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The tweets cover various topics related to UNC basketball, including discussions about specific players, Hubert Davis' comments on the team's performance in the 2022-23 season, and references to other UNC sports. There are also some jokes and comments about a player's age and potential motivations for staying in college. Overall, the tweets provide a mix of opinions, news, and humor related to UNC basketball and sports in general.

Topic Modeling

  1. College basketball performance
  2. Humor/sarcasm
  3. UNC sports
  4. Transfer portal and roster management
  5. Sports achievements and recognition

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets vary greatly, with some expressing excitement and support for UNC Basketball and its players (@UNC_Basketball, @iget_buckets35), while others express cynicism and criticism (@MarchMadnessMBB, @DaddyHoggard). There are also tweets expressing admiration for Hubert Davis (@GoHeels), Sophia Kovacs (@FencingHeels), and Austin O'Connor (@UNCWrestling). One tweet references a knee injury, suggesting a sense of empathy or sympathy. Other tweets comment on the age of the players (@Bro is about to be 24 next March Madness playing against 18 and 19 year olds) or make jokes about Chinese culture (@He’s staying so he can learn Chinese. Bro already got the Chinese lettering on his neck). Overall, the tweets reflect a mix of positive and negative emotions, with some users expressing support while others criticize or make light of certain aspects of university sports culture.

Trend Analysis

  1. UNC basketball and March Madness discussions
  2. Comments on specific players, including Stetson Bennett and his age
  3. Hubert Davis' thoughts on UNC's basketball season
  4. UNC sports overall, including football and fencing
  5. Comments on Chinese language tattoos and learning Chinese

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Twitter for iPhone 645
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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Bio Followers count
DorothyERoberts Dorothy Roberts Professor|Author Killing the Black Body, Shattered Bonds, Fatal Invention, Torn Apart 52,564
JonesAngell Jones Angell Play-by-play announcer for Carolina football and basketball on the Tar Heel Sports Network. Co-host of the Carolina Insider podcast (@carolina_pod). Go Heels! 37,669
UNC_TarHeelFan Tar Heel Nation Personal @ncmanny14 | Inquiries | unc.tarheelfan on IG 37,232
MyAmazinLife D.McGee TX 🐂 NY🗽FL🌴📍 Father of 4 Retired New York Semi-Pro Football Player 10 years 💪🏾 DL 🏈 Mr Double Nickel 5️⃣5️⃣. (Owner OF) ➡️ 30,437
T_Ram133 Tony Ramos 🐏 @uncwrestling Associate Head Coach, 3x US Open Champ 🛑, 2x 🇺🇸 World Team Member 57KG, 2014 NCAA & Big Ten 133LBS 🥇, Official Twitter Page 26,454
RossMartin_IC Ross Martin UNC Hoops/CFB content for @InsideCarolina | The Scoop Podcast Host | F3 Champ | Venmo: rossmmartin | (Opinions don't represent IC) 23,399
GunnyJ GunnyJ USMC ‘75-‘95 NYC Queens SENIOR CITIZEN CHILLIN’ 😊😊 22,607
Kentuckyhot Ladies of BBN Big Blue Nation has the hottest, classiest, & most passionate fans in the country! DM me picks in UK gear NO NUDITY! 21,444
WomenLeadersCS Women Leaders Women Leaders is the premier leadership organization that develops, advances & connects women working in college sports and beyond. #WeAreWomenLeaders 20,113
TarHeelTimes Tar Heel Times Independent source for North Carolina sports and recruiting news 19,554

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
Consider8Media Considerate Content Refugee. Work: @cntraveler @nymag @voguemagazine @thedailybeast @pbs @refinery29 @vice @esquire @southern_living @thrillist @spooky_spaces Reps: LINK, GDR 13,503
Ashevegas Jason Sandford Asheville reporter, writer, photographer 13,206
GunnyJ GunnyJ USMC ‘75-‘95 NYC Queens SENIOR CITIZEN CHILLIN’ 😊😊 11,426
desota DeSota Wilson Biz consultant & coach | real estate | oil | stocks | crypto | RTs & Likes are not endorsements | military brat | @UNC alum #TarHeels | 👌🏾 #ΚΑΨ ♦️ | -DW = Me 7,243
ncrainbowgrrl Jamie human with a conscience, #DemCastNC Co-Captain, Cat adorer. Gun Violence survivor, musician, published author. #TarHeelNation #SlavaUkrainii 7,057
summer_n23 Summer (Extend Soto) Penn State🏈🏒⚾️ - UNC 🏀 - Steelers🏈 - Maulers 🏈 - Guardians🏈 - Padres⚾️ - 76ers🏀 - Argos🏈 - Flyers🏒 - Seals 🥍 Wave⚽ - Chase Elliot.🏁💙 5,707
DJSmith2022 yt.daivon❤️ 24 ♋️ I’m taken by @snowbunny2019 5,008
keg_dogg Jeffrey🇺🇲 🤙 Sports Fan, A Gentleman, A shoulder 5,001
nelroy78 Nelson Royster Turkey farmer. Die hard Burns Bulldogs, #Braves #KeepPounding #Charlotte49ers, #GoHeels supporter. RIP Mom, @jewellholtzclaw and Maw Maw Royster ❤️ 4,999
ohara_dustin Dustin ohara #1 Fan Fl Gators Glendora tartan alum c/o 2008 known as the super fan also a Florida gators football fan / North Carolina Tar Heels #gogators 4,998

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
AlmightySusGerb - 47
dustin_shoe Co-Host of The Devils Den Podcast, AppState Grad, avid golfer, cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce 15
Cr3ws1 Pelicans|Bucks|Duke|Panthers 14
yeessssuuuuh Don’t be mad at me cuz ur wrong 14
News__CFB College Sports News and Discussion from a fan's perspective 12
brandoncahill13 Supreme sports knowledge.🧠 Facts over feelings. The ponage master. Respond with caution or else you will get wrecked.👑😤🚨🚦❌‼️⚠️ 11
itsyaboiiii247 - 10
Direct_Cupdates Provider of unofficial up to date scoring for Director’s Cup. Not affiliated with Learfield or NACDA. Score: M&W Bball, Vball, Baseball + up to 15 other sports. 8
TyJasper2 US Army veteran.. Youth basketball coach..UNC🐏🏀…WHO-DEY🐅..Reds…〽️.. Bat-Flip enthusiast 8
HoopsStuff - 8

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1641197840285179920 📍Chapel Hill, North Carolina this weekend!! @UNCFootball @GoHeels @HeelIllustrated @InsideCarolina @UNC_TarHeelFan @UNCRecruits @carolina_pod @JonesAngell @jadamlucas @CoachMackBrown @B_Quatro4 @warriordad4 @KeepingItHeel @UNCBarstool @CoachBeck56 @SwickONE8 @CollinsHillFB 26
1640727635822096384 Hubert Davis on #UNC's 2022-23 Season: “To win 20 games, it wasn't where we wanted to be. But winning 20 games, you're a good basketball team. We weren't as good as we could become, and we were’t a great basketball team, but we were a good basketball team.” (via @GoHeels) 21
1640100505912238081 Sophia Kovacs is a NCAA All-American!👑🤺 #GoHeels #FencingHeels @GoHeels 8
1638626314797064217 @DaddyHoggard @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels 6
1641232520845881345 Working back from a serious knee injury and difficult rehab, St Rita alum Austin O'Connor (@aoconnor157) closes dominant career in style, wins 2nd national title for @UNCWrestling. Check out the @BevRevNews story! @StRitaAthletics @StRitaHS @GoHeels 6
1640375217645142017 UNC Tarheels JACK/OLB @gTylerThompson 4⭐️ Early Enrollee | 6’5, 210lbs Everything is Work! @UNCFootball #CaryCoaching @PantherCreekAth @GoHeels @DonCallahanIC @UNC_TarHeelFan @tarheelswire @TarHeelTimes @NCPreps @GreatDayTarHeel @tarheelupdate 5
1638623942372892698 @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels The Stetson Bennett of College Basketball 4
1638663849036349442 Former Trinity (@TES_BBasketball) standout and Wooden finalist Armando Bacot (@iget_buckets35) has announced he will return to UNC (@UNC_Basketball) for a 5th season! @CBS6 @GoHeels @BacotArmando_Sr 3
1640738143455379456 UNC's Hubert Davis on the Transfer Portal & Roster Management: 'Carolina will look like Carolina' (via @GoHeels) 3
1640802671211827222 North Carolina greats Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison blame NIL for @UNC_Basketball's struggles this past season. 'We got comfortable and cocky that we had our main core guys returning,' Carter said on his podcast, The VC Show. READ MORE: #NIL @GoHeels 2

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1638623942372892698 @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels The Stetson Bennett of College Basketball 785
1638626314797064217 @DaddyHoggard @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels 414
1638623747916570626 @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels Where was he going lol 408
1640727635822096384 Hubert Davis on #UNC's 2022-23 Season: “To win 20 games, it wasn't where we wanted to be. But winning 20 games, you're a good basketball team. We weren't as good as we could become, and we were’t a great basketball team, but we were a good basketball team.” (via @GoHeels) 382
1638623649451347968 @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels Bro is about be 24 next March madness playing against 18 and 19 year olds 💀 318
1638623851754954773 @JohnSaitta1 @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels March Madness? Slow it down bro 🤣🤣 244
1638626898933854208 @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels him staying in college to avoid joining the shanghai sharks 228
1638623607772545024 @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels That NIL money must be real good 217
1638634255977787392 @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels His best season was season 3 of outer banks. 210
1638623952322039808 @MarchMadnessMBB @UNC_Basketball @iget_buckets35 @GoHeels Bros almost 30 177

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#goheels 33
#unc 13
#tarheels 8
#1 7
#tarheelnation 6
#nil 5
#gdtbath 5
#fencingheels 4
#ncaafencingchampionships 4
#giveunc 2

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@goheels 919
@unc_basketball 490
@iget_buckets35 440
@marchmadnessmbb 434
@rossmartin_ic 267
@hoopsstuff 72
@almightysusgerb 37
@jonesangell 33
@cr3ws1 30
@daddyhoggard 27

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😂 45 face_with_tears_of_joy
🤣 35 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
😭 13 loudly_crying_face
💀 11 skull
10 check_mark_button
🤡 10 clown_face
🔥 9 fire
🚫 9 prohibited
🐏 8 ram
💙 8 blue_heart

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Smileys & Emotion 164
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Symbols 40
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