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Jackcorrbit shares observations on people's responses when they are asked “how are you doing?” (“good, all things considered”). He further talks about people waiting in lines and the person at the front saying "i'm up first". Jackcorrbit mentions Apple Rankings has a great write-up, and when people have not seen each other for a period of time it's customary to say "Name! How you doing? It's been a minute!". He also recalls bellowing “Good Morning!!” to a radio host which received a barely audible grunt in return, and not understanding the game until the computer brightness was (correctly) adjusted. He moves on to talk about apples, suggesting the free market can help bail out the apple industry. Lastly, Jackcorrbit reflects on a thread, a sad memory of the Red Delicious apple, and notes that this is a great time of designer apples.

Topic Modeling

  1. Greetings and phrases
  2. Jinxing and Brightness
  3. Apple Industry
  4. Designer Apples
  5. NPRW Scenes

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from joy and excitement to surprise and confusion. People seem to be enjoying their interactions with each other, with some expressing delight at the surprise of seeing someone after a long time and others sharing humorous anecdotes. There is also a sense of nostalgia, with some remembering the Red Delicious apple from the past. Lastly, some of the tweets have an element of frustration or anger, such as when someone got mad at their brother or when someone had difficulty understanding a jinx.

Trend Analysis

  1. Social Interactions
  2. Pop-Cultural References
  3. Technology and Gaming
  4. Agricultural Industry
  5. Humor and Satire

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GraceGFreud Grace Freud Me and April (@autogynefiles) are Girl God and we're on tour now. Tickets and dates at 4,279
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heythats_mytaco Retweets merely a bookmark for things to refer to later. reminder: The center conserves far more than it progresses & upholds regressive reactionary politics 2
YourDMNick I came here to make games and drink whiskey, and I'm all out of making games. Software Engineer @relicgames, formerly @EA | MCO➡️YVR | Dungeon Master | he/him 2

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1623721108213051392 @jackcorrbit and whenever you ask “how are you doing?” everyone answers “good, all things considered” 4
1623765083212992521 @GabrielJR @jackcorrbit How's the family? Wait wait, don't tell me 1
1624188719598034944 @jackcorrbit this is the intersection of pretty much all my interests 😜 1
1626816380765982720 @jackcorrbit Were they wrong tho 0
1623433778621460480 @jackcorrbit I've never had it or know what it is but I think if you're cool enough it will fix itself 0
1623493382403248130 @NrvnqsrCesar @kareemy @jackcorrbit 🐐 response 0
1623490051572404225 @full_legal_name @BurnurAccount69 @jackcorrbit i’ve actually never been much of a water person and finally last year decided maybe it could be fun to snorkel 😭 i thought i was dying in some freak accident before i realized it was reynauds. def dm if u ever wanna talk about it more, it running in my family has been insightful 0
1623486718602248193 @jackcorrbit A) stop using all jackhammers; B) you’ve already died 0
1623482379926122496 @jackcorrbit You got the Reynauds 0
1623474772909727745 @rishipuff @jackcorrbit Currently taking a bath and laughing so hard at this 0

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ID Text Like count
1623721108213051392 @jackcorrbit and whenever you ask “how are you doing?” everyone answers “good, all things considered” 333
1623727552584904705 @jackcorrbit and when you wait in lines the person in the front says "i'm up first" 58
1626309666115317760 @jackcorrbit @JUNlPER Apple Rankings has a great write-up on them 51
1623765083212992521 @GabrielJR @jackcorrbit How's the family? Wait wait, don't tell me 39
1623811483879763969 @jackcorrbit And when people see each other after not having seen them for some time, it’s (“name)!How you doing? It’s Been a minute!” 24
1623851486848352256 @jackcorrbit I used to bellow “Good Morning!!” to M.E.’s first-ever host, Bob Edwards when I worked on the show and never got more than a barely audible grunt in return. We did this every morning. I like to think it was game we were playing tho he likely didn’t even know who I was. 20
1624203664918302724 @jackcorrbit Man, I got stuck early, not understanding how to do the "flipendo" jinx, until I realized my computer brightness was too low to see the wand flick pattern... 18
1623779067462840324 @jackcorrbit What's most annoying is that whenever someone gets asked a question, all they say in response is, "Wait wait...don't tell me." 18
1626308613063974912 @jackcorrbit Bred purely for aesthetics and shelf life until they became so revolting no one wanted them anymore. Time to bail out the apple industry, thanks free market! 17
1623358137460830209 @Slaebie_afk @jackcorrbit Really just suggesting that cold and wet is the problem. Take it easy. 14

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@jackcorrbit 262
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@slaebie_afk 7
@oberandout 6
@gabrieljr 5
@theoson0fhud 5
@timecar808 4
@junlper 3
@nickoloffoff 3
@planetmoney 3

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