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Twitter for iPhone 96
Twitter Web App 24
Twitter for Android 12
Twitter for iPad 1

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awonderland ALISON WONDERLAND loner remix album out this Thursday. RED ROCKS 2023 october 13🔮fmuoasl🔮don't believe in pants, unapologetically me 333,512
manilakilla Manila Killa DEBUT ALBUM ‘DUSK’ OUT NOW 30,343
dj_danl Danl Podcast Executive Producer for @iheartradio #CoolZoneMedia #FakeDoctorsRealFriends /// Still DJ sometimes 22,114
wearelostkings Lost Kings nick & rob 👑 tour & music presave wonderlust 18,302
lucatimusic LUCATI bookings:, 16,835
yungskrrt Yung Skrrt™ every night 8pm Pacific on * VOLCOM REMIX CONTEST ~ 12,749
dances Pusha K OONTZ OONTZ Celeb Club Demon Radio host, Philly Born, Nyc legend LA Living booking: 12,103
MYRNEmusic MYRNE emotional dance music 🔳 | 'Conflicted' with Manila Killa out nowwww ⬇️ 11,459
hooodrichgab g OBMVMT // Curator for @mp3magofficial // insta: hoodrichgab 🇵🇷 10,171
DJTAYE dj taye All bookings+inquiries: LLDJRashad LLJMundaca LL3Muchh 9,191

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
fratboimatt Pashminamatt 🤠 El Paso Texas☀️Mercedes 💜#gospursgo 🏋🏽‍♂️🕺🏽UTEP 2020 Kinesiology ⛏ Sports Performance Fitness Trainer. 🌞ABGT Weekender💜 TECHNO TRANCE HOUSE 5,829
aboywithabag ABOYWITHABAG It's a wonderful day to secure a bag | Artist at @dimmak @WarnerChappell | Club Chennai out now! Let me know what you think!👇🏾 3,804
sbwalker62 stephen Be you. You'll be fine. He/Him *views expressed are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer* store-----» 3,518
willboswell_ B O S W Ξ ˥ ˥ Multimedia producer and sound designer. Action photographer at ESPN. Master of Business Administration with a focus on business development 3,457
_alexamaro Alex Amaro Editorial Conductor: @entergrayarea | Producer | DJ 3,365
agrimsingh agrim.eth 🍊 building (🍊@orangeDAOxyz f1/@join_ef sg11/@tenity_global sg5) // tweet usually about whisky (ig/whiskygrim), music, tech, sports. he/him 2,667
ariellenyc arielle da 4’9” heads only. heads know. news @ resident advisor + features @ rolling stone, mixmag, the fader, mtv, etc. 2,590
BrettBlackman brettblackman @url2irl: mgmt 4 @aobeats, @HotelGaruda, @ManilaKilla, and @slowmagic ☁️ @mvngcstl 2,493
RyanPrimo Ryan Primo Fitness Motivator, Washingtonian, Salesman, DJ PRIMO, UW Alumnus, Sports Fanatic, Foodographer, Romantic 💜💛🐺☔️🇺🇸 2,434
DANIKINGMUSIC Dani King edm singer, acoustic roots ✨ MGMT: @cultiv8artists For collab requests email 2,285

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Username Bio Number of tweets
BrettBlackman @url2irl: mgmt 4 @aobeats, @HotelGaruda, @ManilaKilla, and @slowmagic ☁️ @mvngcstl 5
promnite Be all in or get all out || contact: 4
fiiorencia lawful permanent resident of The Void 3
hooodrichgab OBMVMT // Curator for @mp3magofficial // insta: hoodrichgab 🇵🇷 3
lucatimusic bookings:, 3
joelcruzmusic 🇵🇭 producer/dj 3
JayKayEl_ @HASHI__co ¥ i like to DJ ¥ ig: JayKayEl_ ¥ he/him ¥ 3
benzo_ferrarii strengths include: hustling & scheming 3
manilakilla DEBUT ALBUM ‘DUSK’ OUT NOW 3
uvaair1 - 2

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ID Text Retweet count
1640410166368563201 @hotelgaruda Same shit happened when I did stuff with trippie redd . Ppl can b dumb 2
1641169950822879237 Live From Dekalb vol. 3 is up now! Got a buncha demos/unreleased/new shit from myself n many homies! @dances @GovanJones @hotelgaruda @CJ____69 @stormmollison @PartyPupils @riffamusic @gilliganmoss to name a few!…🤘🏾💖 1
1640439324846981121 @hotelgaruda You think its a race thing? Weird bruh. 1
1638964867406389248 @hotelgaruda great minds think alike 1
1639721141765013504 @hotelgaruda that’s Miami music week! 😝 0
1639506050037731328 @hotelgaruda @manilakilla what is going on 0
1639506262609252352 @hotelgaruda @manilakilla ummm bringing my xbox controller to our session 0
1639507975693029376 @MYRNEmusic @hotelgaruda @manilakilla what is going on 0
1639511647340617728 @hotelgaruda @manilakilla We love a self aware king 0
1639529267611721731 @hotelgaruda omfg 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1640410166368563201 @hotelgaruda Same shit happened when I did stuff with trippie redd . Ppl can b dumb 128
1640409595481866253 @hotelgaruda I think it’s cool he did it 63
1640445450095587328 @hotelgaruda It’s so annoying how people treat special guests outside of the genre 45
1640430624141119489 @hotelgaruda These goons don’t understand she used clarity as a sample for her song 37
1640452705830461440 @hotelgaruda this is so sick imo. like this community preaches inclusivity but constantly is exclusive 25
1637842340688822273 i'm just letting y'all know that @hotelgaruda is dropping an absolute banger this week. that is simply the tweet. 20
1640438810403311616 @promnite @hotelgaruda oh no they do and she ruined it to them 13
1640442523951693825 @hotelgaruda EDM really just be mad about anybody of color doing anything in dance lol 11
1640455611933683721 @hotelgaruda I just don’t get how people are shocked that a rapper was on ULTRA MAIN STAGE. It’s the entire point! I’ll be more confused when Doja Cat plays the Resistance tent 10
1640467748206829568 @hotelgaruda It’s almost like ppl don’t like to publicly blend cultures and have fallen to the mass's social standards of being anti-minority... We need to get ppl out of the boxes they’re in. There are too many experiences ppl miss out on bc of this. 7

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#justsaying 1

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Top 10 mentions

Mention Count
@hotelgaruda 133
@awonderland 9
@manilakilla 9
@dancingastro 4
@consequence 4
@dances 3
@popgang_ 3
@promnite 3
@myrnemusic 3
@brettblackman 3

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Emoji Count Emoji Text
😂 10 face_with_tears_of_joy
🔥 10 fire
🤣 7 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
💀 6 skull
🙏🏽 3 folded_hands_medium_skin_tone
🤘🏾 2 sign_of_the_horns_medium-dark_skin_tone
💖 2 sparkling_heart
🤔 2 thinking_face
😅 1 grinning_face_with_sweat
🤷🏻‍♂️ 1 man_shrugging_light_skin_tone

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 34
Travel & Places 10
People & Body 9