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The tweets discuss the painting, The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, by Matthias Stom, dated 1641-49, while comparing various statistics to bring context to the discussion. They also discuss the possibility of Ty Lue starting over Mook and the reasons why Jamal Crawford should be a valuable team player. Finally, they reflect on the comment made by Westbrook's agent and how it acted to rehabilitate his image.

Topic Modeling

  1. Artwork: The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, by Matthias Stom, 1641-49, 📸 via @Farbod_E
  2. Statistics: 33, 7,4
  3. Basketball: Maxey’s shot creation, scoring, Ty Lue, Morris, two-way player, Don Mitchell, Jamal Crawford, Shaq, Charles, Kenny, Ernie, John Wall, Clippers
  4. Interactions: Created so many opportunities, Process, Context matters, Agent
  5. Sentiment: Cool, Shit accurate lol, Worst, Ugly

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from enthusiasm and excitement to disbelief and sarcasm. People are discussing a painting, the performance of a basketball player, and the team dynamics of the Clippers. There is also a sense of nostalgia and admiration for the players, as well as some disappointment in the performance of others. Overall, there is a positive sentiment expressed in the tweets, with a strong sense of camaraderie and support for the team.

Trend Analysis

  1. Matthias Stom's "Incredulity of Saint Thomas" painting
  2. Comparing player performances
  3. Basketball players, commentators, and team dynamics
  4. Holding team members accountable
  5. Encouraging fan support

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paulscheer Paul Scheer 📺 @ShoBlackMonday #startreklowerdecks #marvel616 #TheLeagueFX #HumanGiant #NTSFSDSUV🎧@hdtgm @unspooled // 🖥 #clippernation 793,924
ArtButSports ArtButMakeItSports We turn Art into Sports (and vice versa) | NO AI USED | “Everything I didn't know I needed" - follower testimonial | See inspiration? DM/tag us 105,927
TedStryker Ted Stryker 🎤 Radio DJ @alt987fm and Podcast Host @TunaonToastPod 🕹Voice of Burnout 3 CRASH FM 🎭 Was in Grandmas Boy & Out Cold 📺 300 TV episodes. 🦆&🦎 make me happy 101,530
MarkMan23 Mark Julio 『マークマン』 Director of Business Development @EVO. FGC. 🇵🇭. Hardware & Arcade Stick Dev. TEKKEN commentator. I love sneakers & retro video games! 📧 83,950
AaronJFentress Aaron J. Fentress Covering Trail Blazers 🏀. Occasional 🏈 enterprise for The Oregonian/ Still on @TalkinDucksShow Marriott Gold member. 🏨 Platinum dreams. 27,406
TomerAzarly Tomer Azarly Clippers/NBA beat writer + content/social for ClutchPoints (@clutchpointsapp) - IG 📸: @TomerAzarly - 📩: 26,630
YoungNBA Shane Young NBA Columnist/Analyst for @ForbesSports. Credentialed media. Covering the NBA at large. University of Louisville Alum. Contact Email: 26,041
RooshWilliams Roosh NBA talk. Host of @StateofRockets and @RocketsWatch | Host of the Noble & Roosh Show for @Ballislife. Rockets diehard. Houston everything. 25,243
coolflexmonte 𝙈𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙚 𓆲 カ芋ヴ 24 • A Man of Culture 🗽 Anime 🕺🏾🖤 #LakeShow 🥶💛💜..........IG: @dreadheadmonte_ 16,171
davek0m Dave Sanchez Booker of Talent! I used to produce things on the radio. Still rad. Co-host of @jankytown69 (podcast) 15,684

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coolflexmonte 𝙈𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙚 𓆲 カ芋ヴ 24 • A Man of Culture 🗽 Anime 🕺🏾🖤 #LakeShow 🥶💛💜..........IG: @dreadheadmonte_ 13,310
AaronJFentress Aaron J. Fentress Covering Trail Blazers 🏀. Occasional 🏈 enterprise for The Oregonian/ Still on @TalkinDucksShow Marriott Gold member. 🏨 Platinum dreams. 9,121
simple2gogreat Beflow1 Musician🏹Creative!!.. Follow me on Instagram: beflow1) 🪁Thinker/ 🏀SportsWriter/ 🗿AchieveGreatness 7,591
RUZA1234 Ruairi O'Brien-Kelly Pro Wrestling fan, British TV fan, love comedies and all sports! 27 from Melbourne, Australia! Backup: @WWERUZA1234 5,006
VMiloscio VMM All the glory goes to God. All thru Christ✝️.. Been learning to silence the outside world so that I can hear myself better… Putin from 63rd @kremlinRussia_e 5,003
cucu_eric KEN stuntin' on em 5,003
jond2546 Jon @celtics ☘️/Ball 🏀 is LIFE /Taken 💚 5,001
dwats_iam92 Kobe Dean Bryant Chaos Instigator 5,000
stephbriggsuk 🇺🇦Stephanie Briggs - НЕТ ВОЙНЕ🇺🇦 🇺🇦♿🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺🇨🇦 Hand-knitter, yarn addict, invisibly disabled. She/her. Knitting commissions welcome. Always Labour. Remainer. #GTTO 4,999
KimbleGathers Maverick psychology & business minor, father of 2, US Navy Seaman #clippers, #redskins, #braves #irishFB, #dukeBB, #flyers #MISSDad #HuskersWVB #SacSt #damarhamlin3 4,998

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netnot0708 - 27
jordanclipsfan Clippers, Yankees, Giants. Ivica Zubac enjoyer. Marcus Morris disliker. The only person to count on is yourself, world full of 🐍 and liars 23
filmmakershon Independent filmmaker @ IndyAFStream Apocalypshit Free on Tubi TV 22
BlackSubzero24 Clipper Life 4 Life 21
tomersburner I have a tendency to troll from time to time. 21
corvusglaive19 - 18
louisfoster4321 - 17
moveonjob Pies Manutd Clippers 17
nonbiasednbafan Just an NBA fan who tries to watch every team and player possible so I can talk hoops with as many fans as possible — I make NBA graphics/videos sometimes too 15
FuckIngles2 #ClipperNation #RamsHouse | Zion, CP3, PG13, Roco, cam Thomas, lillard, ramsey, AD99, Kupp, Akers enthusiast | currently in misery 14

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1626431809243291648 The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, by Matthias Stom, 1641-49, 📸 via @Farbod_E 204
1626292047429906432 @Farbod_E 3
1626448231944298497 @Farbod_E Love Luke but EG is such a massive upgrade 2
1624982597842485249 @Farbod_E This play below with a little under 2 minutes to go. The call that was or wasn’t going to made is absolutely a game decider. The refs called holding sealing the game for the Chiefs, some agree, a lot don’t. 2
1627722682207813632 @Farbod_E Surely it’ll be Morris? If not, y’all in the media gotta make Ty tell us why he refuses to bench Morris. 2
1625720125000417280 @Farbod_E Backup? He’s better than Zubac lmao. On both ends today 2
1627855465928396804 @Farbod_E If there is an NBA script, the OKC-duo teaming back up together and winning a title to spite the Lakers and OKC would be something out of legends. Would essentially cancel out all the "they got robbed" and "Russ is garbage" talk. 2
1625729302053396480 @Farbod_E created so many opportunities alot of shots didn't fall but that's okay cause the process is there 2
1625726072577986560 @Farbod_E Norman plays like our second star, PG has to be better🤦 2
1627803862395416576 @Farbod_E This Russ move has a slim chance of succeeding, and to your point, they're doing much better with T-Mann as their starting PG. Side note: Paul George has the same turnover rate as Russ, so we'll see how this plays out. 1

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1626431809243291648 The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, by Matthias Stom, 1641-49, 📸 via @Farbod_E 2214
1626292047429906432 @Farbod_E 256
1626457663746744320 @Farbod_E Two way maybe. But Maxey’s shot creation, scoring is a lot better. 138
1627721584197746688 @Farbod_E Tell Ty Lue that at the press conference (pls) 127
1626435870764204033 @Farbod_E Shit accurate lol 96
1625693334428852225 @Farbod_E 33, 7,4 88
1625729338900619266 @Farbod_E Biggest stat: took away minutes from Morris 76
1626454809761968128 @Farbod_E He’s gonna be a very good two-way player in the playoffs. Run back him shutting Don Mitchell down in the playoffs a few years ago. He’s still got it. He just wasn’t trying hard in Houston (don’t blame him) and the team sucked. Don’t trust the defensive metrics on him. 65
1626290401635368960 @Farbod_E Cool. He still shouldn’t have been on the roster 61
1626158314609610752 @Farbod_E Ok someone over there is Clipper fan. This isn’t the first time… 60

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#onlinepoker 1
#balldontlie 1

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@farbod_e 3011
@nonbiasednbafan 64
@samquinncbs 46
@paulscheer 36
@tmcbrodie 30
@richhomieflom 28
@dee_awn_dray 24
@laclippers 22
@lugopedro0 22
@nazz_o99 21

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