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This series of tweets discusses the idea of seeing something strange at 2am while high, using imaging equipment to take pictures and history in relation to a question, Nigerian Pidgin, music directing, scrolling to see something sweet and a sad situation.

Topic Modeling

  1. Substance use
  2. Picture taking
  3. Political history
  4. South Africans
  5. Music production

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from amusement to curiosity to sadness. Several tweets express amusement, such as the one about seeing something at 2am when high and the one about Nigerian Pidgin being typed under viral Nigerian posts. Other tweets express curiosity, such as the one about taking a picture of a statue and the one about choosing a candidate based on history. Lastly, one tweet expresses sadness.

Trend Analysis

  1. Being high at 2am
  2. Sad News related to KNUST
  3. Taking pictures of the statue
  4. Birthing twins
  5. Nigerian Pidgin language

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AmeyawDebrah Ameyaw Debrah I am entertainment & lifestyle! #blogger #Socialmedia #influencer Funny Guy. #Traveller Creator: @ameyawtv For bookings contact #ameyawtv 1,604,008
gyaigyimii KALYJAY Brand Ambassador - @duffysorganics . Business - DM My PA if urgent - @xmxabena_ My manager - @DBJ_gh 1,273,211
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melanin_sassy Yaa melanin💦💙💚👸🏽🇬🇭 I just enjoy life as it is. fashion designer 👘👗👔✂️❤️please don’t forget to retweet my pinned tweet ❤️ 125,300
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Kayjnr10 Elvis 🇬🇭 CEO of @KayFC19 // Business - dm @AngiePosh5 or email me: // Check out 👉 ✊ 31,515
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ellyserwaaa Nungua Cardi B💕 PARODY! Writer- @OfficialBlog_UR // Brand Influencer- @KFC_Ghana// SC: glitzyelsa 👻 For business 👉 25,969
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_QueenArthur | God First | Creating a life, I love | Chelsea FC | Time is precious, waste it wisely | 👻 @abena_mansah 74
baddest_joe @ChelseaFC #GreatnessInYou 41
asanteniba01 God😇❤️|| Daddy🕊️|| Medically Poetic|| Memes😂|| King Sark❤️🔥II II IG:|| #BecomingTheDoc👩‍🔬🥳🙏 41
don_ilag TV/Radio Personality | MC | Content Provider | Fashionista | Host #iCONNECT & #GyaeSuNaSere | Smocks (Fugu) Seller | Being a blessing to others. 36
Ayissha_ Sports⚽Writer|Lady In Tech-Software And Data Analyst|Award Winning Junior Sports🥇Writer|A Lady That Loves Crypto Currency😊 DM FOR PROMO & ADS♥️ #EnDCyberBully 34
Kayjnr10 CEO of @KayFC19 // Business - dm @AngiePosh5 or email me: // Check out 👉 ✊ 31
French__bae Je suis un papillon🦋😍, joli à voir👀, mais defficile de m'attraper😉 Content Creator| Assistant Director @LGSghana| Photographer| Catholic❤️ Click IG link👇🏽 30

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1625204371788124160 @@envynoman96's account is temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy. Learn more. 800
1626729309627994116 Sad News:KNUST student falls to death from storey building @VOICE_of_KNUST @BreakingNews @gyaigyimii @I_Am_Winter #UPSA|#KNUST|#BECE|#Aggregate 35|#Mfantsiman|#Okyeame Kwame|#Asante Kotoko|#Delay|#Presec|#COVID-19|#President|#Canada|#Akufo Addo|#Free SHS|#Ablakwa|#BECE|#Delete 27
1623964047405195265 Nothing beats @I_Am_Winter typing Nigerian Pidgin under viral Nigerian posts.. 😂 11
1625783859160702979 @I_Am_Winter @mr_painz @__liptonia Left @__Sharyf left @_adofoasa__ left @_lawslaw left @_Supremo_Art_ left @AbernarhS left @Aboa_Banku1 left @AddyMavis left @Afia_Dimple left @HipsyAfya left @MaameAmaAdoma left @Akua_gh_ left @iamyourspec left @akuahwritess left @Bill_Eshun left @Yaw_Ampofo_ left 10
1623413141244878853 A fresher by the name Gideon pursuing BSc Agriculture walks all the way from Kronum Afrancho only to attend lectures and then walks back home due to financial difficulties. Kindly rt help support our bro to get an accommodation. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 @I_Am_Winter @gyaigyimii @KNUSTGH 10
1626214439388160000 @I_Am_Winter Yh just do your picks 8
1624008390363037701 Hello @I_Am_Winter, How's Ghana 🫣 7
1625080239926702080 @I_Am_Winter @ashleytapreee That's what she said lmao 7
1623399669064769538 @AnthonyDzamefe @gyaigyimii @elonmusk @Aboa_Banku1 @Kayjnr10 @AmeyawDebrah @I_Am_Winter @Amerado_Burner @NathenoMix 6
1626167659829002241 @I_Am_Winter 💥 5

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1624458224643473410 @I_Am_Winter @HumansNoContext Imagine seeing this at 2am when you’re high 918
1624462359136804864 @TypicalHog @I_Am_Winter @HumansNoContext Imagine seeing this at 2am 516
1624464459786817541 @Rishike04916891 @BaSTRShitposTeX @matterpie @TypicalHog @I_Am_Winter @HumansNoContext ㅤ 507
1624463357032992769 @matterpie @TypicalHog @I_Am_Winter @HumansNoContext Imagine seeing 399
1624463510620246016 @BaSTRShitposTeX @matterpie @TypicalHog @I_Am_Winter @HumansNoContext Imagine 376
1625080239926702080 @I_Am_Winter @ashleytapreee That's what she said lmao 352
1624477604496695298 @Ar32Rafat @AeRZet_ @Rishike04916891 @BaSTRShitposTeX @matterpie @TypicalHog @I_Am_Winter @HumansNoContext gniees enigamI 233
1624475527242293250 @AeRZet_ @Rishike04916891 @BaSTRShitposTeX @matterpie @TypicalHog @I_Am_Winter @HumansNoContext enigamI 225
1624033039029338114 @I_Am_Winter Yes. She gives birth to twins. 122
1626366144062922752 @I_Am_Winter @DailyLoud A milli 112

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#meatmanpredict 166
#bece 10
#valsmeatup 10
#meatman 9
#covid 6
#president 6
#canada 6
#akufo 6
#free 6
#ablakwa 6

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@i_am_winter 6955
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@kayjnr10 893
@sneakernyame_ 875
@efua_ampofoa 825
@the_marcoli_boy 751
@ghanayesu 614
@lewan_____ 570
@aboa_banku1 496
@hipsyafya 487

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❤️ 254 red_heart
🔥 246 fire
😹 163 cat_with_tears_of_joy
🙏 150 folded_hands
😭 147 loudly_crying_face
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💔 75 broken_heart
🥰 75 smiling_face_with_hearts

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