the web that can help you export Twitter followers list for any public account. The platform sources every bit of data directly from Twitter’s servers and in real-time. Hence, you can be assured that every report that you download from twtData is 100% accurate.


If you believe that data is the future of business decision making, you are already living in the past. Leveraging Twitter analytics for driving your business growth is already happening and if you have not yet deployed effective data-driven decisions for your business growth, its highly advised that you start now. If you have any questions regarding twtData’s followers, tweets or hashtag reports, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!