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It appears that HowToNoodle is attending Coachella and discussing various music with his friends. They are also talking about playing video games like Apex and Osu, and Razer might give away BlackWidowV4Pros soon. HowToNoodle's popularity has caused his friends to jest with him, calling him "the blue haired mfer". His friends have affectionately labeled HowToNoodle as their "number one fan". His friends also say "TSUKINAMI" affectionately.

Topic Modeling

  1. Events/ Festivals - Coachella
  2. Friendship - supporting each other
  3. Voting - FF Voting
  4. Gaming - apex, osu
  5. Hardware - Razer, Macros, Aluminum Alloy Case

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from excitement and anticipation to disbelief and disappointment. Many of the tweets show enthusiasm for the activities of the user @HowToNoodle, such as going to Coachella or playing video games, and express admiration for their accomplishments. Other tweets express longing and sadness, such as missing out on experiences with @HowToNoodle or feeling forgotten. Overall, the tweets convey a range of positive and negative emotions.

Trend Analysis

  1. Social media interaction
  2. Music preferences
  3. Gaming
  4. Friendship
  5. New events and activities

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Twitter Web App 102
Twitter for Android 76
Twitter for iPhone 61
Twitter for iPad 3
TweetDeck 1

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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Bio Followers count
Average_Jonas AverageJonas 🇳🇴 Gamer, singer & streamer @TeamLiquid Socials: 250,387
n0ted n0ted content creator having fun in life kind :)📧 42,679
Flow_Ascending FlowAscending 350k+ YT | 163k Twitch | 200IQ Sage Wall Guy Business enquiries: 28,345
andruwu277 Andruwu The TikTok Phoenix Guy 🔥 • M ♡Business enquiries: andruwu277@gmail.comLive every day on 💖 8,672
grayfps GRAYFPS | @horizonunion | biz: 8,214
JackIgoe jack igoe @ STRYKER 🇮🇪 VCT LOCK//IN Valorant's Singing Skye🦜🎤 SUPPORT THE TREVOR PROJECT -• For Biz✉️👉 | 6,091
cr1sek Crisek 🎅 🇵🇱 Owner & CEO of @DesertRGM / Content Creator for ─ elevating brands in social media management & fortnite 5,958
StaticMMIV StaticMMIV 🇹🇳ⵣ🇬🇧 | VALORANT CC | (190k+) | 📩 5,906
Seunglii BLUP just another random person on the internet. 4,349
temets temet creator for @overtimegg ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ @plusVT 4,320

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
Andym6769 Andy M🇬🇧 👨‍🦽🦮🐕‍🦺💻 🏋️‍♂️🙌 🦅🎵 INew beginning love sports #Scifi #tech #politics #Internet #NaturalWorld i #Investing and much more 5,000
Rodolfo_CR1 R O D O 😛 Hi people 🤭😎⚽ Don't try to impersonate someone, it makes you look stupid 👍 4,999
TomasAlRom -TOMAS- Para todo hay solución, la vida es bella sabes... 😉 4,998
Luis_AR151 𝔏𝔲𝔠𝔥𝔬 ✨ Aguante Messi y nadie más :) 4,995
Dynamoon_CR Dyna♨️ 18 :) Y.. no se que hago aquí 4,988
MauLoCR Mau A. Esto lo hago pa divertirme, pa divertirme, pa divertirme... 🎶 4,987
Firulai49836474 Firu 🫡 El que lea esto, que tenga un buen día 🫣 4,985
icydragonbreath Spooky Skeleton Maya Meme Monarch~ (ಠ_ಠ) 60% water~ DMs are open dont be shy UwU talk about anything~ the next adventure start right now #Goddream #blessed 4,948
atillaertugrul7 Atilla Ertuğrul Atilla from Turkey,hello everyone.Trying to win things for my family .Please don't hate me for being a giveaway hunter account 4,947
AresBerk Sevcan Kırgız Ares & Berk mother of two 4,943

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
Jules63_ - 2
Average_Jonas 🇳🇴 Gamer, singer & streamer @TeamLiquid Socials: 2
Omnicoachapp Omnicoach is Your Next Generation Gaming AI: 1st) Upload your Gameplay in Apex Legends, Valorant and Lol2nd) Get all the highlights you want & win 3x RTX3080 2
ChillyBoo_ Banner by: @Lapstle 2
fl1cktsu 19,🇹🇳 Entry Fragger for Extr4(Valorant) 2
CaMbCaMbTV 🚨TWITCH PARTNER | Live from 5-11PM CST POWERED BY @gfuelenergy | | Business 2
Daddy6Waffle I like ladies 2
HeyokaSinister I am a bot. So don't mind my brain 2
grumpyonval funny haha neon bunnyhop - Valorant Content - 20k+ YT - 35k+ TikTok 2
n0ted content creator having fun in life kind :)📧 2

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1627720160411779082 @HowToNoodle What 5
1627721957889146904 @HowToNoodle I can see that 5
1624595481879007233 @HowToNoodle @MasterMinePH @NolaAndros 0
1624745544877834241 @HowToNoodle @castielrsq @OmegaWhite55 0
1624743172378357760 @HowToNoodle @wreithh 0
1624733669100253191 @HowToNoodle @ItsBaskehTTV 0
1624731906938925057 @HowToNoodle @micha_055 @joecaongli 0
1624708930067726340 @HowToNoodle @_Maguiie_ @gon_fernandess 0
1624678185827983362 @HowToNoodle as an osu player, it's so weird to hear Tsukinami but not in DT 0
1624673158241349632 @HowToNoodle TSUKINAMI 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1626344578889441282 @HowToNoodle ufff i had no idea lmao i was trying to find anything about him but nobody knows 150
1627720160411779082 @HowToNoodle What 81
1624549404207087616 @HowToNoodle If this happens to me im simply queueing the ff vote 19
1627721957889146904 @HowToNoodle I can see that 18
1627595917325991936 @HowToNoodle Can’t believe you went to Coachella without me 18
1627328579292827650 Full Aluminum Alloy Case, 8 macro keys, more Chroma than you can handle. The ultimate #RAZER warrior: Hey #Omnicoach squad @n0ted, @Flow_Ascending and @HowToNoodle. The #BlackWidowV4Pro by @Razer and @minliangtan. Should we give some away soon? 5
1624756688552067072 @HowToNoodle Glad im not the only one using tsukinami for val montage music 4
1625078951378026499 @HowToNoodle bros playing apex on val 4

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Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#valorant 2
#gamepass 2
#howtonoodle 2
#flowascending 2
#n0ted 2
#razer 1
#omnicoach 1
#blackwidowv4pro 1
#verasity 1
#vra 1

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Top 10 mentions

Mention Count
@howtonoodle 248
@omnicoachapp 5
@n0ted 5
@average_jonas 4
@flow_ascending 4
@razer 3
@minliangtan 3
@mostafa31425332 3
@parra_camen 3
@we18dq2 3

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6 check_mark_button
😭 5 loudly_crying_face
😂 3 face_with_tears_of_joy
🗿 3 moai
🥳 2 partying_face
‼️ 2 double_exclamation_mark
❤️ 2 red_heart
👀 2 eyes
🔥 2 fire
🥵 2 hot_face

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Smileys & Emotion 25
Symbols 9
People & Body 3
Objects 3
Travel & Places 2
Animals & Nature 1