Twitter is an amazing platform that lets you share your thoughts, opinions and feelings with the world. If you are a Twitter user yourself, you must have at least once thought how amazing it would be to have all your tweets in one place. Your thoughts, jokes, experiences, opinions, conversations with your followers, and much more – all in one place? Yes, downloading your tweets is possible, and the process is pretty simple. Keep on reading and we will explain everything you need to know about successfully downloading your tweets.

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Can you download tweets?

How do I download someone else’s tweets?

Is it possible to download videos from Twitter?

How many tweets can I download?

Can I see my deleted tweets and download them?

How do you retrieve old tweets?

Can You Download Tweets?

Downloading your tweets is possible and the whole process is not too complicated. There are different methods to do so, and you can do it both from your web browser on your desktop computer or laptop, and using the Twitter mobile app.

Downloading Your Tweets Using A Web Browser

While the overall process is easy to conduct, you may need to follow all the steps closely:

  1. Go to the More section on the top left side of the menu;
  2. Click on the Settings and privacy icon in the navigation bar;

  1. Choose the Download an archive of your data subcategory under the Your Account section;


  1. Click on the Request data button and expect the Download to be ready in a few days. The same procedure applies if you have linked your account to Periscope;

  1. You’ll receive a link to a ZIP file in your email when the Download is ready (like below)



  • Easy to request;
  • You receive an entire package with all your tweets;
  • You can apply the manual method of searching similar to Twitter Advanced Search;


  • You can’t set manual dates;
  • Twitter doesn’t allow users to archive other people’s tweets;
  • You may have to wait for at least 24 hours for security purposes

Downloading Your Tweets Using a Twitter Mobile App

Twitter made it possible to download your tweets using their monile app as well. The process is pretty simple and it does not take too long. Follow these steps and you will have no issues successfully downloading your Twitter archive:

  1. Look for the navigation menu icon on your profile icon in the top menu.
  2. After tapping either the navigation menu icon or your profile icon, tap Settings and privacy next
  3. After that, tap Account
  4. Under Data and permissions find Your Twitter data and tap on it
  5. Twitter will ask you to identify your identity by tapping Send code to your email address or your phone number on file. If you don’t have any of those, you will be redirected to the Account information page
  6. Next, enter the code Twitter sent to your email address or your phone number
  7. After you successfully verify your identity, under Download your data and next to Twitter, find and tap Request data
  8. Once your download is ready, Twitter will send you an email or push notification. From your settings, under the Download your data section, tap on Download archive.
  9. You will receive an email with a download link to the email address associated with your Twitter account.
  10. Once you receive the email, all you have to do is click the Download button while being logged in to your Twitter account. Download a .zip file of your Twitter archive and enjoy!

Since the standard methods offered by Twitter offer limited functionality, there’s a need for a higher efficient solution. That’s when a third-party tool like twtData comes in handy. The service will provide a spreadsheet of data for any given account or hashtag. That way, you’ll quickly find the tweet you’re looking for, free of charge. Here are some of the perks you get by using the twtData services:

  • You can download any account’s last 3200 tweets for free;
  • You can download all tweets over the previous seven days free of charge;

The associated data is valuable data that you can use to derive useful information and insights. Here is a list of the data provided in the spreadsheet:

  • Tweet creation date
  • Tweet coordinates (as per account)
  • Tweet ID
  • Quoted status information
  • Tweet content
  • Contributors
  • Tweet truncation status
  • Retweet count
  • Tweet reply status
  • Tweet favourite count
  • User ID of replied to account
  • Tweet favourite status
  • Status ID
  • Retweet status of specific tweets
  • Tweet location (as per account)
  • Tweet language

How Do I Download Someone Else’s Tweets?

Downloading someone else’s tweets is also a possibility. And no, the person will not be notified of you downloading their twitter archive and there is no way for them to find out. However, downloading someone else’s tweets is only possible using third-party apps.

Once again, twtData’s platform comes to the rescue! We offer you a chance to download tweets no matter whether they are someone else’s tweets or your own. The only requirement is for them to be public. The procedure of retrieving someone’s tweets depends on the tweet’s age, too. You can download the last 3200 tweets that the user has tweeted over the previous seven days free of charge.

What is more, the straightforward and easy-to-use platform will allow you to export Twitter followers, following as well as tweets. and enter the desired Twitter account or hashtag. As a result, you’ll get a raw data report that will take your research to the next level.

Downloading Twitter archive using twtData is quick and easy. It is one of the fastest platforms when it comes to Twitter archive downloading and the whole process takes only a couple of minutes of your day. Here are the steps on how to download anyone’s tweets using twtData:

  1. Visit;

  1. Click on the Download Tweets on the top of the menu;


  1. Choose a desired @ account or # hashtag in the first field;


  1. Enter your email in the second field;


  1. Choose one of the file formats (.CSV or .XLSX);


  1. Choose the Get Free Sample or Check Another Account option;
  2. Click on the Get Free Report button to receive an email with the report;


  • Accessible and straightforward service;
  • Instant information about any account of choice;
  • Readable spreadsheet of data;
  • The information comes in handy formats (.XLSX or .CSV);
  • You can see a total of 25 records with the Free Sample feature;


  • You’ll have to write an email to for historical tweets;

Is It Possible To Download Videos From Twitter?

Yes, downloading tweets from twitter is also possible, but only using third-party apps. Are we surprised? It is actually pretty easy to save a video you’ve found on twitter once you figure out how. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Websites such as SaveTweetVid or TwitterVideoDownloader are great tools that can help you. They work pretty much the same way. All you need to do is use the Twitter website, copy the link to the tweet in which you’ve found the video, paste it into the text field on one of the sites and download. You will be asked to choose a quality of the video and that’s it! Your video is ready to use.

As Twitter says it here:, it is possible to download a machine-readable archive of information associated with your account in HTML and JSON files. This includes information that could be of most relevance to the Twitter users, such as their profile information, Tweets, Direct Messages, Moments, media (images, videos, and GIFs used in your Tweets and Direct Messages), and more.

How Do You Retrieve Old Tweets?

Old tweets or historical tweets encompass everything older than one week or your last 3200 tweets. The standard way of searching for old tweets is using Twitter Advanced Search or requesting Twitter Data Archive. While these methods may look pretty straightforward, they come with their downsides. Therefore, it’s best to rely on a third-party tool like twtData, where you can get a high-quality spreadsheet of data.

Unfortunately, Twitter won’t allow you to dig up without knowing the exact date or words from your tweet. While it won’t delete your archive, you may need to do a couple of things to find what you want. Of course, scrolling through your timeline for ages won’t cut it. That’s why we’ve outlined the most popular ways of searching tweets.

Method #1: Use the Search Bar

This method is the simplest possible, as you don’t need to make any special adjustments and modifications. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit and enter your profile;
  2. Go to the Search Twitter bar at the top right corner of the homepage;
  3. Type in a string outlining the period of your search, including your username;

from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd

Example: sezkofrm7330 since:2018-01-01 until: 2021-01-01

Keep in mind that you can tweak the listing order by choosing the Top tweets or another method.

  1. To find your oldest tweet, order your tweets using the Latest method and scroll down;



  • Easy and fast way for searching old tweets;
  • Saves time and effort;
  • You don’t need third-party tools;


  • You must know the exact date or period of your tweet;
  • This method may not be effective if you have many tweets;

Method #2: Use Twitter Advanced Search

Using the Twitter Advanced Search feature is another easy way to search for an old tweet. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account and visit the Advanced Search page.


  1. Under the Accounts subheading, you can enter your username into the “From these accounts” field;


  1. You can adjust the period or exact date under the Dates subheading;


  1. After you click Search, Twitter will return a list of the Top tweets from that date or period;



  1. You can further adjust the listing to see all tweets by choosing the Latest option;
  2. If you aren’t sure about the exact date of a particular tweet, use the other advanced search functions;


  • All of these words — will find tweets that match all of these words;
  • This exact phrase — will search tweets with the same words in the exact order.
  • Any of these words — will search all tweets that contain at least one of these words;
  • None of these words – will return tweets that do not contain the listed words;
  • These hashtags – will return tweets that contain the hashtags;
  • Language – will return tweets in the following language;


  • Twitter Advanced Search allows for more complex searching criteria;
  • You don’t need additional tools and software to use it;
  • The search engine remembers your previous searches;


  • It’s still ineffective if you’re searching for old tweets;
  • You must remember the exact date, period or other things about the tweet you’re looking for;

Can I See My Deleted Tweets And Download Them?

Now that you’ve learned how to download your Twitter archive, it shouldn’t be a problem to see your deleted Tweets. Downloading your Twitter archive allows you to see the Tweets you’ve previously deleted.

It is also possible to see someone else’s deleted Tweets, using third party apps such as, for example. Searching the Internet Archive is a great way to see someone else’s deleted Tweets. Here are the three easy steps to do so:

  1. Go to
  2. Open the Internet archive section on the website
  3. Add URL of the Twitter profile in question and go to the date of the Tweet you are looking for.


There is a lot to know about downloading your Tweets and all this information might be a bit overwhelming. However, twtData offers and easy, smooth and fast way to do all of these things and guarantees 100% accuracy of the information you get. It is cost-effective and it doesn’t take too much time. Should you have any questions about our services, you can contact us at where we will be more than happy to help!