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NYXL went from a loss to win in a short period of time, leading some to speculate if they are actually trying again. Shockwave and Seicoe and Fits deserve to be in the league, but there may be some underlying issues such as disbandment or speculation from fans that could prevent this from happening. Violet may have had contact with other teams and Shockwave and Seicoe's performance in Contenders was remarkable, causing people to wonder if they will be part of a main roster.

Topic Modeling

  1. NYXL - performance, organization, team
  2. Fits - players, team, organization
  3. Shockwave - player, team, organization
  4. Interaction - communication, media
  5. IGC - performance, disappointment, organization

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a mix of emotions, ranging from disappointment and disbelief to shock and excitement. The tweets discuss NYXL's performance, with some expressing doubt that they are trying to improve. Others express excitement at the Skiesti Fits duo and Shockwave's potential, while some express disappointment at the lack of development opportunities for players. There is also a sense of surprise at the IGC's actions and a feeling of hope that Shockwave and Seicoe will make it onto the main roster.

Trend Analysis

  1. NYXL team performance and roster changes
  2. Poor roster fits
  3. Developing players
  4. Hate and harassment on the internet
  5. Player performance and transfer possibilities

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NaturalParadigm Bryson Sullivan 🇺🇲 Aerospace Engineering Graduate Student | Motorsports/Aviation Enthusiast | #TeamLH | @TechHeadsF1 pod | “All models are wrong, some are useful.” | views my own 5,388
JR_SMITHsonian 🎾Tennis without the T🍵 black tar hero 4,994
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haloofthoughts Arran Spake (He/Him) Occasional esports Reporter, Focusing Mainly On F1 📧 2,740
ryann_9412 ryan Enjoyer of most things Math, Post and Gaze! | Survival Horror enthusiast. he/they. 2,511

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___Ryokugyuu___ "There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get Better, Stronger, Faster, and Smarter. Seek nothing but the best and nothing less". 39
kj5TyRBnV6Ro12t - 17
scoundrelOW yo man that's pretty cool man #AcesHigh Tank, captain, assistant coach, poster boy, role star, DPS, Support for @spitfjre. Average HADES II enjoyer 14
orans1ayer Former scout for lunatic hai, smartest owl fan, was a decent holding midfielder back in the day. Disagree = wrong. Ace #wingsout/#rockets /#LFC/#NAVInation 11
sfs_varuna sf shock number one fan #shocktheworld #o2blast 11
A_wild_torterra Philly diffs infernal I refuse to now consider newyork my local team. I prefer positive Philly over negative newyork. 10
DiamondOfDirt new account of @super296 am creb 9
azuralikespatd she/her 19 | #BostonUp #TigerNation | @enhazurarose | priv: @AzuraTGC | 👁️🌙☀️ ‽atd + enha + xh 9
EngineModeLE86 Engines brum brum wop wop💨💨💨 #V10 #V12 Cars Engines Aerodynamics Tech Lady Nerd #AdrianNewey #ColinChapman 8
NYSLonTop #1 NYSL fan account… Discussing subliners and all other cod teams #StandClear #Everupward #togetherblue #repbx 6

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1623965830324027392 @haloofthoughts Has Kai not retired? Or was that bait or something 2
1624078636742475778 @haloofthoughts Welcome to the club! 1
1625151682572128256 @haloofthoughts (Her tag is also Haley, not Hayley) 1
1623762697811640328 @haloofthoughts well that happiness lasted roughly two minutes cheers 1
1623776263877042176 @haloofthoughts Could it possibly be like a two-way contract thing for some of the players? 1
1623797075161784324 @haloofthoughts wtf is going on. Just so stupid. 1
1625475053956612096 @haloofthoughts Helv is already in a seperate team signup for Pro AM. Disbandment is realistic. 1
1623775983982583810 @haloofthoughts basically confirms changoon too 1
1623761766390833155 @haloofthoughts wtf ?? did they finally listen to everyone 1
1623761620949254156 @haloofthoughts huh 1

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1623761716088545280 @haloofthoughts NYXL…, are they… actually trying again? 74
1623761922897084416 @haloofthoughts Poor fits 65
1623761539458301953 @haloofthoughts NYXL went from L to W in like 5 weeks 50
1623766134951497729 @haloofthoughts The Skiesti Fits duo goes crazy tho 40
1625647996401582081 @haloofthoughts 38
1625448499234963456 @haloofthoughts Shockwave deserves to be in the league. Just nor with NYXL or any other crap ORG 33
1625487250569203713 @haloofthoughts Nyxl seeing last season’s performance and adding fits 30
1623762697811640328 @haloofthoughts well that happiness lasted roughly two minutes cheers 30
1627035479534075908 @haloofthoughts everyone @'ing me in the replies thank you 28
1623769442348855299 @haloofthoughts NOOOO HIS CAREER IS OVER 25

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#freepoulet 1
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@haloofthoughts 594
@f1dataanalysis 23
@enginemodele86 17
@azuralikespatd 9
@imavrl 8
@blueberryelf1 8
@nyslontop 7
@sfs_varuna 7
@shanks_36 7
@kj5tyrbnv6ro12t 7

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