Twitter has been named one of the top five social media platforms in the world with over 400 million active users monthly! Over 500 million tweets are sent out by dedicated users each day, making Twitter an essential tool in business for branding awareness, building customer base and driving traffic to websites. With so much information available at one time it can be difficult for businesses to know where to start, and digital marketing agencies can come in and help with that dilemma. Marketing agencies and businesses can collaborate with an analytics arm or extension such as twtData, this tool can allow access to insights that are crucial to business decisions and strategies needed to succeed. In this blog we will discuss how digital marketing agencies can help their clients access and use this crucial data.

Twitter Analytics

The process of analyzing Twitter data allows businesses and companies to identify trends, track mentions of a brand, products, industry and monitor various competitions and their client base. This information allows clients access to valuable insights which they can study and turn into strategies for improving their presence on Twitter and improving engagement with potential clients. By analyzing the data downloaded agencies can determine what types of content are gaining attraction within the industry and how they can cater to that content whilst standing out.

Twitter analytics are often used to identify engagement and the reach of tweets, which allows businesses to easily understand who and what type of people are seeing their content and how they are engaging (positive, negative, weekly, daily etc..) . Analytics and data are also used to efficiently identify audience demographics such as gender identity, sexuality, race, nationality, religion, age and location. By analyzing hashtag performance marketing agencies can quickly identify which hashtags are trending and gaining the most engagement and driving traffic within the industry via competitor or client tweets, and how other users interact with specific hashtags.


Twitter Advertising

A crucial part of Twitter for businesses is creating and managing advertising campaigns, as they help increase brand awareness and drive website traffic. By using digital marketing agencies that follow the use of Twitter data businesses can manage and create advertising campaigns much quicker and easier due to their increased knowledge via Twitter data. A very effective strategy is creating customer audiences by pulling and analyzing data from competitor twitter accounts through downloading followers, allowing agencies and businesses to easily target users who are already interested in their specific industry or product.

An example of marketing agencies using Twitter data to target their main competitors and their clientele in the industry would be a fashion brand that decides they want to push the advertising campaigns towards a competitor's followers. To do this they can use a tool such as twtData, pull the data of followers of the competitor and begin making their marketing campaign specifically to appease them. They can use twtData to also identify effective keywords and hashtags to target specific demographics easily. 

Social Listening

The process of social listening is to analyze and monitor Twitter for mentions of the client's brand, industry or products. Digital marketing agencies help their clients quickly and conveniently respond to customer feedback (positive or negative) using this method, which will in the long term improve customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as trust with possible future customers. A great example is if a customer were to Tweet about a negative experience with the business the agency can quickly identify it and notify the business so they can quickly respond to them and offer an apology, reasoning and solution, which will prevent negative feedback and sentiment from spreading and damaging the business's reputation. A tool such as twtData can allow quick and easy access to all this crucial data!

Influencer Marketing

Identifying relevant influencers on Twitter and promoting the client's brand can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness and drive website traffic. Digital marketing agencies can help their clients identify relevant influencers and create effective campaigns to promote their brand. For example, the agency can use twtData's twitter analytics to identify influencers in the client's industry with a large following and high engagement rates. They can then reach out to these influencers and offer them a partnership or collaboration to promote the client's brand. twtData can provide the necessary data for all of these influencer marketing efforts. 

The influencers followers can find the brand easily through a person they trust and begin to look into the business or product themselves and may even tweet about their enjoyment, leading to further clients!

Content Creation

Creating content is 100% necessary to stay relevant in Twitter's algorithm, as well as being a powerful way to gain engagement from users and drive website traffic. Digital marketing agencies often help clients create relevant and effective content strategies that align with their business objectives.

People want fresh, up-to-date content and analyzing data in real time is the perfect way to stay ahead of important content. For example if a specific topic begins rising in engagement agencies or businesses can then curate content in a similar style to be ahead of the game.

By analyzing Twitter data downloaded agencies can identify what content is resonating with the brand’s demographic allowing effective and relevant content. Agencies can use a tool such as twtData to identify peak posting times, effective and relevant hashtags and specifics of the demographic. Digital marketing agencies are there as a tool to help clients achieve relevant and effective content strategies that align with their audience and brand goals.


Twitter is a fast paced social media that is a powerful tool for businesses to content with customers. The data can easily become overwhelming and confusing with no idea where to begin, this is where digital marketing agencies can come in and work their magic to provide crucial information and analytics. Agencies can partner with a tool such as twtData to easily access the information and begin analyzing to pick the crucial information to pass along to the business, allowing custom audiences, effective content, and general necessary data to help achieve their clients goals.