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Greatest Hits Radio (@greatesthitsuk) is playing music and engaging in conversation on Saturdays and Sundays from 6am to 10am. They will be playing their "Big 45" today, as well as a Sunday album show from 1pm. They will be giving away 60,000 and celebrating World Radio Day with a greatest hit from 1975-84. They are also discussing Harry Haddock and pronunciations.

Topic Modeling

  1. Radio Shows and Music
  2. Advertising/Marketing
  3. Pronunciation/Grammar
  4. Technology and Social Media
  5. Sports and News

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from enthusiasm to appreciation. Many of the tweets express excitement for the Album Show, Today's Big 45, and other programs on @greatesthitsuk. Additionally, there is a sense of humor and appreciation in some of the tweets, with people thanking @greatesthitsuk for playing songs and showing gratitude for the station. Finally, there is a sense of nostalgia in some of the tweets, with people reminiscing about past events and experiences.

Trend Analysis

  1. Listening to the Album Show
  2. Playing Today’s Big 45
  3. Chatting and playing tunes on the weekend
  4. Playing "#makingyourmindup"
  5. Tuning into Greatest Hits Radio Premium station

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Twitter for Android 522
Twitter for iPhone 508
Twitter Web App 251
Twitter for iPad 89
Buffer 7

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Username Name Bio Followers count
cineworld Cineworld Welcome to a world of more. #NoSpoilers 🤐 303,691
simonmayo Simon Mayo 🇺🇦 nil desperandum 🇺🇦 288,966
k8_thornton Kate Thornton TV/Radio presenter. Host of White Wine Question Time: Management - 161,155
matthewdmarsden Matthew Marsden Husband. Dad. Actor. 135,773
caroldecker carol decker Youtube T'pau Official insta: tpaucaroldecker FB: T'pau/CarolDecker 53,621
Cherylbaker Cheryl Baker Won Eurovision 81 with Bucks Fizz. Presented a bit of tele.Still rip my skirt off with Mike and Jay, now known as The Fizz. Refuse to grow old gracefully! 38,211
greatesthitsuk Greatest Hits Radio The biggest songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s and the new home of Ken Bruce from 3rd April. ✨ Listen on your radio 📻 on mobile 📲 and on your smart speaker! 🔊 34,340
LizKershawDJ Liz Kershaw Mad about music. Passionate about politics. Looking for the bigger picture in an ever smaller minded world 31,116
graemepark Graeme Park ⭐️⭐️ Forthcoming DJ gigs, blog, radio show, store, news & more from 27,250
JennyPowellTV Jenny Powell 🌸 @thehotmessmums @instagram: @jennypowelltv. all enquiries :contact 24,856

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
steventeaster STEVEN T. E@STER #steventeaster 30yrs Music Biz, Sag/Aftra composer-drummer- #kramerthepimp #indifilm #REGGAE #jazz #hiphop #edm #housemusic #weatnu #piano #drums #percussion 18,593
cineworld Cineworld Welcome to a world of more. #NoSpoilers 🤐 16,887
FreshRoasters Charlene F 🌉☕🍷☔️ Loves; coffee, wine, reading, podcasts,💙Democracy, @warriors @SFGigantes @CalFootball, @49ers and foggy #SanFrancisco. Not necessarily in that order 14,096
MervusP30 Mervyn #KBF Pro Brexit, George Formby fan, KBF and Mens rights activist. Love Morrissey 11,095
julesserkin jules serkin #Radio presenter @scoffquaff Xmas special show #BBC #PR #health #hospitality director @NewMarketsMedia Listen: 9,451
HellenBach Hellen Bach TOG, had fun with Terry Wogan raised millions for CIN. Love @bignormski1. Work with veterans.Trustee for Lee Hub. GOPF. Togs Forever Facebook. Lee on the Solent 9,356
PeteJ134 Sir Pete Jackson #FBPE🐟🌻🇺🇦💙🐝🇪🇺🐾🍻👋 Proud European, For Equality, RECYCLE Always. Mrs is a NHS Nurse, Proud Father of Two Girls, Dog Lover, Real Ale Drinker. 8,135
LouiseOnAir Louise Hulland Award winning journalist | Author ‘Stolen Lives’ | @BBCRadioCambs | TV & Radio @unitedagents | Writing @diana_beaumont | Stories 7,865
tomdixon4321 Tom Dixon Views are my own 7,474
Rockstarscars Rockstars Cars Project on Rockstars Cars TV Documentary Book & Archive Lots discovered so far see website, Cyber Security & Digital Transformation & creator of #tourbustuesday 5,859

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Username Bio Number of tweets
elliegrace321 Won't DM if you want to follow. 28
SueEdwa62500486 Dog mum St Helens fan and an evertonian 🥳 massive Phil Collins fan Miley Cyrus & Olly murs 💃 18
ads_ffs - 14
simonmayo nil desperandum 🇺🇦 12
JennyPowellTV @thehotmessmums @instagram: @jennypowelltv. all enquiries :contact 11
PopmasterTrack The original and unofficial Ken Bruce Popmaster MacArthur Park tracker. 11
JKeepsSchtum Music, nature, radio, gardening, walking, cars. The simple stuff. A college tutor once wrote about my “native wit”; I’m still searching for it! #forgotten80s 11
scorpius111 Happy family man who takes life as it comes good or bad .Likes films and music .And talk a lot of nonsense. shaunthewindowcleaner. 10
VickyMather7 music mad bedroom raver. love my games, love a cheeky swipe at others 10
Junkyarddogz1 Love Winding up Twatters. Played a bit of Tennis-Now teach-interested DM me-Tennisercize pioneer EFC #COYB RED=shite Show me a good loser-I'll show you a loser 9

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ID Text Retweet count
1627932826468220931 Greatest Hits Radio Premium is a very lovely thing indeed. It’s GHR with no ads, plus a whole bunch of extra stations including one devoted to album tracks. If you enjoy the Sunday album show, this could be for you. Anyway, it’s shiny and fabulous! Give it a try! @greatesthitsuk 6
1625411468266012673 Today’s Big 45 @greatesthitsuk 5
1627577783424614400 Today’s Big 45 @greatesthitsuk 4
1627292069470388226 Playing now. The Album Show. ⁦@greatesthitsuk⁩ 4
1627679366556655622 Thanks @greatesthitsuk for playing #makingyourmindup just now. We don’t mind being the cheese to your crackers! @TheFizzCMJ #bucksfizz 3
1626126745081348097 Good morning... In this morning's Top 10 year, Live And Let Die and The Sting were at the cinema! What's the year? Clues and Greatest Hits from 10 @greatesthitsuk 3
1626472807692476419 Getting ready for my drive into work with @greatesthitsuk @rossie7dj but will be seriously missin #stevewright on #SteveWrightInTheAfternoon on my drive home 3
1625145275189719044 Very noticeable how @greatesthitsuk really is now the new @BBCRadio2 . No wonder latter is haemorrhaging listeners, save for a few honourable exceptions. You’d think they’d get the message? 🙈🙉🙊 @nigelpauley @theJeremyVine @tonyblackburn @RealKenBruce @TVKev #radio #broadcast 3
1626493038573809665 Today’s Big 45 @greatesthitsuk 3
1625532917756690432 Creature feature favourite @greatesthitsuk Need a Briard. 3

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1627292069470388226 Playing now. The Album Show. ⁦@greatesthitsuk⁩ 301
1625411468266012673 Today’s Big 45 @greatesthitsuk 288
1627577783424614400 Today’s Big 45 @greatesthitsuk 209
1626634019520512016 Join me on the weekend for some fab tunes and chat , Saturday and Sunday 6am til 10am @greatesthitsuk .. xx 194
1626493038573809665 Today’s Big 45 @greatesthitsuk 171
1626140051678658561 Today’s Big 45 @greatesthitsuk 170
1627679366556655622 Thanks @greatesthitsuk for playing #makingyourmindup just now. We don’t mind being the cheese to your crackers! @TheFizzCMJ #bucksfizz 154
1625047774780596228 Today’s Big 45 @greatesthitsuk 150
1625532917756690432 Creature feature favourite @greatesthitsuk Need a Briard. 133
1627215535644594177 Double denim and double trouble this morning @greatesthitsuk .. with me and producer @AlexT ! Shania .. stand aside ..I’m coming in !! 😂 106

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Hashtag Count
#popmaster 21
#stevewright 12
#stevewrightintheafternoon 12
#radio 8
#nowlistening 5
#totp 5
#besttimeofthedayshow 4
#kenbruce 3
#onthisday 3
#pureog 2

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Mention Count
@greatesthitsuk 1388
@simonmayo 374
@markgoodier 227
@bbcradio2 94
@jennypowelltv 70
@realkenbruce 62
@alexthedarklord 40
@rossie7dj 38
@elliegrace321 36
@thejeremyvine 28

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😂 56 face_with_tears_of_joy
🎶 37 musical_notes
🤣 33 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
👍 30 thumbs_up
🎵 30 musical_note
📻 28 radio
❤️ 27 red_heart
😁 22 beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes
😊 17 smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes
🙂 14 slightly_smiling_face

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 378
People & Body 125
Objects 116
Animals & Nature 23
Activities 15
Travel & Places 7
Food & Drink 6
Symbols 3
Flags 2