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5 years

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Top 5 devices used to tweet

Source Count
Twitter for Android 158435
Twitter for iPhone 125676
Twitter Web App 97634
Twitter for iPad 10947
Hootsuite Inc. 6240

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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Followers count
iamsrk Shah Rukh Khan 43,009,509
Reuters Reuters 25,692,163
netflix Netflix 21,269,987
aajtak AajTak 19,441,811
agnezmo AGNEZ MO 17,869,730
realmadriden Real Madrid C.F. 🇬🇧🇺🇸 16,000,362
BernieSanders Bernie Sanders 15,552,337
ABPNews ABP News 13,189,996
BT21_ BT21 12,562,662
thekiranbedi Kiran Bedi 12,192,281

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Followers count
JETAR9 Etienne Arsenault 1,515,368
hootsuite Hootsuite 🦉 1,409,050
sherylunderwood Sheryl Underwood 1,332,224
yokoono Yoko Ono 855,513
KeisukeFujitajp 藤田桂輔 680,892
CordeiroRick RICK CORDEIRO 🇨🇦🇵🇹 560,570
bdonesem 💞 Al-Faisal 💞 553,769
InspiringThinkn Roy T. Bennett 539,610
TedRubin Ted Rubin 476,443
WholeFoods Whole Foods Market 473,401

Most active users

Username Number of tweets
AdamRogers2030 403
fatima_mahania 357
diamoundgirls2 285
meenalkashyyap 258
vasuvenugo 231
Maelee021 224
conley194 224
gemesdita 188
aysekara200 187
OlenaStarynets 180

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1606892662594101249 Merry Christmas and a happy new year🎄 새해 복 많이 받으세요! 좋은 시간 보내고 사랑하는 사람과 행복한 시간 꼭 보내요~ #TEN #李永钦 #WayV #WeiShenV #威神V 22770
1608766212909191169 @BTS_twt [trans] taehyungie, you punk, happy birthday~ #HappyBdayV #ItsSugaHyung #HappyNewYear (hope you get a lot of new year blessings) 8737
1607889191446417408 / フォロー&リツイートで当たる🎯 Happy New Year #キャンペーン \ 2022年➡2023年 #あけおめお菓子福袋 抽選で”10名様”に編集部セレクト『お菓子福袋』 #プレゼント🎁 2023年もどうぞよろしくお願いします😊 【応募方法】 🎍 @okashi10watashi をフォロー ㊗この投稿をRT 締切1/3 23:59迄 6445
1608190577845350400 11,000 VALORANT Points Giveaway! 🎉 To enter: ✅ Follow @cgnesportsgg & @ValorLeaks ✅ Like & RT ✅ Tag 2 friends Ends on 12/31! Good Luck & Happy New Year! | #VALORANT 6249
1608840706076073984 🐻 “There’s exactly a minute left now! It’s so nice~~ because I got congratulations from so many ARMYs and I’m also so happy Happy new year, everyone, and don’t be sick/hurt~~🫠 borahaeng” 5715
1608651642248871938 [2023 New Year's Campaign Social Media Campaign] Happy New Year! To celebrate, if this post receives over 20,230 combined Reactions/Shares on FB & RT/Likes on Twitter before 01/03 at 7:59PM PT, we'll be gifting the CE Delightful Kemari and 20,230,000 QP! #FateGOUSA 5125
1608055287004495873 🚨 WIN A YEAR'S WORTH OF WHOPPERS 🚨 To celebrate the new year we want to give one lucky follower a year's worth of Whoppers! To be in with a chance of winning:  - follow us - retweet/like this post - comment 'new year new burgers' Good luck to all and happy new year!! 4980
1608842738522558466 [221230 V Weverse Post] 🐻 now there’s exactly only 1 minute left! it’s so nice that i received a lot of birthday wishes from many armys~~ and im so happy everyone, happy new year and dont be sick~~🫠 borahaeng (borahae with aegyo) 4759
1607045146234998786 วันนี้ไลฟ์เป็นยังไงกันบ้าง นี่เพลินสุดๆ(กินเพลิน) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year มีความสุขมากๆนะค้าบ #XMASDMDPARTYxGrabFood 4721
1606844821133578247 🔹 MATRIX would like to wish all Matrixian and your family a very happy festive season as well as best wishes for the fast-approaching New Year! 💙 #matrixainetwork $MAN #newyear2023 #newyear #christmas #merrychristmas 4345

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1607050496531107842 HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!! Wishing you all a prosperous New Year!! Love, The Weatherspoons 59703
1606892662594101249 Merry Christmas and a happy new year🎄 새해 복 많이 받으세요! 좋은 시간 보내고 사랑하는 사람과 행복한 시간 꼭 보내요~ #TEN #李永钦 #WayV #WeiShenV #威神V 57820
1607003839521239041 Have to go now….little one calling. Thank u all. Have a very Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas. All be happy and may you all have the best days of your life henceforth…and forever. Bless you 41018
1608766212909191169 @BTS_twt [trans] taehyungie, you punk, happy birthday~ #HappyBdayV #ItsSugaHyung #HappyNewYear (hope you get a lot of new year blessings) 37838
1607397689939099648 Happy New Year guys😍❤️ 37832
1606704296808136705 From me and mine to you and yours. Wishing you a Merry Christmas 2022 and a Happy New Year 2023. 32106
1608849387408732160 BREAKING: Trump completely melts down over the release of his tax returns and threatens that it’s “going to lead to horrible things for many people.” No Donnie, just YOU. Happy New Year. 32061
1608478814795100168 Happy (almost) New Year! Before we ring in 2023, we need your help choosing our Twitter audience’s favorite Hubble image released in 2022. Vote in the poll below, which features the images that got the most likes this year. Then we’ll post the winner on New Year’s Eve! 25948
1608193867807088641 ❗️📲 Di María’s wife to Adil Rami: “Angel can teach you how to cry, how to handle a woman and how to score a goals in finals! Happy new year genius 😉” 20726
1606699532615573506 May your holiday be filled with love and your New Year rich with God’s blessings. From our families to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 20452

Top 3 Languages Used In Tweets

Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#happynewyear 9017
#merrychristmas 7170
#newyear 5480
#christmas 5199
#newyear2023 3898
#happynewyear2023 3359
#happyholidays 2691
#2023 2584
#christmas2022 1487
#merrychristmas2022 1193

Top 10 Hashtags Used In Tweets

Top 10 mentions

Mention Count
@elonmusk 2598
@youtube 1566
@lolitascak3 1340
@kdestrada_ 897
@preorder_jia 887
@alexailacad 886
@0xheavensent 754
@patmcafeeshow 601
@potus 586
@jayecane 526

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Wordcloud of Tweets


Average number of emojis used per tweet


Emojis used in tweets

Emoji Count Emoji Text
🎄 44201 Christmas_tree
🎉 37712 party_popper
❤️ 31864 red_heart
🥳 20436 partying_face
18500 sparkles
🎊 14126 confetti_ball
🙏 13684 folded_hands
🎁 11265 wrapped_gift
🥂 11202 clinking_glasses
🥰 11177 smiling_face_with_hearts

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 218438
Activities 160442
People & Body 68546
Travel & Places 38944
Animals & Nature 30864
Food & Drink 29697
Symbols 18217
Objects 17081
Flags 9895