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Hogwarts Legacy has launched and offers a range of cosmetic items to equip. There are also magical spells to explore in the game, such as Disillusionment. The game has received great reviews and has had a successful launch, with the attention to detail being praised. Other features such as pass time and being able to sit in chairs are being requested by players.

Topic Modeling

  1. Reviews of Hogwarts Legacy
  2. Cosmetic items in Hogwarts Legacy
  3. Outfits in Hogwarts Legacy
  4. Game mechanics of Hogwarts Legacy
  5. Interactions with characters in Hogwarts Legacy

Emotional Analysis

The majority of the tweets in this collection express enthusiasm and excitement for the Hogwarts Legacy game. Many users are praising the game for its attention to detail and its immersive qualities. Other users are expressing humor and joking around, such as the tweet about the "Fresh Prince of Hogwarts" and the tweet about the "boycott" emoji. Additionally, there are a few tweets that express confusion or curiosity about certain aspects of the game.

Trend Analysis

  1. Gear items
  2. Harry Potter themed content
  3. Hogwarts Legacy gameplay
  4. Notable gaming success
  5. Conflict between characters

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Pixelmane | 59

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1624470896080723969 Alright!!! Giveaway NUMBER 1 Giving away 5 copies of @HogwartsLegacy Your choice of platform Must be following me + Like + Retweet to be entered! Winners will be announced tomorrow afternoon on Twitch!! Stay tuned for the next Giveaway too! It’s gonna be even bigger! 309
1624755346928443393 Enter To Win A Digital Copy Of HOGWARTS LEGACY #HogwartsLegacy #Giveaway #HarryPotter @InspiraTek @HogwartsLegacy @PortkeyGames @WBGames @AvalancheWB #PCGaming #PlayStation #Xbox 154
1624211669176950784 @HogwartsLegacy Accurate 123
1624166318726340627 Looking to equip the Fan-atic robe or other cosmetic items in @HogwartsLegacy? Simply head to the Gear section in your Field Guide and select "Change Appearance" to pick your favorite outfit! Learn more here: 122
1624560146809778176 Giveaway #2 Giving away TWO!! Your choice of a PS or Xbox @HogwartsLegacy Controller!! Must Like + ReTweet and be Subscribed to my YouTube Winners will be announced Friday 2/17/23 at 8pm EST during my Twitch stream! 110
1627531941833760768 Hogwarts Legacy Has Ruined My Life An Instagram Guide📖 to why @HogwartsLegacy might be the Greatest Game of All Time #HogwartsLegacy But also The Ending of the main story sucked. But also I met the love of my life, Professor Garlick there😍 ⚡️🎮⏬: 🔗 97
1624512809177341962 Everyone knows the armoured knights move but have you tried using the Disillusionment spell when approaching them? 🫣 #HogwartLegacy #Hogwarts #hogwartslegacygame #hogwartslegacy #HarryPotter #harrypottergame @HogwartsLegacy 70
1624156632543383555 To celebrate our new Player we are giving away two preorder steam keys of @HogwartsLegacy Deluxe Edition! To win: 1. Follow @SpeedboatFc and @Malo_R6s 2. Like and retweet this post Good luck! the winner will be announced at the end of this month. 61
1626968354438144005 Some of the Biggest Opening Weeks in Gaming History🚀 ✅Red Dead Redemption II ✅Hogwarts Legacy ✅Elden Ring ✅God of War Ragnarök ✅Cyberpunk 2077 Which ones are your favorites? #PS5 #PlayStation @RockstarGames @HogwartsLegacy @ELDENRING @SonySantaMonica @CyberpunkGame 57

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1624211669176950784 @HogwartsLegacy Accurate 2647
1624166318726340627 Looking to equip the Fan-atic robe or other cosmetic items in @HogwartsLegacy? Simply head to the Gear section in your Field Guide and select "Change Appearance" to pick your favorite outfit! Learn more here: 1524
1624865828158971905 @HogwartsLegacy Fresh Prince of Hogwarts 887
1624211854275887106 @HogwartsLegacy Unless you're a biased WIRED journalist 815
1624512809177341962 Everyone knows the armoured knights move but have you tried using the Disillusionment spell when approaching them? 🫣 #HogwartLegacy #Hogwarts #hogwartslegacygame #hogwartslegacy #HarryPotter #harrypottergame @HogwartsLegacy 805
1625197238107373570 @HogwartsLegacy 759
1624217003190849537 @HogwartsLegacy " boycott " 🤣🤡 732
1624224676695138305 @HogwartsLegacy Your team made an absolutely brilliant game! The attention to details makes me feel like I’m in the movies and I never want to leave 729
1624846049121640451 @HogwartsLegacy This is my absolute favorite Outfit so far. 🥰❤️ I always come back to it. 😂 721
1624212073633796099 @xFleXy_ @HogwartsLegacy Whoever did this review clearly didn’t play it lol 685

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#hogwarts 537
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#twitch 433
#ps5 380
#gaming 344
#virtualphotography 275
#ps5share 215

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@hogwartslegacy 48435
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@twitch 1871
@wbgamessupport 986
@portkeygames 760
@finchstrife 558
@kanyeye2024 392
@pixelmane 356

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😍 511 smiling_face_with_heart-eyes
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