This year’s US elections have been exemplary! But not in a good way. Joe Biden and Donald Trump repeatedly lashed out at one another in a power tussle and their individual inefficiencies. Moreover, the current administration’s hawkish stance on the pandemic has left the nation in shambles with approximately millions of American’s losing their lives due to the corona virus.

Joe Biden is a leading democratic presidential candidate who has highlighted a few key issues that the nation has been grappling with. Be it raising the minimum wage, significant investment in green energy, or the bolstering of additional social security payments, the stance of Joe Biden on these key issues remain critical. Therefore, we decided to analyse the Twitter activity of Joe Biden to establish his usage patterns and the key issues that he highlights in his tweets.

Moving forward, we will analyse the following Twitter metrics from Joe Biden’s official Twitter handle:

  1. Tweet Source: Joe Biden’s tweeting platform of choice.
  2. Hashtags used in the tweets
  3. Analysis of Biden’s most retweeted tweets
  4. Analysis of Biden’s most favourited tweets

All of this data was collated using Twitter and twtData’s proprietary Twitter Analytics platform. Let’s begin with the analysis!

The Source of Biden’s Tweets on Twitter

Tweet source is the platform that a Twitter user leverages to send out tweets in lieu of Twitter. Although Twitter does display the tweet source of individual tweets, we need an extracted tweets list to perform a tweets analysis. Here are the tweet sources of the recent 3200 tweets from Biden’s Twitter account.

Biden Twitter analysis.jpeg

This pie chart accurately depicts the share of each source for the past 3200 Biden’s tweets. As is evident from the pie chart above, TweetDeck grabs a significant share of 1454 tweets out of 3200 tweets. Here are the individual contributions of all the platforms.

  • Twitter for iPhone: 14
  • Twitter Web App: 791
  • Periscope: 128
  • TweetDeck: 1454
  • Twitter Media Studio: 860

Now that we know the tweet source of Biden’s tweets, let’s move on to the hashtags that Biden includes in most of the tweets.

Hashtags Used by Biden in Most of his Tweets

Hashtags have become an integral part of Twitter since their inception. Today, these have become a powerful tool to raise awareness on key issues and focus on them. In our analysis of Joe Biden’s most used hashtags, we found that he is not an ardent fan of hashtags. Here are the top 5 hashtags used by Biden in his recent 3200 tweets.

Biden Twitter analysis.jpeg

Analysis of Biden’s Most Retweeted Tweets

Not all tweets garner equal traction and a few perform a bit better than others. We discovered Biden’s top 5 most retweeted tweets using twtData’s tweet report and analysed their performance. Let’s begin!

This was perhaps the most important tweet that Joe Biden sent out after becoming the president elect. The tweet has been retweeted more than 775.7K times and favourited by more than 3.3M Twitter users.

This tweet was originally sent out by Kamala Harris, the vice-president elect. Biden promptly retweeted the tweet and the post as garnered more than 763K retweets and found its way to 3.3M favourites. In the video, Kamala Harris is seen congratulating President Biden on his victory.

Biden sent out this tweet in response to Trump’s remark that suggested people to drink bleach to get cured from the coronavirus. Joe Biden was quick to react to this suggestion and sent out this tweet in response. The tweet garnered over 1.6M likes and over 324.2K retweets.

Another hit at his political opponent, Biden tweeted this about a month before the elections and conveyed his thoughts pretty directly. It is not unusual to see political opponents using Twitter as their battle ground and this tweet fits perfectly in this scenario. Nevertheless, the tweet garnered more than 1.8M likes and over 314K retweets.

Taking another hilarious dig at Trump, Biden cleverly represented one of Trump’s campaign videos and gave it a unique twist. Now, looking back at the election, this tweet has bolstered its significance or ‘has withstood the test of time’. This tweet has been retweeted more than 269K times and garnered over 971K likes.

Analysis of Biden’s Most Favourited Tweets

Here are the top 5 Biden’s most favourited tweets. These 5 tweets were favourited by the most number of users and this list was collated using twtData’s tweet report.

Not entirely coincidentally, this tweet is also the highest retweeted tweet from Biden’s profile. This victory declaration received over 775K retweets and more than 3.3M favourites.

Biden sent out this tweet just a day after the election day. Biden followers concurred with this tweet and favourited the tweet more than 1.9M times. Although the retweet count stood pretty low at 189K retweets.

This is the 4th most retweeted tweet and third most favourited tweet that Biden has sent out. This direct attack on Trump was favourited over 1.8M times and over 314K retweets.

‘America Is Back.’ The tweet is pretty self-explanatory as Biden reaffirms his belief in the American people. The tweet garnered over 1.7M likes and more than 100K retweets.

This is the third most retweeted tweet and the fifth most favourited tweet from Biden’s Twitter account. This lash out against Donald Trump garnered about 1.6M favourites and over 324K retweets.