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A Twitter discussion surrounding the recently released game Hogwarts Legacy suggests the game is generally well-received, but there are criticisms about its content. The game has been further discussed due to deleted data and speculation about Professor Fig's in-game fate. Various accounts have been giving away copies of the game and someone suggested trusting WIRED to deliver the truth about it.

Topic Modeling

  1. Hogwarts Legacy game development
  2. Giving away copies of the game
  3. The game experience & features
  4. Controversies surrounding the game
  5. Promotion of the game through giveaways and tweets

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets are a mix of excitement, anticipation, disappointment, frustration, and anger. Some of the tweets express excitement and anticipation for the release of Hogwarts Legacy, while others express disappointment and frustration at the cancellation of the game and the loss of data. Additionally, some of the tweets express anger at trans extremists for spoiling the game and at other platforms for failing to address the deeply problematic aspects of the game.

Trend Analysis

  1. Hogwarts Legacy cancellation
  2. Giveaways
  3. Game playthroughs and demonstrations
  4. Harry Potter fandom
  5. Controversies and criticisms

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1623399039562547205 We’re giving away a copy of Hogwarts Legacy! To enter: 🪄 Retweet & Like 🧹 Follow @VastGG ⚡️ Reply with your platform and #VastGGHogwartsLegacy Ends in 3 days! Good luck ❤️ #HogwartLegacy #HogwartsLegacy #Hogwarts 4542
1623422759672983552 #HogwartLegacy Bitch 😂 2688
1623745243110600709 We’re giving away another copy of Hogwarts Legacy! To enter: 🪄 Like this tweet 🧹 Follow @VastGG ⚡️ Reply with your platform and #VastGG Ends in 3 days! Good luck ❤️ #HogwartLegacy #HogwartsLegacy #Hogwarts 2293
1624087850940596225 To celebrate the launch of Hogwarts Legacy. We’re giving away this Gaming PC Bundle! To enter, perform these tasks via the link below: 🧹 Retweet + Like 🪄 Follow @FreeZ3KiLLz + @VastGG Enter Here: #HogwartLegacy #HogwartsLegacy #Hogwarts 2094
1623975040499720192 We’re giving away another copy of Hogwarts Legacy! To enter: 🪄 Like this tweet 🧹 Follow @VastGG Ends in 3 days! Good luck ❤️ #HogwartLegacy #HogwartsLegacy #Hogwarts 1437
1623723866031013888 🦉✉️Today is the day! All the rave players, join #CARV Hogwarts Legacy: Goblet of Four Houses! ✅Interact with the Sorting Hat ✅Unique house #NFT badges 🎁5 copies of #HogwartLegacy RT, Like, and complete quests to enter the wizarding world 👇👇👇 🧵 1410
1623096294142099459 People’s Logic… 🥴 #HogwartLegacy 1284
1623675246392889344 #HarryPotter #HogwartLegacy 1144
1623394436074946560 Honestly I can't believe that trans extremists have sunk so low as to spoil #HogwartLegacy they're literally telling people that Professor Fig dies in every ending and that Rookwood is the one that cursed Anne and the goblins were blamed for it 812
1623701362067341314 #CONCOURS 🪄 Tente ta chance pour gagner #HogwartLegacy : L'héritage de Poudlard (PS5, Xbox Series X & One) 🎮 Pour participer : 1⃣ RT & follow @idealofrance 2⃣ Tague 2 ami(e)s + sur quelle console TAS : 16.02 - 18H Conditions : +18 & 🇫🇷 Bonne chance🍀 784

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1624082851103662083 Esta tarde noche subire el video informando un poco que cancelo la serie de #HogwartLegacy ya que se borraron los datos, pero igualmente quitando este error, sigo pensando que el juego es maravilloso, pero no me apetece 17 horas haciendo lo que ya había hecho... 😅 31371
1623675246392889344 #HarryPotter #HogwartLegacy 10469
1623096294142099459 People’s Logic… 🥴 #HogwartLegacy 9874
1623422759672983552 #HogwartLegacy Bitch 😂 9234
1623801983411884035 Esta siendo una aventura increibel #HogwartLegacy mañana seguiremos con nuestros animales y dejare lista la sala de los menesteres ^^ Un besazo! gracias de verdad! 6203
1623745243110600709 We’re giving away another copy of Hogwarts Legacy! To enter: 🪄 Like this tweet 🧹 Follow @VastGG ⚡️ Reply with your platform and #VastGG Ends in 3 days! Good luck ❤️ #HogwartLegacy #HogwartsLegacy #Hogwarts 6134
1623678255986364417 ¿Os apetece ver como he decorado mi sala de los menesteres en #HogwartLegacy ? Esta tarde en el canal directo del dia 4!!! ^^ 5854
1624121478902841350 Nuevo video!!!! disculpad por la voz! Tampoco es el video del año eh! simplemente enseño y explico lo que me ha pasado en #HogwartLegacy mañana continuamos con directos de mas juegos e igualmente esta noche SHORT ^^ 5589
1623399039562547205 We’re giving away a copy of Hogwarts Legacy! To enter: 🪄 Retweet & Like 🧹 Follow @VastGG ⚡️ Reply with your platform and #VastGGHogwartsLegacy Ends in 3 days! Good luck ❤️ #HogwartLegacy #HogwartsLegacy #Hogwarts 5362
1623975040499720192 We’re giving away another copy of Hogwarts Legacy! To enter: 🪄 Like this tweet 🧹 Follow @VastGG Ends in 3 days! Good luck ❤️ #HogwartLegacy #HogwartsLegacy #Hogwarts 5315

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@matthew_kreklau 90
@sme_rt 80

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