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DBGyt_ is celebrated within the MyTeam community as the "goat" (greatest of all time), and their influence is reflected in their conversations with other community members about various topics related to 2K modding and gameplay. They discuss things like rewards/content, the banning of members, the cost of bonuses and performance reviews, the lack of fun content and animations, and the use of mods. Overall, DBGyt_ is highly regarded by the MyTeam community.

Topic Modeling

  1. Praise for @DBGyt_
  2. 2K Community Modding
  3. 2K Content and Rewards
  4. Gameplay, Animations and Timing
  5. Criticism of 2K MyTeam Mode

Emotional Analysis

The tweets expressed a range of emotions, from admiration and respect for @DBGyt_ as the "GOAT" of the MyTeam community, to amusement at the humor of the situation, to frustration and disappointment at the lack of fun and gameplay quality in 2K. There was also a sense of pride for the modding community and its accomplishments, as well as a sense of anger and resentment towards 2K for its unfair practices. Lastly, there was a sense of nostalgia for classic players and an appreciation for the work of the modders.

Trend Analysis

  1. GOAT of 2K MyTeam Community: @DBGyt_
  2. 2K Modding Community: accuracy of face scans
  3. Complaints about 2K gameplay/content
  4. The monetary aspect of 2K content
  5. Comparisons of basketball players: John Stockton & Allen Iverson

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ItsShake4ndbake Shake4ndbake Sports Fan, Gamer, Streamer, Youtuber Business Email: 183,057
HenryTheBlasian HTB ♨️ 🇨🇦. @NBA2k YT Content Creator. 400k+ subs. All opinions are my own.* Business Inquiries: @UpNorthMg 124,264
SHABOOTY SHABOOTY 🎥: #90DayFiance 🪬 🪩Famous writer, comic, part of #90DayFiance posse. Dialed into popculture, totally the #TLC demo. Unorthodox talent that breaks rules & gives u the unexpected. 52,908
tydebo24 Ty 2x 250K Champ | Global Champ | Content Creator | Proverbs 3:5. 40,434
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DenverStruck_ Denver ⚡️ Destined for Greatness / Business: @upnorthmg 33,340
Stahtistics_ TeeJay Certified On Twitch Business Email: 318 ✈️ 832 #2KNextMaker 27,549
Big_C_Richy23 Big C Richy 🏀🎮🦅 The Ambassador Of Myteam 2K Twitch Partnered Streamer & YouTuber! Business email: #ripkobe 26,825
SplashEdition Ki THE HOT COMMODITY | @IBallEmpire 26,614
mtplug_grinder MT Plug/badge/myteam grinder Vouched MT seller and grinder *NO REFUNDS* 25,016

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BreadDub ✏️Bread Dub®‼️ Rapper | Director | Host of #BreadTV For Bookings or Features:| Subscribe 2 my ➡ 6,428
TroyE23 Official Source Troy🇺🇸🙏 Unapologetically NUCLEAR MAGA💣🔥 'Everything Woke Turns To Shit' - DJT Invest in XRP @Vikings 🏈 @Suns 🏀 @KUHoops 🏀 5,942
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DlNWIDDIESTAN Lucas known as Sippinjuiceluke, all my links down below ⬇️‼️ 5,000
waif58 PintsizeWaif58 I'm Matt! Streamer on Twitch. Competitive Fortnite Player. Owner of the best community ever. Livin the Dream. A fan of all things gaming + streaming. 4,982
vSxpremeCapalot Look at curry man (14-15) Ima make it 1 day 4,880
gswxdylan dylan🥱🥱 #FTTB #DubNation | #FTTB | #NBA pro wrestling nerd. #WWE #AEW 🇫🇷🇪🇸🇺🇲 I FB BTW 4,816
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HoodiRbp 𝕣𝕓𝕡🌓 if the clippers don’t win the championship 2023 or 2024 i am never tweeting again 4,540

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heroelon4ever Elon is my hero 32
clampsupnext if you are reading this touch grass please•🇨🇦 32
cabrillo24 🐐. gamer. habitual line-stepper. purveyor of memes. #nba aficionado. husband. father. veteran. 29
LilCianTeam | #Rockets 🚀 | @ManUtd | #chiefskingdom | Biggest Garrison Mathews fan | 28
zyronx_ LakersNation 27
TylerC20201 - 26
TylerC61718135 - 25
Gurmukhcheema1 BOL BOL is a great NBA and deserves more playing time. Love the raptors, the NBA and basketball in general. I love playing video games with my friends. 25
TnkTopBandit Learn to be terrible at NBA2k, just like me, FOR FREE! Also LOVE Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul! 22
BXCKETSSS 15 yo, Sweden 🇸🇪⚡️ | Prices: Overlay = $15 | Banner = $15 | Thumbnail = $10 | | I only Accept PayPal | | If you wanna donate = | 21

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ID Text Retweet count
1626774781772046336 I want y’all to know, @DBGyt_ will forever be the goat of the MyTeam community 6
1627750388559659008 @DBGyt_ @NBA2K_MyTEAM $20 for 40K MTWhile another option would be $20 and get 800K MT? And 2K wonders why their users in mass are opting for the better deal? 3
1626801374573871104 Gotta love the 2k community @DBGyt_ @HenryTheBlasian @SplashEdition @tydebo24 @mtplug_grinder 2
1625540094370234391 @DBGyt_ @DFS_D0E Tbf Deron Williams has 98 pass accuracy he's even better than Trae Young 2
1627507223168532483 @DBGyt_ Really? I looked up “Karl Malone 13” and found out something else 2
1625189725660233728 @DBGyt_ Fun, there’s a lot to do but none of it is fun all of the content we’ve gotten this year feels like more of a chore rather than something you actively wanna do 2
1625253122682548236 @DBGyt_ I came to realize that MyTeam is way more fun and enjoyable the less you follow the “community” and hear what it says. I get what you’re feeling, the community these past weeks almost made me come to that point. 2
1625312585393340416 @The_Dabbla @KolTheCarry @DBGyt_ maybe you shouldn't play video games if thats how angry you get lol. 1
1627087419047809028 @tydebo24 @DBGyt_ @SplashEdition please help us casuals get at 2k for this garbage gambling simulator they forcing us to use. 1
1627087433174233093 @2KBucketts @DBGyt_ We dont care 1

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ID Text Like count
1626774781772046336 I want y’all to know, @DBGyt_ will forever be the goat of the MyTeam community 286
1626245445721661444 @DBGyt_ don't forget that the 2K modding community made WAY more accurate face scans then 2k 111
1627480515132420097 @DBGyt_ He sat up in da chair on you 😂 88
1626004757637738496 @DBGyt_ John Stockton or Allen Iverson 79
1625242389798432768 @DBGyt_ I’ve been plotting on your downfall since the beginning 74
1626791227474554880 @DBGyt_ Seeing Jose hit the game winner. 70
1625186476299370510 @DBGyt_ It‘s because of gameplay rather than rewards/content. You cannot play laid pack against anything over All-Star and SBM leeds to offline and online grinds feeling like it‘s a job rather than a fun experience 65
1625213764424421376 @DBGyt_ Banning half the community every other week sets a negative mindset, even if they drop some good stuff players are on the sidelines or afraid to get banned lol 65
1626279008408162306 @DBGyt_ 2K needs to hire these guys cuz this shit doesn't make any sense 😂😂 61
1625180904506155009 @DBGyt_ rate the team lad 60

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#1 4
#nba2k23myteam 4
#2kcommunity 3
#skettit 2
#stoodis 2
#nativedadgamer 2
#mohawktribe 2
#snipeclan 2
#nba2k23 2
#thepeoplewantchuck 2

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@dbgyt_ 3211
@tydebo24 182
@nba2k_myteam 139
@splashedition 116
@dfs_d0e 74
@henrytheblasian 66
@itsshake4ndbake 59
@jacobunbeatable 59
@kshawnozul 55
@2kbucketts 48

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💀 42 skull
🔥 21 fire
🤷‍♂️ 14 man_shrugging
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