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Leo Puglisi6 discusses the idea of a political party for slave owners and their slaves, as well as a party representing the landlord class. He also makes references to 'Aussie accents', Terri's accusation of Max's appropriation and Murdoch. He also states that the Greens and Liberals are far left and far right now.

Topic Modeling

  1. Political parties and policies
  2. Career and aspirations
  3. Renting and ownership
  4. Culture wars
  5. Conspiracy theories

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from frustration and disappointment to admiration and respect. The tweets are mainly critical of the party for slave-owners and their slaves, and the suggestion that the owners are being given preference over renters. There is also a sense of pride in the accomplishments of Leo_Puglisi6, and admiration for his work in calling out misinformation. There is also a sense of disbelief at the suggestion that the Greens and Liberals are now far left and far right. Finally, there is a hint of humor in the response to the tweet from the Prime Minister of an Italian porn artist.

Trend Analysis

  1. Ownership and Renting
  2. Money
  3. Change over time
  4. Political Parties
  5. Privacy and Appropriation

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simonahac 💧simon holmes à court FDR: “i ask you to judge me by the enemies i have made.” @climate200 @opennem @SmartEnergyCncl #AEGN likes≠agreement. DoB: 329.7ppm 113,616
KetanJ0 Ketan Joshi Here's the part of my website where I include various hyperlinks to all of the social media sites that I am going to meaningfully use 65,600
AndyBxxx Andy Boreham 安柏然 Kiwi in China 🇳🇿🇨🇳 • Columnist, video @ShanghaiDaily • Host/creator: • Fudan M.A. • 上海日报 • 复旦大学硕士 • 不是吹捧中国的投机者,而是讲述事实的媒体人 44,538
jonkudelka The Twindenberg Cartoonist at the @satpaper & @themercurycomau semper erit benevolens. Gallery at Mastadon escape room: 43,515
gfeholly Holly Harte protagonist era 🗡 Canberra curvy companion, alien, cat lady, and leftist. Black Lives Matter (still) BEEM:gfeholly Alt:@HarteAttackk 🚫NO DMs🚫 42,074
davidbewart Ewart, Dave😷 jazz musician ,guzzista, ALP member . Australia #invyhornjam 35,968
LucyXIV Lucy “writer” / very normal aviation enthusiast and love doctor @boontavista / horrid little ghoul 34,492
NjbBari3 Dr Noor Bari MBBS BSc Hons Infectious Diseases 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 Zero COVID Australia 33,701
cameronwilson cameron wilson internet explorer @crikey_news send tips: he/him also fyi my notifications are turned off, dm if you want me 26,025
tarang_chawla Tarang / तरंग Nikita’s Brother. Activist. Founder. Lawyer. Suicide Survivor. Vic Multicultural Commissioner. Fmr Finalist Young Australian of the Year. 24,187

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davidbewart Ewart, Dave😷 jazz musician ,guzzista, ALP member . Australia #invyhornjam 28,145
simonahac 💧simon holmes à court FDR: “i ask you to judge me by the enemies i have made.” @climate200 @opennem @SmartEnergyCncl #AEGN likes≠agreement. DoB: 329.7ppm 17,249
WgarNews WGAR News👣 #GrassRoots #AboriginalVoices #WGARmob #AboriginalTalk #TeamWGAR #WGARmob #WorkingGroup4AboriginalRights #AltMedia, #GrassRootsAboriginalVoices & #GrassRoots #VoicesInSolidarity👣#AboriginalRights 16,627
MeckeringBoy 🇺🇦🌿Mike Dowling- Climate Action NOW! Uluru Vote YES Treaty Atheist BoycottMurdoch FNVoice Democratic Socialist BlueWave StateSchools Women BLM Medicare AntiFGM *On stolen Whadjuk Noongar land 15,045
LesleyDewarAU Lesley Dewar - Blogging on Medium - 12,355
AndrewBartlett Andrew Bartlett former Senator. Volunteer @4zzzradio Campaigner/advocate. immigration, housing, environment, poverty, animal & human rights, Anti-war. RT or follows ≠ approval 11,565
Jansant jansant Pictures Words Tweets. #auspol @nofibs #indivotes #IndependentsDay Support my NoFibs reporting on 10,818
stanleywaite1 Stanley Waite Inventor, If you want to learn from me, BEAUTIFUL!! because I want to learn from YOU!!😎 we can enrich each others lives...through thought.#SDGs 10,797
OurNewHomecoach Jennifer Crawford Registered architect. Long term tenant. ARB NSW. 6611. ARBV 18886. Gadigal land. CO2 PPM 332.16 MLC Candidate for @emfarrelly NSW election 2023. 10,133
earthma23 LadyBatGirlKimberley 🦇 🐝🌹 💧Westcoast Twitterati For dragons 🐲 #FrackfreeKimberley Conservation Ethical Transparent Govt. #FrackfreeWA #KNAG🌻 Stop DV - End Violence Against Women 🧡🕯 10,119

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kristain001 Carpenter .fix stuff build stuff 30
auspol22 Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula. Wineries and Hot springs. Outgoing Gregory Hunt is a #crunt - hate #labour. Fake independents - voices of, can choke. #UAP 29
JcKh_ Black Lives Matter. Chaotic good. I shitpost, therefore I am. He/him/they priv: @_KhJc 26
KimCarrera007 Retired Art Gallery & Chauffeured Limousines Owner. Devout Atheist Buddhist. Suffers fibromyalgia & dyslexia empathic Follow at 24
binaryADD I tweet videos of dogs, food, and anything funny. I avoid doomscrolling so please don't involve me in any agenda or politics that you're engaged in. 24
bulldoglegend - 22
thebigjohnnyd He/Him. Autism, dyslexia, ADHD. Zoomer. Freelance Writer/comic. @Chaser @shot_au. Got a joke on the Hansard. Tweets dont reflect views of mates/fmr employers 21
LilahRPGtt Lilah 💚🌻💚 Filthy Leftie and Enby 💚🌻💚 Resident T$rf Slayer 💜 They/Them 💜 LilahRPG on TikTok 🇦🇺🇵🇹🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌂 20
AngelComrade Intersectional feminist/ Left/Atheist/Survivor/Sweary/Recovering empath She/Her 🚫Ableism🚫Racism🚫Misogyny🚫Transphobia🚫 17
inside_cupboard Spoonie SJ activist, was marching in streets now tweets in cupboard Disabled queer AuDHD nonbinary zebra shouting into the void 16

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1627073180056838144 @Leo_Puglisi6 I agree. This is less about 'news value' and more about grubby culture wars and #NewsCorpse's smearing someone to protect the Coalition. 7
1624873662343168000 @Leo_Puglisi6 Totally agree. @AlboMP kept the same medical advisers too & let Covid rip. Leading to rampant repeated preventable Covid infections in schools & aged care. Ongoing Covid. He's ended up being worse. Guilty of not protecting Australians from Covid. Disgraceful. 7
1624747584161210374 @Leo_Puglisi6 Brave and true Refugees Whistleblowers People exploiting housing Defence spending Police militarisation Unaccountable politicians DV deaths Supermarket Duopoly unchallenged Foreign ownership/control Tax cuts for the Rich Subsidising Private schools Etc... 7
1623887122230034434 @VoicesForAston @YESVoices @VoicesofCasey @VoicesDeakin @Aaronsmith333 @BrentHodgson @Jarrapin @rebaillieu @KamKamCords @simonahac @KleinRevd @Leo_Puglisi6 @PRGuy17 @MichaelPascoe01 @BernardKeane @MayneReport @Anthony_Klan @nfax @secomb_michael @ThePen20 @davrosz @janine_hendry 6
1624979675155161088 @Leo_Puglisi6 They are nothing the same. One has a heart as evidenced today by allowing thousands of refugees to remain in our country….the other who is supposedly a Christian has no heart at all! 5
1624263535789506561 @Leo_Puglisi6 @6NewsAU You have also been dropped down the Twitter algorithm for some reason. Obviously not Right enough, I’ve missed you in my feed 4
1626920718423437312 @Leo_Puglisi6 you may recall her teaming up with pvo and selectively using kate's private journals to try to muddy the waters on porter's behalf 4
1626659878680006658 @Leo_Puglisi6 "Owners and renters party". Policy list: owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners. 3
1625255885974142976 @Leo_Puglisi6 3
1626919749279154177 @Leo_Puglisi6 that's the last of their concerns, hence coming from someone yet to find a victim/survivor she's not willing to try to further destroy on behalf of the powerful 3

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1626593316023455745 @Leo_Puglisi6 The party for slave-owners & their slaves. Sounds very well balanced. 81
1626659878680006658 @Leo_Puglisi6 "Owners and renters party". Policy list: owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners, owners. 72
1626178560649203712 @Leo_Puglisi6 @NewtonMark there are some things money can’t buy 70
1624722960832667648 @Leo_Puglisi6 But if you open your eyes, & your ears, a helluva lot HAS changed - And yes, for the better! 69
1626572979420426245 @Leo_Puglisi6 Well, it's about time we had someone in parliament representing the landlord class!! 64
1626917179303264261 @Leo_Puglisi6 I'm honoured to be your mum Leo. You are exactly right. Even if you are younger than most journalists. You have a big career ahead of you. Let me know when you want to meet up for a coffee one day. 63
1626608607512129538 @Leo_Puglisi6 As someone who rents, I cannot emphasise enough how enthusiastically I would put this party last in my preferences 62
1624727046718103554 @Leo_Puglisi6 Rip your mentions 60
1623528127598305281 @Leo_Puglisi6 @6NewsAU Perhaps she was recruiting Albo to her numerology cult? 57
1626064069215256577 @Leo_Puglisi6 @FoxCricket He surely doesn't want indian batters to thumbs up Todd murphy. 57

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#auspol 22
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#breaking 2
#lnpcrimefamily 2
#thisisnotjournalism 2

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@leo_puglisi6 4240
@6newsau 544
@kimcarrera007 61
@donbrownmp 54
@kristain001 47
@markdistef 40
@wellardnatas 40
@brenthodgson 35
@scientistblood 35
@tjmurph9 35

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