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Kromark and Planet are discussing the situation in Ukraine and are calling for the country to be given long range missiles to combat the Russian threat. They also discussed a specific location that could be used as a target and the possible evidence of a Russian buildup as a prelude to an offensive. Finally, suggestions for lessening escalation and casualties by bombing camps were also provided.

Topic Modeling

  1. Military buildup/preparations
  2. Geographic locations/coordinates
  3. Weapons/Ammunition
  4. Ukrainian Relations/Support
  5. Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from support and patriotism for Ukraine to fear and anger at Russia. There is also a sense of urgency, as many of the tweets call for Ukraine to be given weapons to defend itself and for bombing of camps to prevent further escalation and casualties. There is also a sense of humor in some of the tweets, with jokes about the criminal pasts of Russian separatists.

Trend Analysis

  1. Show of support Poland to Ukraine
  2. Giving Ukraine the necessary weapons to defend from Russian forces
  3. Evidence of Russian military buildup
  4. Use of Canadian tax dollars to give Ukrainian weapons
  5. Bombing of camps and depots in Ukraine

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fs0c131y Baptiste Robert 🇫🇷 Good Faith Hacker. Fight disinformation at @PredictaLabOff. #OSINT for good. For business inquiries my email is below👇 239,722
Rebel44CZ Jakub Janovsky Military history, SCW, OSINT, space, electric cars. NATO/EU supporter. Bellingcat and Oryx Blog contributor. 53,808
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RafaeldelaRocha Rafa de la Rocha tomar la iniciativa y anticiparse a situaciones , es labor de Conocimiento aplicado a la realidad #OposicionUnida #VxM #Legion #StandWithUkraine 9,847
dr_rf DrF Computer Nerd - #FBPE 🇪🇺 🇺🇦 🇬🇧 5,351
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AlexvB___ Alexvb Aus dem Sicherheitsbereich, poste aktuell hauptsächlich zur Ukraine, analysiere und ordne ein was geschieht - aktiv für BevS - hier privat 5,171

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RafaeldelaRocha Rafa de la Rocha tomar la iniciativa y anticiparse a situaciones , es labor de Conocimiento aplicado a la realidad #OposicionUnida #VxM #Legion #StandWithUkraine 9,758
dr_rf DrF Computer Nerd - #FBPE 🇪🇺 🇺🇦 🇬🇧 5,880
BeauxJacques1 BoJaX, MetaMega🇺🇦Meta bojax.eth humanAI bot NAFO #TheRealBoJaX PrivFinTech, #CryptoPacificInnovLabs Superagency.Eth #Guilds #WorldPrivateers #NFTartists; Acq. #XEQ worldguild.eth #XBI #NOLE #GOP 5,001
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fs0c131y Baptiste Robert 🇫🇷 Good Faith Hacker. Fight disinformation at @PredictaLabOff. #OSINT for good. For business inquiries my email is below👇 4,724
Tubtimp1 Tubtim - 3,699
ATACMSTIME2022 ☠️Cali Fella 🇺🇸☠️ 🇺🇸 🇩🇪 Dont ask about Wilson the 🏐 he turned out to be a Vatnik. Glory to 🇺🇦.# NAFO 3,655

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sakurasakura_88 さくら さくら 🌸🌸🌸 15
PhoenixJanus Ми завжди серед вас. Ми ближче, ніж ви думаєте! 🇺🇦 🔱 since 2014 10
2little2lateBB Retweeting for illustration and awareness, not endorsement... 7
dispassionatejo Make Life Multiplanetary 7
SlartybarfastB Why ask? The answer is always 42 4
GreedAway - 4
WildcardGamez Completionist gamer. Would be pro Yu-Gi-Oh player. 4
airkdrn Not from Ukraine, but I #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦. 4
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1625160246179123200 @kromark @planet 2
1623716714457309185 GeoConfirmed UKR. "Russian defensive positions on Svatove-Kreminna line" Grids in his thread. GeoLocated by @kromark 2
1625642096743809029 @sentdefender @kromark @The_Lookout_N + USA want to destroy Russia at any cost. Ukraine is just a poligon for Jenkies. 1
1626404207434530817 @kromark @planet do you understand @POTUS @RishiSunak @EmmanuelMacron @Bundeskanzler @JustinTrudeau @jpn_pmo @G7 @NATO @GiorgiaMeloni @jensstoltenberg why longer range missiles are required? This will not stop until full defeat. 1
1625084360851349507 @kromark @planet It is time. 1
1627078227088019458 @kromark Thank you for this report. This is the first time I hear that Ru had ammo build up INSIDE Ukraine prior to 2022. Insane. Are there more build ups like that from early on? 0
1625213881583865856 @sentdefender @kromark @The_Lookout_N Perfect!! Ukraine will have coordinates….HIMARS up 0
1625217028054294628 @sentdefender @kromark @The_Lookout_N Ukr should be assisted in hitting these points. 0
1625216184848384000 @sentdefender @kromark @The_Lookout_N To Himars or not to Himars that is the question? 0
1625215640674922496 @kromark @planet 0

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ID Text Like count
1625160246179123200 @kromark @planet 57
1624135312027918336 @kromark @planet Ruskie kurwy. Brawo Ukraina. Polska z wami !!! 35
1625101115141357568 @kromark @planet Give Ukraine long range missiles 26
1625084360851349507 @kromark @planet It is time. 26
1625088682653888512 @kromark @planet A T A C M S 23
1625155344685989891 @kromark @planet 51.500476396379895, 39.161303313145616 precise location for anyone interested 22
1626664358347513856 @kromark Interesting thread, and great research, thank you 22
1624362246011756546 @kromark @planet Slava Ukraini 💪🇺🇦🇵🇱 17
1625081377606467590 @kromark @planet Give Ukraine the missile that is needed to destroy that site. 16
1624361993850302465 @kromark @planet Z czego składa się kacap ? Z garnka na głowie, łachmanów i gumiaków na sobie i najważniejszej części -opałowej 🔥🔥😂🤣 Nic dziwnego ze spierdalają z maszyn przy pierwszym wystrzale jaki usłyszą . Druga armia świata tyle że od końca, banda łachmaniarzy, meneli, gwałcicieli !!! 13

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#authorizeukrainenow 1

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@kromark 270
@planet 87
@the_lookout_n 22
@sentdefender 20
@geoconfirmed 13
@twotar5five 8
@rebel44cz 7
@bradyafr 6
@sagar_djadhav 6
@ralee85 6

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🧵 5 thread
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🤪 3 zany_face
🇷🇺 2 Russia
💪 2 flexed_biceps
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