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Iromg Mike Graham 🇬🇧 The Independent Republic of Mike Graham daily 10am-1pm. Plank Of The Week 7pm Friday @TalkTV Freeview 237 | Sky 522 | Virgin Media 606 | Freesat 217 169,534
stephenkb Stephen Bush Associate editor and columnist @FinancialTimes. Bad tweets about Arsenal, public policy, politics, culture and email newsletters. Almost certainly joking. 143,593
bellacaledonia Bella Caledonia Imagining a Scottish Democracy since 2007. If the bird croaks get us here: 62,914
alexmassie alexmassie Columnist for The Times & The Sunday Times. Scotland Editor of The Spectator. Substack Newsletter: 62,808
arthistorynews Dr. Bendor Grosvenor 🇺🇦 Evangelist for Old Masters & Scotland. Columnist, @TheArtNewspaper. "Excitable nerd", New York Times. Come for the art, leave for the politics. 49,225
murdo_fraser Murdo Fraser MSP for Mid-Scotland & Fife, @ScotTories Covid Recovery spokesman. Don’t receive notifications, so if a constituent contact 42,393
ruth_wishart ruth wishart Journalist, broadcaster. Arts, sports, animal lover. Glaswegian urban cowboy turned rural birder. 40,916
CameronMcNeish Cameron McNeish Monthly columnist in The Scots Magazine. Author of 22 books. Speaker and lecturer. Honorary Fellow of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. 34,739
YourWullie YourWullie Black jawed living room couch professor. MDANT 33,128
thoughtland Pat Kane Prog-Green #indy. Board, @Common_Weal. Writer, @scotnational. Co-initiator, @alterglobal21. Singer, @hueandcry. Support me at 32,550

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
bellacaledonia Bella Caledonia Imagining a Scottish Democracy since 2007. If the bird croaks get us here: 28,399
DaniGaravelli1 Dani Garavelli Freelance journalist. Feature Writer of the Year 2019&20&21 @scotpressawards. Scotland's Uncivil War/Waiting for the Van/The Witches’ Pardon @BBCR4. 12,811
PeterAlanRoss Peter Ross Books, records, churches, graveyards. 11,654
grahamlaurie1 Graham Laurie Rather crabbit oldish Scot. Labour for 33 years but became pro indy when they joined Tories in Project Fear. Grew up in Linlithgow now in training to be a Fifer 10,013
ziggy6769 Mark Zegveldt The UK is stronger together 🇬🇧 Not a fan of the SNP. Proud to be British.#Voteziggy 9,804
mrjamesmack James Mackenzie 🐀v PR/PA for good causes, inc @yougotthebottle @savekelp. Ex head of media @GreenMSPs. While I’m alive I’ll make tiny changes to earth. He. Pro 🌍🚩🏳️‍⚧️🐱🥞✨⍒ 8,717
bigbenn1e Eddie, A divisive Scot, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scottish Normalist, Scotland is a sovereign country. SNP member, IndyRef2 will come, I can wait, absolutely no time for Alba or Salmond, Scotland will be free. 8,109
joolsmc Cllr Julie McKenzie SNP Councillor - Oban North & Lorn. ward issues: All views my own 🔴⚪️🔴 7,982
Gillian_Philip Gill, womb haulier and gorgon 🐍 NYT bestseller, HGV driver, horse trainer, SATANIC MONSTER™️ TRUCULENT GORGON™️ To all my enemies/I’ll see you in hell 😈 7,933
simonbarrow Simon Barrow Director, @Ekklesia_co_uk | Politics, ethics, beliefs | Book: A Better Nation (Luath Press, 2022) | NUJ | @TUG_SNP | Music: @MusicTippett @YesSolidMental 7,638

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
Tyndale7 I look to the hills 45
fr_oblivion9 Views entirely my own. He/him. 13
SharonMcguiga11 Wine drinking, mouthy wummin. Union shop steward and public sector worker. Indy supporting Feminist.. opinions are my own- and do not belong to anyone else. 9
ShugsBoy I do stuff with cameras. 9
j66gah Scottish and British No SNP or FBPE or 3.5% these are the mark of the deranged🤪 all views are my own 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 9
Buckfast_Belch Life is short, but long enough to get what's coming to you. 8
chrisfyfehome Glasgow born Dad. Accountant. Personal: all opinions mine not my employer's. Partick Thistle Oxford Utd Ajax. Professional do-gooder. 7
mik61scot Eclectic 7
scottiesays Psychotherapist. Was once a journalist. Opinionated. she/they. 7
Scotsmistt Self-determination does not apply to Scotland. The UK is entitled to maintain its territorial integrity. No more independence referendums are required. 7

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1640955211836522496 The truth is out: almost half the SNP are Tartan Tories, writes ⁦@KennyFarq⁩ in Comment 12
1640492732538839040 @KennyFarq Oh dear almost 40% couldn’t be bothered 9
1638798331554983937 @iamkeithedgar @mik61scot @Gillian_Philip @howe13_13 @rich_coupe @RealStephenKerr @NicolaSturgeon @iainmartin1 @PeterAdamSmith @C4Ciaran @bbcnickrobinson @LBC @danwootton @GBNEWS @LeoKearse @GuidoFawkes @ginadavidsonlbc @DalgetySusan @holyroodmandy @Iromg @TalkTV @GlennBBC @STVColin @BBCGaryR @STVKathryn @mmgeissler @BBCPhilipSim @KennyFarq @ChrisMusson @DanVevers @murdo_fraser @jk_rowling @STVNews @BBCScotlandNews @ScotlandTonight @BBCJamesCook @JuliaHB1 @andrewdoyle_com @jackiebmsp @LucyHunterB @Glinner @alexmassie @BBCMarkDaly @RealMacKaySTV @Daily_Record 'Sturgeon's capable reputation lies in tatters'- 7
1641002717408641024 "This is a trickier political negotiation than Nicola Sturgeon, with all her skill, ever had to handle. She made the weather. Yousaf risks being caught forever in a shower without an umbrella" ¦ ✍️ @kennyfarq 6
1640827293697277952 @KennyFarq A man who prioritises the story of his own achievement in getting the job & that of his minority cultural experience over the focus of the vast majority of Scots, misunderstands what the job is. We need politicians who know it’s not about them, it’s about service -to the country. 5
1639656011177902080 @QBee226 @Gillian_Philip @iamkeithedgar @mik61scot @howe13_13 @rich_coupe @RealStephenKerr @NicolaSturgeon @iainmartin1 @PeterAdamSmith @C4Ciaran @bbcnickrobinson @LBC @danwootton @GBNEWS @LeoKearse @GuidoFawkes @ginadavidsonlbc @DalgetySusan @holyroodmandy @Iromg @TalkTV @GlennBBC @STVColin @BBCGaryR @STVKathryn @mmgeissler @BBCPhilipSim @KennyFarq @ChrisMusson @DanVevers @murdo_fraser @jk_rowling @STVNews @BBCScotlandNews @ScotlandTonight @BBCJamesCook @JuliaHB1 @andrewdoyle_com @jackiebmsp @LucyHunterB @Glinner @alexmassie @BBCMarkDaly @RealMacKaySTV @Daily_Record Remember that time the Police out an appeal to identify a man advocating the decapitation of women? Nah, me neither. 4
1640662751285583872 @KennyFarq CONTRAST BETWEEN UK & SCOTS GOVTS Huge difference between civic nationalism of Humza Yousaf’s #SNP & British nationalism of Rishi Sunak’s #Tories. #Scotland's is progressive & welcoming to all, whilst #UK is driven by fear & deportations to Rwanda @GMB 4
1640448673166381056 @KennyFarq Pretty surprised that any journalist still accepts at face value anything that the SNP has to say about membership numbers, given that they were recently caught telling outright lies about them. 4
1639243917739847680 Victims of CHS deserve to be heard @NicolaSturgeon @JohnSwinney @scotgov @ScotGovFM @haughey_clare @SP_PublicAudit @BBCScotlandNews @MareeToddMSP @BBCMarkDaly @MylesBonnar @Oisin_King_ @afneil @EHRC @anticorruption @DanielJBruce @POScotParl @KennyFarq @RuthDavidsonPC #CHSLiars 3
1640807607626522627 @KennyFarq @thetimes What is this Scottish hatred of ‘Tories’? Seems to be resentment of anyone who wants to get on in life. And the English obviously. 3

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1640770413419438102 @KennyFarq He offered her a full cabinet post! What is wrong with you people!? 115
1640710061126471681 @KennyFarq It’s a fundamental right for anyone to choose whether to vote or not maybe it was a protest to not vote. Maybe which i believe there’s not 72K members the whole contest was a farce from start to finish ending in a fixed result. #NotMyFM 44
1640762465146339333 @KennyFarq With collective responsibility she would have had to sign up to the GRR Bill. But he made it easy for her to walk with the offer of a demotion. Hardly an auspicious start to his leadership. Business will be concerned that this Govt will swing to the Left. 43
1640505387534151683 @KennyFarq This just isn't true. People in all parties know you've got active and passive members (I literally wrote a 20 tweet thread on it earlier today). It's just how parties work. We'd always like to have more activists but it's not passive members we get pissed off with in the pub. 38
1640807607626522627 @KennyFarq @thetimes What is this Scottish hatred of ‘Tories’? Seems to be resentment of anyone who wants to get on in life. And the English obviously. 36
1640772426836451328 @KennyFarq What evidence is there that he pushed her out, Kenny? He offered her a job in government and she turned it down. You're beginning to sound as if you have an agenda here. 31
1640770998482903052 @KennyFarq He is *already* supported by most of that 48% 29
1640492732538839040 @KennyFarq Oh dear almost 40% couldn’t be bothered 28
1640955211836522496 The truth is out: almost half the SNP are Tartan Tories, writes ⁦@KennyFarq⁩ in Comment 27
1640639352345591808 @KennyFarq @murdo_fraser This image is only what you hope has happened Kenny. Maybe the English will save your career but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. What an embarrassment of a Scotsman. The Scottish Butler type is personified in you. 27

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#pehpower 3
#kateforbes 2
#facts 2
#notmyfm 2
#snp 2
#tories 2
#scotland 2
#uk 2
#chsliars 2
#fmqs 2

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@kennyfarq 1166
@chrismusson 93
@murdo_fraser 93
@alexmassie 84
@nicolasturgeon 83
@bbcscotlandnews 83
@ginadavidsonlbc 81
@holyroodmandy 81
@stvkathryn 81
@stvnews 81

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