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EerikNKross tweeted about Klaus Iohannis, the president of Romania, for support for Ukraine, links between Estonia and Finland, and his slow responses. He also discussed business situations in the Baltics, customary behaviors during greetings in Finns and Estonians, and the difference between introverts and extroverts. Additionally, information was shared about the Austo-Hungarian Empire. Lastly, the US was encouraged to imitate the idea of short business meetings.

Topic Modeling

  1. Relation to Estonia and Finland
  2. Parents and upbringing
  3. Romanian president Klaus Iohannis
  4. Business meetings in the Baltics and US
  5. Austro-Hungarian Empire and yearning

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions from support and admiration for Romanian President Klaus Iohannis for his support of Ukraine, to amusement at his slow reactions and the similarities between Estonian and Finnish culture, to irritation at Kim Dotcom's inability to understand that he is the Nazi. There is also a sense of nostalgia for the past glories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Trend Analysis

  1. Estonia-Finland relations
  2. Romania supporting Ukraine
  3. Business in the Baltics
  4. Difference between introverts and extroverts in Estonia
  5. Austro-Hungarian empire

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nickreeves9876 Nick Reeves #StandWithUkraine #FBPE #PATH I campaign for democracy. For most of recorded history humans have been ruled by despots. Democracy is precious and must be defended. 68,456
golub Mykhaïlo Golub Buy me a coffee - I'll pass it further to help Ukraine 26,950
motytchak Roman Motychak - ATACMS ASAP 🇺🇦 IDP. Dad/son/husband/Godfather, 🇺🇦 @ukrfinforum founder. "Lapidem, quem reprobaverunt ædificantes, hic factus est in caput anguli". #MuchMoreArmsForUkraineNOW 10,902
ekaramurza Evgenia Kara-Murza "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face." E.Roosevelt 8,828
HamdiRifaiJD Hamdi Rifai حمدي الرفاعي 🇺🇸 @RutgersU BA @loynoLaw JD @NDLaw Foreign Affairs - Government Relations - Rule of Law - Represented over 3,000 individuals, businesses & governments 7,870
GOP_ClownShow Fox Lies, Democracy Dies 🇺🇦🌻✌️ “What could we accomplish if all 8 billion of us loved all 8 billion for just 2 yrs?” -my mentor. Kindness+strength, empathy 🫂 love 🤗. #Resist 4,237
tonttu_torvinen Tonttu torvinen #NAFO analyst and poker player. 3,652
serenelyjoyful edmond beale Gliding through The Infinite Nothing Retired from pioneering origination/investing in Green Development 3,634
Peter_Hald_CHEM Peter Hald Kemiker, kriger og formidler. Elsker at eksperimentere. Poster kemi, #aarhuscoronatal og sære billeder (#billedfolderspam). Mastodon: 2,995
phds2 phds2# Blue Crew! VOTED FOR ROE & DEMOCRACY! Bay Area resident: Democracy dies with disinformation! Roe; Democracy; BLM; gun safety; pro diversity! Women, Life Freedom; Slava Ukraine! 2,966

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nickreeves9876 Nick Reeves #StandWithUkraine #FBPE #PATH I campaign for democracy. For most of recorded history humans have been ruled by despots. Democracy is precious and must be defended. 38,459
Net2Ayurveda DeinAyurvedaNet2 - 5,002
SteveWh48941132 Steve Wheeler anti Trump and fascists everywhere. 5,000
AasaRaiko Raiko Aasa - 4,998
NBoloban nik boloban АТЕІСТ В ТЕ ЧОГО НЕМА.НЕ ЗРОБИ СОБІ КУМИІВ на подобі святих ХУ..ЛА,ЗЕеБени,ОПЗЖ секты РПЦ. КРИМ-це УКРАЇНА. 4,996
tonttu_torvinen Tonttu torvinen #NAFO analyst and poker player. 4,993
GOP_ClownShow Fox Lies, Democracy Dies 🇺🇦🌻✌️ “What could we accomplish if all 8 billion of us loved all 8 billion for just 2 yrs?” -my mentor. Kindness+strength, empathy 🫂 love 🤗. #Resist 4,931
dwntwnT @dwntwnT 🐳 🙏 🐋🦈❤ old account gone. ❤SRKW's, pro-salmon, anti-dams, pro coffee. NO lISTS PLS. 🇺🇸❤ 4,902
deborahsundstr2 deborah sundstrom Life long Dem. Were not out of the woods yet! Keep fighting. tell the kind helpful understanding take a stand or ull stand for nothing & VOTE!! VOTE!! 4,685
Catpurr1106 SammiCatpurr 🇬🇧🇺🇦Catlover, anti-cruelty/justice campaigner! 2gether we can change things. Mum to angel Rocky🌈, Ozzie & Jet aged 16.5 #SuperSeniorCatsClub #BeKind 4,565

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AasaRaiko - 5
Theyforcedmeto2 Twitter forced my join so blame them for me being here. I don't troll intentionally so sorry if that's the feel you're getting. Just my random opinions ect. 4
dwntwnT old account gone. ❤SRKW's, pro-salmon, anti-dams, pro coffee. NO lISTS PLS. 🇺🇸❤ 4
muidumeez "Life is hard and then you die."Õppinud keemiat. NArmee eruseersant. SAP tarkvaraarendaja. Osalenud e-valitsuse ja digiretsepti loomisel. Vanaisa. 4
pdenev - 4
CATSELFmusic Come and follow me, come and follow me deep into the forest, down the silver stream, to the green meadow where young foxes sleep. 3
ohobamb - 2
aplinkkeliai ] mąstymo išrėminimas [ #filosofija #menas #mintis #kūryba #vaizduotė #laisvė #tėkmė #philosophy #art #thought #creativity #imagination #freedom #flow 2
DCEstUK 4yrs in a wheelchair to 4:45 marathoner |Venture Partner at | Tweets about Investing, building in cleantech, foodtech, AI & Estonia 🇪🇪 DM's open 2
EsutoniaGoDesu Jaapani - Eesti - Jaapani Sõnastik. 日本語・エストニア語・辞書 Si vis pacem, para bellum. 2

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1623809277356916739 Meeting with the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu. Thank you for your solidarity @EerikNKross @SuttAndres Enn Eesmaa @m_jufereva 2
1625601444014424067 ⇩ @IlvesToomas @EerikNKross 2
1624000578140487681 @EerikNKross Good guy with good heart and head screwed on straight 1
1624109070792724481 @EerikNKross @vkaramurza I fail to understand why the west should embrace a better Russia after the war. With Murza, Navalny or whomever they will find to put on the podium to say - sorry, but please let's get back to buying our gas and oil, visas and free scholarships. 1
1624164009825148928 @EerikNKross @ekaramurza @vkaramurza There has never been a better russia. russia was always an empire whose existence depended on continuous annexation of new lands. russia is the darkness. it will be terminated. 1
1624455286810464257 ➷➷➷ Cue all those Estonian "experts" telling no reason to waste Javelins we gonna need them. Luckily Kaja-led @reformikad - @markomihkelson @EerikNKross @HPevkur etc - were in charge, knew the mood. Hence my vote to them this March at Gen. Elex: the most chance to slay mobik! 1
1624066042841505792 @EerikNKross @vkaramurza Better ruzzia is no ruzzia at all. And it's better for everyone! 1
1624091600413503490 @nickreeves9876 @apmassaro3 @EerikNKross Funny how posing with nazi symbols doesn't make you a nazi these days 0
1624110593928986629 @EerikNKross Yup he is a real and genuine a@@hole. 0
1624102351408594958 @EerikNKross @vkaramurza I hope this guy survives this nonsense. 0

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1623721969983127554 @EerikNKross Romanian president @KlausIohannis, also known as Pămătuf, Ficus (like the plant, now you see why nicknamed as a plant!, even hard to clap... ) But with all his minuses he has a plus : supports Ukraine, so don't put him in same pot with that dictatorial, putler lover Orban 77
1625046735855796227 @EerikNKross The links between Estonia and Finland seem to go beyond just the language. 51
1625099189028851712 @EerikNKross In the 1990ies, in a glossy magazine for visiting Westerners. „How to do business in the Baltics“ Special pearl of wisdom: „Don’t expect praise. And if you get it, you probably won’t notice it.“ 43
1623725162976669698 @EerikNKross The President of Romania 🇷🇴 supports Ukraine 🇺🇦 38
1623779835243008000 @EerikNKross Here's the Romanian president. He is a good guy, but this is his natural mode: slow-motion replay. There's a good chance he's applauding right now. 30
1623742484193980416 @EerikNKross President of Romania. Voted, as always here, for being the lesser evil. At least he hasn't been (openly) pro-russia. He's known for having rather weird/delayed reactions. I'm not excusing him in any way, but trying to add some more info. 26
1623731285037309952 @EerikNKross While he did not clap, he was seen to be smiling at Zelensky and nodding his head. 23
1625053511753908225 @EerikNKross Sounds pretty similar to the Nordics. Estonia is pretty similar to the Nordics in general so no major surprise there. 21
1625052304721297409 @EerikNKross Your rules could be used as-is for us Finns. 18
1623729844998504449 @EerikNKross Confirm as Romanian, it is Romanian president Klaus Iohannis. He was in Kyiv with Macron and Scholz and Draghi last year, looking like a palm tree, as per below. 18

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#romania 1

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