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Taiwan is showing their support to Ukraine by providing supplies and showing their solidarity as the country is entering its anniversary of Russian invasion. Ukraine is encouraged by people like Ukrainian Member of Parliament Kira Rudik to believe that they can win the war. People are also calling for the recognition of Kosovo and for the EU and OSCE to seize the Russian asset in Moldova. Meanwhile, Taiwan is encouraging Ukraine to stay strong and united against their enemies on the dangerous battlefields and cyber warfares.

Topic Modeling

  1. Thanking Taiwan for help
  2. Russian invasion of Ukraine
  3. Ukrainian MP advocacy
  4. Ukraine-Taiwan relations
  5. Russian actions in Crimea and Kaliningrad

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets are mostly positive, with gratitude, hope, and support for Ukraine and Taiwan being the main themes. The tweets show appreciation for Taiwan's assistance in providing supplies, and for their commitment to standing with Ukraine in their struggle against Russia. There is also a sense of determination and resilience, with phrases such as "Believe that we will win this war" and "Glorious victory belong to Ukraine" being used to express optimism. Additionally, there is a sense of anger and frustration towards Russia for their invasion of Ukraine and their deprivation of necessary medication.

Trend Analysis

  1. Recognition and gratitude for the help from Taiwan
  2. Showcasing Ukraine's resilience from Russia's invasion
  3. The need for Ukraine to recognize Kosovo
  4. The relationship between Taiwan and Ukraine
  5. The need for global readiness and preparation for Russia's future offensive

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NEWSMAX NEWSMAX Real News for Real People. Watch NEWSMAX, an independent news network with a conservative perspective, available in 100M+ U.S. homes: 2,076,618
bbcworldservice BBC World Service News, views and highlights from the BBC's international radio station. 538,155
cathynewman Cathy Newman Presenter & Investigations Editor, Channel 4 News; Presenter, Times Radio; Insta cathynewmanc4 Agent 241,793
new27brigade 新‧二七部隊 軍事雜談 (New 27 Brigade)🇹🇼🇺🇦 本站主旨:戰史研究、戰略安全、軍事科技、政治作戰 組織本土軍隊意識,建立在地軍事認知 拒絕黃埔軍閥壟斷,豎立高砂國魂認同 87,082
SlavaUk30722777 Sofia Ukraini I love to dance and eat cheesecake, but now thanks to that pathetic little man in the kremlin, i show you about love and war from Ukraine 64,830
Military_idv_tw 新台灣國防軍事網 本站秉持「反中,反共,反統戰」三大精神! 一:致力提供理性的國防、軍事、軍聞分析討論。二:以正確軍事觀念破除親中媒體錯誤報導。三:使台灣社會了解「戰略嚇阻論」即台灣軍力越強、中國犯台損失越高的最重要觀念。 歡迎大家追蹤我們、一起守護台灣!本網所有分站索引頁: 本站一向有話直嗆!還請包涵 61,449
DoctorAfghan 🇵🇰🇸🇩🇦🇫 ډاکټر عافیه افغان دې نړۍ ته د اړتیا له. مخې راغلم، په ترهه مې ژوند وکړ او په کرکه او بیزارۍ ترې ځم..... 61,237
TimesRadio Times Radio Follow us for the latest news and intelligent discussion of stories that matter. Tune in now at 📻 59,701
NewAmerica New America We are a community of innovative problem-solvers dedicated to renewing the promise of America. Stay in touch: ✉️ 56,690
markcoruk Mark Corner Getting The Truth Out In The Open 🇬🇧 🇺🇦 29,062

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lflorepolitics voteblue2020🇺🇦🌻🇺🇸 Passion~ Politics💙🌵Proud DEMOCRAT. Pro choice. Lifelong News junkie...Foodie🍴🍕Wine 🍷Cat owner🐾 All opinions are my own. 15,038
markcoruk Mark Corner Getting The Truth Out In The Open 🇬🇧 🇺🇦 10,665
realDoran Doran 🇺🇸, I “tweet” occasionally and I do “like” tweets often, UMAugusta - Mental Health, YCCCMaine Alumnus - Computer Science, #FBR 👊, #BlueCrew, NO DM’s, 💉, 😷 10,513
caronmlindsay Caron Lindsay 🔶 🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 Editor, @libdemvoice. @scotlibdems Social Security spokesperson, mum, feminist, LGBT+ ally, servant to two spaniels. She/her 9,429
CMartinjazz Claire Martin OBE Jazz vocalist. Director at ECN Music. Curator of the Iford Manor Jazz Festival. Basketball mum. Nicholls State Colonels & New Orleans Pelicans fan. 🏀🎤 9,138
GunterFehlinger Gunther Fehlinger Peace in Europe by strong NATO, strong EU, TTIP and fast track enlargement of NATO, EU, Euro 9,089
adunlea Annette J Dunlea (Irish Writer) 🇺🇦 Writer, Author, Blogger & Foodie...My litblog: Support Ukraine 🇺🇦 8,709
DucuGavril Gavril Ducu 🇷🇴🇩🇪🇺🇲🇳🇱🇪🇺@🇺🇦 born by the KGB.. raised by the CIA... mindreader... digital ventriloquist... #fella #WeAreNAFO #NAFO Heavy Bonker Award 🏅 Meme me with Buy me coffee🙏 8,176
mustlovesnark Kristina CK the most fashionable #fella you know #NAFO #resist 🇺🇦 @U24_gov_ua #RussiaIsATerroristState 🇺🇦✊Слава Україні! #NAFOExpansionIsNonNegotiable 7,399
robdn Rob de Nazar🔶 🇺🇦🌿🌈United Progressives🧡💚❤️💛 Activist+News: #FBPE #PR HRights Equality WorldLGBTI CentreLeft LibDem EducationExHead🌳Climate&Environment🐳 Science Health&Carers☕️#ProEU #ProgressiveAlliance 7,271

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C_W_UK English lives in France interests USA Ukraine Iran Afghanistan #HumanRights #WomanLifeFreedom 52
frank3davies post ww2 baby boomer. English new Scot c2009. SNP 2014 . Anti Right wing Conservatism agenda post Thatcher. Saor Alba. 26
HamiltonJamesE Citizen Métis Nation of Ontario ∞ Métis Ancestral Origin ∞ Métis Nation of the Canadian Northwest Historic Métis Homeland & Red River Métis 22
markcoruk Getting The Truth Out In The Open 🇬🇧 🇺🇦 18
voceliberaeu - 17
deljrich Retired and Love Freedom ! 13
ElvisJukic10 Very simple person with good people skills 13
TerryRo96608286 Originally from Texas. I'm a conspiracy theorist. I'm pro-American, pro-life, pro-Fox News, pro-Elon Musk, pro-Trump and I am in support of Ukraine. 13
bn880 Putin has made a huge mistake, he is about to find out when it's too late. Religion: Lockheed Martin Weapons: Truth, F16, Javelin Work: shadows Retweets: YES 12
AhmedTaram76 You can live as you like to please yourself....not to please others at the expense of yourself. يمكنك العيش بإرضاء نفسك ... قبل غيرك. 12

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1625128810529099779 @kiraincongress @MOFA_Taiwan @GregoryMalenko @vadymyrko Thank you Taiwan, they know what's right😊 199
1626997337011720193 "Believe that we will win this war." Ukrainian Member of Parliament Kira Rudik [@kiraincongress] speaks out ahead of the anniversary of Russia's invasion of the country. @Tom_Basile MORE: 22
1624083601242435601 @kiraincongress @BBCHARDtalk A ruzzian asset that needs to be seized now, not never, is the russian InterRAO owned Kuchurgan power station in occupied Moldova that funds the Transnistrian puppet government. It also blocks import of power to Ukraine via Romania. What are @EU_Commission & @OSCE waiting for? 11
1624467494122520577 Another Crime of Ruzzian murder: Depriving someone of their necessary medication. This also save for the tribunal. 😡 @ICCT_TheHague @ZelenskyyUa @kajakallas @kiraincongress @Podolyak_M 8
1624695744262275072 "We are getting closer to the one year anniversary... the offence from Putin's side will be related to this date." Ukrainian MP @kiraincongress speaks to @BBCHARDtalk 6
1623767172903325698 Leadership is about human skills. Thank you for a very insightful and inspiring panel discussion during #EECTrends. It was a privilege to host @AlicjaDef @BartENowak @kiraincongress Ioana Parsons @magdasobkowiak Izabela Van Den Bossche See you in April at @EECKatowice! 5
1625365566612738048 @kiraincongress 我們台灣與烏克蘭人站在一起!烏克蘭加油! 🇺🇦🤝🇹🇼 #StandWithUkraine 5
1625410719394168834 @kiraincongress @MOFA_Taiwan @GregoryMalenko @vadymyrko 3
1625624492696535040 烏克蘭遭到俄羅斯侵略,許多國家紛紛伸出援手,台灣也援助了柴油發電機等物資,烏克蘭議員魯迪 @kiraincongress(Kira Rudik)在推特PO影片,感謝台灣送來3個更強力的發電機,更與她的團隊以中文說出:「謝謝 #台灣 。」 3
1624074098354663425 An array of brilliant voices on my @TimesRadio show at 4: @kiraincongress on #UkraineRussiaWar ; @lindayueh on #economy ; @cmcanea on #strikes ; @WilliamJHague & @JDBakewell on politics; @stellacreasy on getting more mums into Parliament; @KamilaRCGP is my #Ladder guest 3

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1625128810529099779 @kiraincongress @MOFA_Taiwan @GregoryMalenko @vadymyrko Thank you Taiwan, they know what's right😊 1491
1626997337011720193 "Believe that we will win this war." Ukrainian Member of Parliament Kira Rudik [@kiraincongress] speaks out ahead of the anniversary of Russia's invasion of the country. @Tom_Basile MORE: 73
1625365566612738048 @kiraincongress 我們台灣與烏克蘭人站在一起!烏克蘭加油! 🇺🇦🤝🇹🇼 #StandWithUkraine 64
1625129765408571398 @kiraincongress @stoa1984 @MOFA_Taiwan @GregoryMalenko @vadymyrko It’s better “謝謝台灣”, traditional Mandarin is used in #Taiwan, another of the many differences with China… 😉 40
1624467494122520577 Another Crime of Ruzzian murder: Depriving someone of their necessary medication. This also save for the tribunal. 😡 @ICCT_TheHague @ZelenskyyUa @kajakallas @kiraincongress @Podolyak_M 32
1625125644957806593 @kiraincongress @MOFA_Taiwan @GregoryMalenko @vadymyrko Our power comes from within. 謝謝台灣! 27
1625135974069174272 @kiraincongress @MOFA_Taiwan @GregoryMalenko @vadymyrko 🇹🇼❤️🇺🇦 27
1625384460001894401 @kiraincongress @MOFA_Taiwan @GregoryMalenko @vadymyrko 歡迎訪問台灣 26
1625154480126951424 @kiraincongress @MOFA_Taiwan @GregoryMalenko @vadymyrko Taiwan stands with Ukraine!✊️Don't forget their fighters on the frontline! 🙏Their courage will united the brave fighters together. The dangerous battlefield, or the cyber warfare. Stay together, stand with Taiwan and Ukraine. 26
1625979142066909190 It was a privilege to speak alongside Ministers, military and business leaders, @kiraincongress and other fantastic advocates at @BritainLeads conference last week, on some of the greatest challenges facing our world 🇬🇧 🌎 24

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#ukraine 81
#russia 19
#slavaukraini 15
#standwithukraine 13
#putin 11
#ukrainerussiawar 8
#russiaisaterroriststate 7
#bakhmut 7
#uk 7
#cdnpoli 6

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@kiraincongress 1498
@gregorymalenko 139
@mofa_taiwan 138
@vadymyrko 137
@newsmax 54
@katprokopenkoua 53
@nicolasturgeon 52
@kateryna_kruk 48
@tom_basile 47
@zelenskyyua 42

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