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Jeffcharlesjr discusses the idea of the "American problem" of Argentine political parties and a hypothetical scenario of compromising with one's opponent by exterminating half of all puppies. They also discuss Israel, Human Rights compared to Fascism, colonization, Argentina and the LGBYT community, the alt-right and Dinesh D'Souza talking points. Overall, the tweets suggest that Argentina and the US should not rely on one-side arguments and stick to the point with critical thinking.

Topic Modeling

  1. Politics in Argentina
  2. Human Rights
  3. Animal Rights
  4. American Colonization
  5. Israel and Palestinian Conflict

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions, from disbelief and sarcasm to outrage and despair. There is a strong sense of frustration with the political situation in Argentina, as well as with the lack of critical thinking and support for the LGBT community from some leftists. There is also a feeling of inevitability in regards to the "Argentinization" of the world. Overall, the tweets reflect a feeling of disillusionment and pessimism.

Trend Analysis

  1. US influence in Argentina
  2. Left vs Right political debates
  3. Israel and the Palestinians
  4. LGBT rights
  5. History

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MrMokelly 'Later, with Mo'Kelly' -๐ŸŽ™๏ธ@KFIAM640 โ€ข @iHeartRadio โ€ข '2-Minute Warning' @blackinfonet ๐Ÿ“ป โ€ข @BBCRadioScot โ€ข #HoyaSaxa โ€ข #Hapkido โ€ข ฮฉฮจฮฆ 153
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HogBoomer your fav hog alumni. proud baby boomer and son of a veteran arky fan just like Jerry Jones MBA is from rice small business owner with big ideas JD from Tulane 42
EricRussell82 Theology, politics, and history nerd. Sports fan who loves handicapping games. GSSF pistol shooter. All around outdoorsman. 41
wittywriter ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ TV/Film Writer. Shameless Sci-fi Geek- Chocolate connoisseur. I'm an Independent voter, who does not suffer fools gladly. 40

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1626646759622512642 @jeffcharlesjr Side A: 'We should exterminate all puppies' Side B: 'We should not exterminate all puppies' Wise Centrist Sage: 'Hmm yes, quite, perhaps we could compromise and exterminate half of all puppies?' 69
1625214189714153474 @jeffcharlesjr 50
1625173272315973632 My latest special addresses the issue of Hip Hop artist murders and violence in the black community, featuring: @ZubyMusic @DelanoSquires @LibertyEthics @SonnieJohnson @jeffcharlesjr @MAJTOURE @MeganMcGlover Video premieres today at 1pm EST. 44
1626627694434861058 @jeffcharlesjr @MikedAlamo 32
1625480953874337793 @jeffcharlesjr ah yes, the "American problem" of having Argentine policial parties 30
1625490712732254210 @jeffcharlesjr Empezamos el proceso de colonizaciรณn yanqui muchachos, la grieta argentina esta llegando a maximos impensados 29
1626640223483400197 @jeffcharlesjr 22
1624957828145487872 @jeffcharlesjr I think this describes the issue well. Itโ€™s not about how beautiful the song is, why it was written, or who itโ€™s dedicated to. Weโ€™re all Americans we have a National Anthem. There is no black national anthem. 19
1625528251140526081 @jeffcharlesjr 15
1625597023343853571 @jeffcharlesjr 15

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1625214189714153474 @jeffcharlesjr 3936
1625480953874337793 @jeffcharlesjr ah yes, the "American problem" of having Argentine policial parties 3332
1626646759622512642 @jeffcharlesjr Side A: 'We should exterminate all puppies' Side B: 'We should not exterminate all puppies' Wise Centrist Sage: 'Hmm yes, quite, perhaps we could compromise and exterminate half of all puppies?' 2790
1625283077147701248 @jeffcharlesjr 2629
1625311134793273348 @jeffcharlesjr 1513
1626640223483400197 @jeffcharlesjr 1328
1624973188978429954 @jeffcharlesjr @RobGeorge Right. Israel and the Nazis on the same side. Idiocy 1153
1625490712732254210 @jeffcharlesjr Empezamos el proceso de colonizaciรณn yanqui muchachos, la grieta argentina esta llegando a maximos impensados 1140
1626619999698796544 @jeffcharlesjr Ah yes Human Rights vs Fascism 1088
1626627694434861058 @jeffcharlesjr @MikedAlamo 1050

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#rosereport 4
#swallowingcamelschokingongnats 3

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@jeffcharlesjr 9522
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@mrmokelly 236
@canenationiii 201
@creamyvivid 190
@robgeorge 182
@isaacjo22585745 180
@bennyavni 177
@mikedalamo 177
@mbluczech 145

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