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Kaoss11 has been tweeting about various topics such as video games and relationships. He discussed Brawl Stars and Stumble Guys, while expressing affection for his “media naranja”. He also mentioned that the designer of skins was a pedophile and discussed playing a tournament. Other topics included Kaoss11’s opposition to someone called Daca, playing with Totem, Colossal, MrDoSa, Team Queso, Dogster, ANR, NAVI, and Zeta, and getting kisses from someone. The tweets ended with praise for GGs, TeamOTP_FA, and zetadivision.

Topic Modeling

  1. Video Games: Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Stumble Guys
  2. Relationships: Media naranja, besito
  3. Competition: tournament, Bracket, opponent
  4. Sports: SK, Totem, Colossal, etc.
  5. Humor: Cringe, real shit, fake, etc.

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions, from excitement and joy to frustration and sadness. The tweets express enthusiasm for playing games like Brawl Stars and Clash Royale, as well as anticipation for upcoming tournaments. There is also some joking around, with some users expressing affection for one another and making lighthearted comments. Finally, there is some disappointment expressed at the loss of a tournament or the discovery of a scandal. Overall, the tweets express a range of emotions, from excitement and joy to disappointment and sadness.

Trend Analysis

  1. Videogames: Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Stumble Guys
  2. Pedophilia
  3. Humorous language
  4. Esports teams: SK, Team Queso, ANR, NAVI, Zeta, Totem, Colossal, MrDoSa, Dogster, Team OTP, Zeta Division
  5. Romantic interactions

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Twitter for Android 213
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Twitter for iPad 10

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SKGaming SK Gaming Official Twitter of SK Gaming. Creating esports legends since 1997. Made in Germany. #SKWIN #EnterTheGame 300,862
Brawl_esports Brawl Stars Esports 🏆The official Twitter account for @BrawlStars esports! // 📝Ruleset on // 📺… 231,647
TreborOP Trebor🐣 Ex-Jugador Profesional y Creador de Contenido de Brawl Stars❤ Code: Trebor🔥 Contrataciones/Contacto: 124,528
GuilleVGX GuilleVGX Professional Brawl Stars player for @SKGaming | Code: GuilleVGX | Contacto: XVIII ⓋⒼⓍ 92,552
EqwaakTV Eqwaak Code: Eqwaak 🔥 Content Creator for @chasmacGaming Youtuber ( 600Ksubs ) | 79K🏆 13x Top1 🌍 📥 | Former @BigClangg 64,300
DrageBS Drage 17• @FUTesportsgg • 🇬🇧• Pro Player & Content Creator • Business Email: 39,640
LeNaaain LeNain 19 |🇨🇭🇹🇳 | F/A 😵 | 2021-22 Top 5-8 World Finals🌍| Business email: 27,918
TeddieCasts teddie 🧸 Caster for @brawl_esports and twitch partner 23,092
PedroGuijarro_ SK Pedro Guijarro Professional Brawl Stars Head Coach for @SKGaming | #TeamworkOP | #RUNSKG 18,381
leoreogolden Leo El Furry de 19 años que fue editor de AuronPlay, Zellendust y Mostopapi y visitó 16 países a los 18 años QwQ 15,629

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Username Name Bio Followers count
ElSamuRai_a ggggggg exis 2,575
rene4010j rene4010j He/Him |#telekombotschafter #Socialmedia #corperatecommunications #magenta #sketches supports-#skgaming /myopinion/ 1,629
mhl_brawlstars MHL | F/A @Brawl_esports analyst🥷| Ex @ftwesports 1,304
LaCremmeDeLaCre LaCremmeDeLaCremmeBot Español en tierra hostil. Bot de ultraderecha. Facha. Votante de VOX. Productor de cine X 1,062
yungpiti piti :(: mental breakdown 1,001
bigdupen Baek Yi Jin | BIGDUPEN ||Top 1🌍x2 veces||Top 1🇻🇪x100+ veces en el @brawlstars|| @kalessiBS❤️ te amo 💜 CEO de @DKgamingbs 958
Kechieisgoated Tophiッ @SpikeeEkips #1 Fan 814
mohit1_z Mohit1Z. 16🇲🇦🇫🇷 vivo la vida poco más53k bs 800
DragonBS15 Dragon Legend He/Him | 18 | I play Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, COC and Mario games | Fav brawlers: Colt, Piper, Surge & Janet | Pfp & Banner maker 768
gabriel222689 Lobizon Bs - 757

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Username Bio Number of tweets
legendman1438 gamer who believes everything is possible! and my favorite players are ikaoss and Symantec and guille ❤️ 12
pedryck Me gusta el bs. Fan de SK desde la cuna 🫡🔥 Header: @alba_taus 8
Ruben_SR_ Soy un Govir irrelevante del Twitter:Cynthia's Simp | Garchomp & ShibaInu lover | AdventureTime Fan | Ex Brawlstars/MV player | 18🤙🏽 Follow me if u want🫴🌹 8
MasterCBCM ~Los pingüinos son carnívoros; solo comen carne. Su dieta incluye pequeños crustáceos, calamares y peces. 6
skajuanlu Hago a veces Streams en twitch 🥴退屈 (*_*)…@juanluprivv 6
MaksymBS Brawl Stars Player 34K Trophies/ SK Fan💜 Best team / #SKWin / my brawl stars id: P8QJVV0LJ / Code:GuilleVGX 6
Javinavarroo_ Professional @brawlstars player for @TeamQuesoGG 6
AleSSJGod Professional Brawl Stars Player for @TeamQuesoGG 5
Eduuu_23vk Yo soy yo🤴♥️✨Madridista hasta la muerte🤍Moderador del canal oficial del @realmadrid🤍⚽ @miguelsubze ❤️🩹🎶De pie ante el mundo de rodillas ante Dios♥️✝️ 5
Peludito_76 Si la vida te da limones te los comes FDP: @Solo_emii - HEADER: @Z3TaDesings 4

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ID Text Retweet count
1626707020668669952 @iKaoss11 hermanoo paraaaaa ajajsjs que cringe loco 4
1627679900680290304 @iKaoss11 @StumbleGuysGame lo que se jugaba antes brawl stars y clash royale, lo que se juega ahora: stumble guys 3
1624563097590456320 Mi media naranja 💗 @iKaoss11 2
1624568299718680578 @iKaoss11 @AleSSJGod 1
1625321787402735619 @iKaoss11 El diseñador de esas skins resultó ser un pedófilo 1
1627266485063192576 @iKaoss11 I recommend 😼 1
1624073316880220164 @iKaoss11 Un besito? 😳 1
1624531593158164482 @Drakkar_BS @KaerlosBS @iKaoss11 Si han mantenido dos por ejemplo, si mantienes un mínimo de dos lo veo bien, si son 3 distintos nada garantiza que sean buenos 🤔 0
1624526547334975490 @Drakkar_BS @AlexHerrland @iKaoss11 No lo había pensado pero me gusta la idea, hay que cambiar algo, si el juego sigue así no va a tener sentido el competitivo 0
1624527261515890688 @Drakkar_BS @KaerlosBS @iKaoss11 No necesitas inventar, usas el sistema clásico de puntos por equipo, si alguno de los jugadores sale del equipo se le penaliza e ya, si cambias totalmente el roster pues te toca empezar de 0 es lo justo ya que no tiene nada que ver, el csgo lleva años así y sin problemas xD 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1626707020668669952 @iKaoss11 hermanoo paraaaaa ajajsjs que cringe loco 279
1627679900680290304 @iKaoss11 @StumbleGuysGame lo que se jugaba antes brawl stars y clash royale, lo que se juega ahora: stumble guys 244
1624563097590456320 Mi media naranja 💗 @iKaoss11 98
1624073316880220164 @iKaoss11 Un besito? 😳 89
1627423758934851587 @iKaoss11 @legendman1438 @BrawlStarsKids Ojala poder clonar yo a mi bea lvl1 39
1625321787402735619 @iKaoss11 El diseñador de esas skins resultó ser un pedófilo 23
1624354596742213632 Te levantas pa jugar el torneo y en primera ronda contra SK xD GG 👏🏼😌 @PedroGuijarro_ @GuilleVGX @iKaoss11 @Yoshiibs_ 23
1624418484682690560 @iKaoss11 Bracket sucks 22
1626208449221603330 @iKaoss11 @IDarkJoker_bs Si kaosstampo🐀 18
1624418447021989888 @iKaoss11 @Javinavarroo_ biggest opponent today : daca 17

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#skwin 2
#kozaki 1

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@ikaoss11 354
@guillevgx 41
@yoshiibs_ 34
@pedroguijarro_ 32
@stumbleguysgame 24
@alessjgod 24
@kiiwiii_3 22
@skgaming 19
@treborop 16
@afgm_bs 12

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😭 20 loudly_crying_face
❤️ 12 red_heart
😳 9 flushed_face
😘 8 face_blowing_a_kiss
🔥 8 fire
😔 7 pensive_face
💘 6 heart_with_arrow
🥺 6 pleading_face
💀 4 skull
😍 4 smiling_face_with_heart-eyes

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Smileys & Emotion 142
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