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Julesguiang is referring to a crew from the Urban Chick Resto, encouraging chit chat for more customers and chances of winning. He additionally expresses disappointment in not double downing a subunit for it to trend again. He then had the honor of being included in the World's Most Engaging Journalists, Pundits & Satirists—on Twitter • Feb 8-14 list. Julesguiang also shares many of his experiences, such as the low tide and the Taylor Swift world tour, as well as humorous events he has witnessed. Furthermore, he gives advice on budget and encourages others to post something that makes sense. Finally, Julesguiang shares his affection for "claret shorts", agrees with MangingisdaSays, and expresses his love for "Porkchop".

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  1. Journalism/Pundits/Satirists
  2. Food/Eating Out
  3. Politics/Government
  4. Shopping/Fashion
  5. Travel

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The emotions expressed in these tweets range from excitement and joy to humor and sarcasm. The tweets show a sense of appreciation for the efforts of others, as well as a feeling of pride and admiration for the achievements of those mentioned. There is also a sense of camaraderie and friendship between the people tweeting, with some lighthearted jokes and teasing. Finally, there is a feeling of optimism and hope for the future, with some people expressing a desire to travel and explore the world.

Trend Analysis

  1. Engagement with journalists, pundits and satirists
  2. Customer interaction and customer service
  3. Politics and international relations
  4. Shopping and fashion
  5. Food and dining

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PhilMphela Kgopolo Entertainment Commentator / TV Host ✍🏿 I DONT POST GOSSIP … I only post about TV, FILM or BRANDS related news. 505,259
heyheyandre_art andré fueled by an unhealthy amount of caffeine • professional inquiries: 75,585
MaeDianeAzores Diane💗🌸 Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.//⚠️Please do not publish my tweets without my consent. 48,503
albertraqueno bert exist!! for work: 📩 47,360
scharlab Brazil Charlab Journalist Sérgio Charlab watching Brazil & World unfold. My python algorithms transform Twitter public engagement data into newsworthy quantitative rankings. 36,460
MaamSyj Ma'amSyj🇵🇭 Waiting for a plot twist ... 31,680
raffymagno raffy magno Executive Director, @angatbuhay_ph | Personal account. Views and opinions are mine. 26,783
akoposimarkynyo Mark Raven Dominguez Virgo. ENFJ-A/ ENFJ-T. Nurse 💉| MD soon ⚕️ . Fur Dad of five (Sky, Cloud, Blue, Akira and Rusty) 🐕Artist. Health Advocate. IG: @markravendominguez 25,967
soltaule Maria Sol Taule Human Rights Lawyer @karapatan @nuplphilippines Visual Artist IG: maraw_watercolor#StopTheAttacks#DefendTheDefenders#FreeAllPoliticalPrisonersPH 20,685
Watdahel_MarceI SALVADOR DALI DE LEON Breedable pero walang breeding | It/its | Hoy @Twitter ayosin mo lang bakla pang-ilan ko na 'to. 9,474

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RonnieTuason Ronnie Tuason 🇵🇭 For the love of my Country 🇵🇭 4,984
najaehc sam♡ #HAECHAN: everybody, adios! —— gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss. nineteen. 3,856
jhaycee14 Jhaycee Dela Paz Co I believe in destiny, fairy tales and happy ever after endings but I'm much now after with a reality ever after endings...And I know I deserve to have one! 3,649
EnergyJAP Japs Mendoza 👷‍♂️ Geologist |♏ Scorpio |📌Makati/Bulacan 3,433
Johnbee4u Johnbee #LabanLeni2020 3,106
djmdrgl Delbert 🩺 I am wearing different hats • Introvert • Likes, tweets & RTs are not always endorsements. || Be a fellow pilgrim towards the same end. 🌸🌸🌸 2,665
PhilMphela Kgopolo Entertainment Commentator / TV Host ✍🏿 I DONT POST GOSSIP … I only post about TV, FILM or BRANDS related news. 2,355
venticaramacchi caramelmacchiato - 2,183
AstrowardenUwU #MOONLIGHTSUNRISE ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ💗🎀🌸✨🌈 #LiwanagSaDilim #TayoAngLiwanag 💗🌸✨Given💙🧡💛💚,,,Stan #ITZY,TWICE,SKZ,,He/Him/Baby Boy🥺INFP Humanista💙A Lucky Charm♐ #KREW #KF #ResidentEvil #atla #Halsey 1,923
CheAdora cheersadora Matalino na kaya tayo sa 2022 election? EJKs; Pandemic; Era of kleptocracy and dictatorship; Poverty; Corruption; Gov't paid trolls 1,648

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GermaineJDeRuna Rural dev’t worker, human rights advocate, storyteller • Cornell Univ. AFS Global Fellow • Artist • Host at @quarantalkmedia and @nowyouknowph • 🏳️‍🌈 5
MaamSyj Waiting for a plot twist ... 4
markamlacson - 3
ricski_13 almost everything we know is just a human concept... almost 2
albertraqueno exist!! for work: 📩 2
berto_ako IDOO-4533Ang DAKilang BISdak 2
Zaxezaxezaxe - 2
raffymagno Executive Director, @angatbuhay_ph | Personal account. Views and opinions are mine. 2
BusterDobby Happy Dog 😊 2
kpmlyaoutsidr Some things are better seen from the outsider's perspective. Minsan kritiko, madalas panatiko. #KapamilyaOutsider 1

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ID Text Retweet count
1624350185399910402 @julesguiang 1
1625951964323319809 ★ World's Most Engaging Journalists, Pundits & Satirists—on Twitter • Feb 8-14: 📂Tier 7 (cont.) @petestrzok @maddow @RShivshankar @JayGlazer @IanDunt @BeschlossDC @SaddickAdams @AvinashArya09 @MalcolmNance @PhilMphela @_owurakuampofo @julesguiang @KaroroMitchelle 🧵28/45 1
1627706767634477056 @julesguiang I was able to cash in na with @gcashofficial from @unionbankph 0
1624974386968285184 @julesguiang Those claiming this is simply "low tide". Ask yourself again how well you know our Manila Bay. Sad. 0
1624603033744326656 @julesguiang hindi na nga nagwo-world tour si ateng eh 😭 0
1624607083856551938 @julesguiang Stage dad ni Jake Zyrus 0
1624607135966576640 @julesguiang 😭😭😭😭 0
1624608912505966593 @julesguiang @aokinoko26 Taylor swift sings hits. And useful mga bitbit niya on tour. Eh si junior.. 0
1624612602344251392 @julesguiang U will never be Beyoncé 0
1624747371547742209 @julesguiang Ate @feyeandal sample b eto nung tinrain ang QC? 0

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ID Text Like count
1624350185399910402 @julesguiang 90
1626103552459571201 @julesguiang @UrbanChickResto Hayaan mo na yung crew magluto 💕 Chika chika na lang you for more customers & more chances of winning. 😅 15
1625163320906125312 @julesguiang @AltABSCBN Sana nag double down nalang sa subunit. La lang, para trending ulit. 8
1625951964323319809 ★ World's Most Engaging Journalists, Pundits & Satirists—on Twitter • Feb 8-14: 📂Tier 7 (cont.) @petestrzok @maddow @RShivshankar @JayGlazer @IanDunt @BeschlossDC @SaddickAdams @AvinashArya09 @MalcolmNance @PhilMphela @_owurakuampofo @julesguiang @KaroroMitchelle 🧵28/45 6
1626448661214294016 @julesguiang Tang ina yung low tide! Kahit low tide walang anyong lupa uusbong dyan! 4
1624410445816934400 @julesguiang 😆 😆 😆 katawa ung feeling Taylor Swift sya, may world tour! Haha. "Golden Era" daw name ng world tour. 3
1624450217985835008 @julesguiang Ang nakakatawa sa akin dito ay ‘yung akala nung guy in white polo na part ng routine yung paghiga, kaya bumaba din siya at nag roll over. 💀 3
1625543152760422400 @julesguiang as a tito, umexit na ako ng 10:30 lol 3
1624337014878523392 @julesguiang Juan dela cruz budget: 30% needs, 20% loans/debts, 50% tax /PBBM world tour *Projection for the next 6 years 2
1627113503965474821 @julesguiang @UrbanChickResto Part of my plan ang makapasyal sa Urban Chick pagbalik ng Manila. And bigla ko rin nanotice 'yung Marinduque shirt ni Kuya. hehe. From Marinduque here. 😊 2

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#upfair2023 7
#kaisakasamusika 1
#akorinkaisaup 1
#angwalangkwentangpodcast 1
#rihanna 1
#nutranuggetsph 1
#kalyetunes2023 1
#happyvalentinesday 1

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@julesguiang 151
@urbanchickresto 13
@uscupdiliman 3
@ebedancel 3
@petestrzok 2
@maddow 2
@rshivshankar 2
@jayglazer 2
@iandunt 2
@beschlossdc 2

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❤️ 6 red_heart
😂 5 face_with_tears_of_joy
😢 4 crying_face
😅 4 grinning_face_with_sweat
😆 4 grinning_squinting_face
🥰 4 smiling_face_with_hearts
😘 4 face_blowing_a_kiss

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Smileys & Emotion 81
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