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Hamish Steele was discussing an apology by someone who previously tweeted hateful things and was asking why a "Pugsley" one was made. The discussion seems to be centered around art and a comparison to a character from a show. It is amusing to some people while terrifying to others based on the circumstances. However, the original art looks like a liquid slime and the Pugsley one is considered too soon. Finally, there was a discussion about a billionaire bullying people and a comment about showing people how handsome Hamish looks and make people smile.

Topic Modeling

  1. Twitter Interactions
  2. Big Mouth tv Show
  3. Pugsley One
  4. Final Fantasy
  5. Bullying

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The emotions expressed in these tweets range from amusement to anger, with many of the tweets containing a mixture of both. Some of the tweets express amusement at the jokes being made, while others express anger at the inappropriate comments being made. Some of the tweets also express sadness at the situation, while others express pride and happiness at the kindness being shown. Overall, the emotions expressed in these tweets are a mix of positive and negative feelings.

Trend Analysis

  1. Digital activism
  2. Social media bullying
  3. Online harassment
  4. Digital censorship
  5. Media representation

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shoomlah Claire Hummel Makin' video games at Valve. Recently did stuff for Half-Life: Alyx, Westworld VR, Mondo. I draw a lot of rocks and historical fashion 77,544
Iron_Spike Iron Spike Bestselling author. Cartoonist. Vulgarian. Motormouth. Gifted & Talented. Runs @ironcircuscomix, Chicago's largest comix publisher. Shares plenty, owes nothing. 68,970
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WeekesPrincess Princess Weekes Discourse Free Black|Bi|Brooklyn|Aries (she/her), former cohost of “It’s Lit” from PBS and Netflix Geeked pod. bus.inquires: 38,741
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TudorTweep Gemma Lawrence Author. Archer. Erratic gardener. #Indie. #History lover particularly #Tudor. Leftie #Vegan. Feminism isn't a dirty word, Blackadder, crevice is a dirty word... 57,334
CRShort81 Ryan 👨🏻 ✈️ CHI FEB 23 - 26 Queer supremacy. I sneak cheese. Bipolar. Married to the sea. NSFW. #ACAB #BLM. Abortion on Demand. Cheers 🏳️‍⚧️🍺🎮⛵️🛍 DMs welcome 💌 11,390
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ArzzielMarcena Arz He/Him • @camosun Interurban student • 21 • RT HEAVY 7,011
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TheCreatureHero 🔞 Lord J.C. (Creature)❤️#StanLee jjba OnePiece🔞 Hope to draw comic covers. Anime/manga 😍 #ISWV #OnePiece #JojosBizarreAdventure #Gintama 5,004

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shren_p World Renown Super Spy - He/Him - Writer/Co-creator of the webcomic AXED 35
SauceSenator All Killer No Filler/Entry level unpaid shitposter/MMA is cool/TERF/NZ 🥸/I'll follow you if I think you're funny, even if we don't agree on topics 27
TomBebi He/Him - graphic designer Je fais des blagues et je trigger les droitards. 17
chainsawboi2 Seeing people crying over a wizard video game is honestly so hilarious stop boycotting and buy it already unless you're gonna whine all over again. 15
viiigina 16 - 🇦🇺 14
ZinkH26462943 new profile cause i can't use my old one, 21 and very bi 13
jharrisanim She/her, or he/him if it's funny. 11
Inaire7772 not that anyone will read this. NSFW account. ADULT account. adult space. if you dont want people to interact then dont talk about them DUH 11
PupTyke 🏳️‍🌈Highly Anxious Shiny Pokemon Hunter & AFOL ⚡️ Onewheeler⚡️He/Him⚡️Shiny Dex: 790/1008⚡️ Instinct 50 ⚡️ #EYW #NYC #LYH #BWI #RVA #MTL 10
Anthony78824533 - 9

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1624443052025585664 @hamishsteele @pk_kenzie 24
1623660304679796736 @hamishsteele You can see more of them here: 10
1625549741147795458 Very excited to be moving onto the divine dynasties of ancient Egypt for @TheEES #AEIntro course this week. A great excuse to recommend this by @hamishsteele 🤩 Foreword by @JohnJJohnston of course 🙌 8
1623759258322870273 @hamishsteele Counterpoint: first versions of Final Fantasy’s flans and chocobos. 7
1624003212637310982 @hamishsteele Your show failed horrendously and you laughing at harassment over people playing a game isn't going to fix that 4
1623899693406101508 @hamishsteele Imagine having your show canceled in favor of a new Big Mouth season 4
1623856949333827585 @hamishsteele 3
1623925884326645760 @hamishsteele How's that show of yours going? Oh wait, it didn't get far. HA HA 3
1623559000431419395 @hamishsteele Original does sort of look like the liquid slime. 2
1625605421540188162 @hamishsteele Hamish why?! 😭😭 2

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ID Text Like count
1624443052025585664 @hamishsteele @pk_kenzie 1347
1623649860137394176 @hamishsteele @UnclePetunio They met in the middle at one point tho 251
1625593416984977408 @hamishsteele THE PUGSLEY ONE 181
1625258730735472641 @hamishsteele Why? He tweeted about wishing her dead and calling her all the slurs. This was on top of attacking other people in the same way. It’s only terrifying that he clearly doesn’t mean the apology. 143
1625593284583120933 @hamishsteele can i ask why u made the pugsley one 112
1623660304679796736 @hamishsteele You can see more of them here: 110
1623559000431419395 @hamishsteele Original does sort of look like the liquid slime. 109
1625605421540188162 @hamishsteele Hamish why?! 😭😭 107
1626987852738224131 @hamishsteele As much as I like him he does not posses the fruityness needed to play Wendy Pleakley. 92
1625592609740578822 @hamishsteele THE PUGSKEY ONE HOLY SHIT 86

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#deadendparanormalpark 4
#aeintro 2
#deadend 2
#1 2
#transfragility 1
#smallpenishumiliation 1
#classy 1
#doctorwho 1
#paulinephoenix 1
#therookie 1

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@hamishsteele 1118
@josephjames94 124
@thecreaturehero 72
@energyboi7 62
@s_chad 62
@rottenmaths 62
@dantalksgames 62
@saucesenator 35
@shren_p 27
@vinylcolliedog 26

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💀 9 skull
😇 6 smiling_face_with_halo
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