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These tweets involve conversations about the start of the baseball season, Catch up on the latest with @colbyhalter BT Riopelle@joshrivera24 @BrandonSproat with @delatorre and @JacobRudner hosting, questions about Florida's governor and a discussion about QB Anthony Richardson. They also involve topics such as the NIL budget, facilities, bathrooms, the Swamp atmosphere and five breakout candidates.

Topic Modeling

  1. Baseball season and Gators performance
  2. Recruiting and college athletes
  3. Facilities and stadium renovations
  4. Leadership and governing
  5. Quarterback performance

Emotional Analysis

The overall sentiment expressed in these tweets is one of excitement and enthusiasm. There is a strong sense of pride and admiration for the Gators, as well as a sense of anticipation for the upcoming season. There is also a hint of frustration with the decisions made by Scott Stricklin, as well as some jokes and playful banter. The tweets also express a desire for more facilities and resources, as well as a commitment to support the team and its players.

Trend Analysis

  1. Baseball season
  2. Gator sports
  3. Athlete recruitment
  4. Facilities upgrades
  5. Evaluating break out candidates

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TomLuginbill Tom Luginbill 🇺🇸 Recruiting/Scout as well as CFB analyst, sideline analyst at ESPN. @3Stepsports, Underclassman Report @TheUCReport, UAAA Game 96,069
TreyBurton8 Trey Burton I’m just here for the comments… #GoGators 67,917
TampaBayTre Trevor Sikkema NFL + NFL Draft for @PFF // Co-Host of the NFL Stock Exchange // Roots in Tampa, UF Alumnus // #ThreeSidesMinimum when we eat BBQ 66,093
delatorre Nick de la Torre Florida Gators Senior Writer for @on3sports and @GatorsOnline | Co-host of @stadiumandgale | There's always money in the banana stand. 48,772
11point7 11Point7: The College Baseball Podcast 🎙 THE #1 College Baseball podcast. Bringing YOU unfiltered coverage.⚡️ @Ben_upton5 @D_kourtis27 36,533
Corey_Bender Corey Bender Senior Writer and Recruiting Analyst at @GatorsOnline of @On3Sports 35,937
TreyWallace_ Trey Wallace ✏️ 🎙️Senior SEC reporter for OutKick-FOX. 📸IG:@TreyWallace_ “All you can control in life, is how you respond to life” 35,383
josh_newberg Josh Newberg On3 National Host & Producer | Host Big Man, Big Heart Podcast | Colorado Buffs Recruiting Expert | Chicken tender subs are on sale for a reason 35,058
ZachAbolverdi Zach Abolverdi @GatorsOnline Senior Writer | @UF Adjunct Professor | Hearst Award Winner | @UFJSchool 🎓 | 30,474
ThomasGoldkamp Thomas Goldkamp Former Gators beat reporter, 247Sports ('12-22). NOLA native, long-time Gainesville (FL) resident, now in Charlotte. Author. #YNWA 28,386

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
musclepug54 Rob Co Retired FF PBCFR 🚒🔥 🐊🐊Go Gators!!🐊🐊 🐬🐬Finsup🐬🐬 🏀🔥Go Heat!!!🔥🏀 King of buffoonery!! IFB! 7,942
ThomasGoldkamp Thomas Goldkamp Former Gators beat reporter, 247Sports ('12-22). NOLA native, long-time Gainesville (FL) resident, now in Charlotte. Author. #YNWA 6,844
TheQBTech J.P. Tillman 💍@andreantillman @RileighGraceT9 @HeirJet▫️HTX🇨🇱▫️@FiveStarGQB ▫️@hcstangs_fb▫#HBCUQB🏆 #GMEN▫️Building God Fearing Men That Play QB!▫️Talent Whisperer 5,996
Samsmit64727750 Smudgy smith veterinarian. Florida. fl gators 🐊. ranching/citrus. 5,001
Panther4Life305 3🐾5 #PawsUp🐾 #Finsup 5,000
JonathanFarris0 Jonathan Farris Love Jesus Christ, @Seminoles Fan and a @Jaguars Fan. Love @MalaysiaPargo,@BrandiMaxiell, @ThePatriceCurry and Big @fullerhouse and Full House Fan 5,000
24Seanmurphy seanmurphy 24 Microsoft dishwasher @cafe 121 in Redmond Seahawks fan university of Washington stat runner football 🏈 Kennedy catholic alumni 2014 mom 🙏 5,000
ohara_dustin Dustin ohara #1 Fan Fl Gators Glendora tartan alum c/o 2008 known as the super fan also a Florida gators football fan / North Carolina Tar Heels #gogators 4,998
chrismartin1974 Chris Martin Husband. Dad. Football Coach. Sales. Real Estate. 4,996
JPTULL John Tull Collie dog fan/Sports Mktg pro with Florida Gators/LEARFIELD connecting fans w/brands & brands w/fans. Native of South Bend,IN (tweets =my own opinion) 4,988

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Username Bio Number of tweets
Flydog92 Just here to educate the masses, especially wolverine fans #GoBucks #GoPackGo #GoTribe #GoHeat #GoDucks 51
amercia_1 Dustin Ohara daily dose of top fl gators athletics going on main account @ohara_dustin #gogators 27
TriangleGator UF Agriculture '08, UNC Pharmacy '14, living in the RDU. Full time Gator fan, Braves fan, part time Tar Heel, full time college football fan 20
LinkCraft21 Jags #DTWD | Gators football, hoops and baseball fan |Priv: @Linklecraft 18
RickReddeer No 16
_GatorGal HUGE #Gatorbaseball fanatic & all things #Gators | RIP my loving son Jason| mom to Zack,gma to Em & Carson |#Dysautonomia pt & advocate|#850Strong 15
uffan92 #Gators #Saints #Cubs 15
HawaiianKong Engineer / Go Gators / Hail State / Death from Above 14
emjayel23 🐊Mighty #Gator | #BillsMafia | #BronxBombers | #Entrepreneur | 🎮 Quasi-Gamer | Make It Make Cents Podcast | CoOleR ThAn a PoLaR BeAr'S ToEnAiLs🧊 | GrindIN 13
Tatanka18Justin - 12

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1626697107439603724 Off-season work✅@Prather95 @tanner_glisson @RecruitGeorgia @delatorre @JC_PUNISHER_GA @Coach_Mines @zconowal31 @BryanEllisGS @delatorre 10
1627701805189570561 It’s baseball season! ⚾️ And the Gators are off to a great start!🔥 Catch up on the latest with @colbyhalter BT Riopelle @joshrivera24 @BrandonSproat 🎙️Hosted by @delatorre and @JacobRudner 8
1624853995905814530 Region champs🔥🔥✅ @tanner_glisson @RecruitGeorgia @JC_PUNISHER_GA @Prather95 @WRCoachmj @delatorre @CoachWright37 @EvanMckissack 5
1625200377640411137 Y’all boys just quietly going about your business and letting the journalism do the rest. Love to see it. @UnkleSilk @DKThompson @delatorre 3
1626005506060845056 Billy is going to get us right!! Love it fellas!!! @StadiumAndGale @UnkleSilk @DKThompson @delatorre 2
1628200726999490560 @delatorre Put that money in the NIL budget 2
1628027633651929096 #Gators Spring Camp: Five Breakout Candidates via @delatorre 2
1625488816843939840 #Gators Spring Camp: Five key position battles to watch via @delatorre 2
1628066964416393217 I think @delatorre hit the nail on the head with his description of Mertz on the @StadiumAndGale podcast! 2
1625978563861311488 Just added @delatorre @ 4pm PT to give us some insights on QB Anthony Richardson 2

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1627701805189570561 It’s baseball season! ⚾️ And the Gators are off to a great start!🔥 Catch up on the latest with @colbyhalter BT Riopelle @joshrivera24 @BrandonSproat 🎙️Hosted by @delatorre and @JacobRudner 36
1626633001579708420 @ZachAbolverdi @delatorre @FloridaGators Amazing 😍 31
1626277898960220162 @On3NIL @FLRecruits @Pete_Nakos96 @Warchant @On3sports @CaneSport @GatorsOnline @IraSchoffel @Corey_Bender @delatorre @jeremycrabtree @stephenwag22 Best Florida governor of all time 😎 28
1628200726999490560 @delatorre Put that money in the NIL budget 27
1627096712774045696 First Gator Baseball game for JJ. Training him right. Catcher in the making!! Class of 2040! @GatorsBB @delatorre @JeffCardozoUF 27
1626697107439603724 Off-season work✅@Prather95 @tanner_glisson @RecruitGeorgia @delatorre @JC_PUNISHER_GA @Coach_Mines @zconowal31 @BryanEllisGS @delatorre 23
1628185750943502337 @delatorre Put it towards NIL anymore recruits don’t care about facilities any more they care about the bag and rightfully so 18
1628203929245818881 @delatorre when will pierce be back? 17
1626323207564193793 @delatorre @talleywacker26 15
1626285916271611905 @On3NIL @Pete_Nakos96 @Warchant @On3sports @CaneSport @GatorsOnline @IraSchoffel @Corey_Bender @delatorre @jeremycrabtree @stephenwag22 Mario didn’t get an invite 😂 14

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#gators 27
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#gogators 4
#3 2
#uf 2
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#2 1
#36 1
#jucobandit 1
#t4l 1

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@delatorre 1186
@corey_bender 280
@gatorsonline 161
@jeremycrabtree 143
@on3sports 142
@on3nil 142
@pete_nakos96 140
@zachabolverdi 135
@on3recruits 130
@flrecruits 129

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🐊 30 crocodile
🔥 26 fire
😭 20 loudly_crying_face
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💯 7 hundred_points
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