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This conversation is about a discussion about ancestry and colonialism in India where Caribbean involvement is debunked, and other opinions are expressed such as dismissal of Nitin Menon from the IPL, praise for Harbhajan being a great cricket analyst, and a discussion about a "electrifying atmosphere" for the IPL. The conversation utilizes a mixture of humor and Indian culture references to convey its points.

Topic Modeling

  1. History of British rule in India
  2. IPL and cricket
  3. PKMKB supporters
  4. Analysis of Cricket matches
  5. Racism

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from pride and patriotism to amusement and excitement. There is also some sarcasm, anger, and disbelief present. The tweets express a strong sense of loyalty to India and its history, as well as a sense of anticipation for the future of the Indian Premier League. Additionally, there is a sense of camaraderie and friendship between the tweeters, as well as a hint of playful teasing.

Trend Analysis

  1. Resistance against rule by non-Indian nations, such as the British or the Caribbean
  2. Discussions about cricket, such as player decisions and IPL
  3. Analysis of cricket analysts
  4. Analysis of cricket players
  5. Racist comments

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cheteshwar1 Cheteshwar Pujara Indian Cricketer 🇮🇳 For enquiries: 2,875,105
rajasthanroyals Rajasthan Royals The Official Account of Rajasthan Royals | Champions of the Inaugural IPL season | #HallaBol 2,593,481
CSKFansOfficial WhistlePodu Army ® - CSK Fan Club WhistlePodu Army, The Official Chennai Super Kings Fan Club bringing all the super fans together @chennaiipl #Whistlepodu #CSK #Yellove 🥳💛🦁 316,567
acerult24 Ⱥ🐎 🤵24 hq Gifs 229,547
FarziCricketer Silly Point Wear helmet, pads and gloves before reading my tweets. It may hurt you. 133,548
MeriKhanii बेवजह-के-ख़याल Close Ur Eyes And Feel The Words || My Words Your Feelings. 80,615
CricCrazyNIKS Nikhil 🏏 Thinking, Tweeting, Predicting Cricket 24x7! Talking cricket with @weRcricket! Fantasy Tips only, no teams. We keep trying 💪 71,266
CricSamraj AS Reporter Julm se Jung. Owner , Textile Buz, 🏏, football ⚽️, Badminton 🏸, Travel 🧳 and more 70,814
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Shahrcasm Babu Bhaiya Chyamaila Deva, Retweet Karo Re Baba !! Social Media Strategist !! Content Creator !! Parody 64,284

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ssaliljaved Sahibzada Salil Javed دس سال تک صحافت سے وابسطہ رہا سوشل میڈیا دانشور ہونے میں سب سے بڑی آسانی یہ ہے کہ آپ کے پاس فقط انٹرنیٹ ہونا ضروری ہے ✍🏿 23,395
sahilgulzar_ Sahil Gulzar Humour, Sarcasm and Me. 15,975
crazyfansaj rathore____ Cricket Fans Not Cricketer 🇮🇳 DM for #Paid_Promotion 12,831
shubhamjangid Shubham Jangid ᅠ Software Developer, Website Developer & YouTuber. I lives two different life of two different world. Woke up 😂 11,463
WasiyullahB Waѕiyullah Budye I am an Enchanting, Delightful, Sarcastic, Kind-hearted & Complicated Personality, Instrumentation Engg, Distinct @cricketcomau @ChelseaFC #LH44 fan. 9,916
Vasheegaran 𝔻𝕣. 𝔹𝕠𝕙𝕣𝕒 𝕄𝔻. 𝔸𝕀ℝ𝔻 Apologize first, Forgive next and more importantly try to Forget. Audaciously loves Peace. Hater of none, but loves Thalaivar! My Pride is My Nation!! 7,260
Stf_twtz S T F  Leo 🦁🍫🗡️ 7,220
chittukuruvi4 Chittukuruvi Birder. Please don't share tweets on DMs. 7,100
PeaceBrw × റോബിൻ ⱼD × 🕊 4thID | Founder of @KVFC_Official | @Actorvijay na | @gvprakash | @Atharvaamurali | @iamRashmika | Hater of Thalapathy Hater's | @tarak9999 | #STR | @PeaceBrwVJ 7,050
VenisVJ Vᴇɴɪɪ D Bʟᴀsᴛᴇʀ❗ I'm Single Boy😌#Vijay Veriyan😎#Dhoni Rasigan🤩#CSK💛#Sammu Fan😍#TeamKattuBujjis🤜🤛 @VenisVJ_Backup 6,706

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DBossHitManFan #DBoss 🐘 ರಾಕೇಶ್ ಅಡಿಗ 🔥 Rohit Sharma 💙 161
Rohitdevotee045 keep respect My username 117
gayle_vishnu Door de bomen het bos niet meer zien 113
ImAdlee225 Watching 🏏 since 2005 105
SarkarSpeaking Music Lover| Sports Lover| Dreamer| Ardent Bangali| Birla High School| University of Calcutta| ISB&M| Data Scientist. Contact - 100
AyushSi83093251 Father of dharavians 😌 ROPIG 🐷 12th man army for pakistan 😡. 🐐King Kohli 👑🔥 100
MrOm14852020 Student 93
VanshAr48227342 - 91
goatkohIi - 91
jprasun21 - 90

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1625908191887491076 @Vitamin_is_back @CricCrazyJohns Our ancestors didn’t let Britishers enter our home👍 3989
1625914329118961664 @Vitamin_is_back @CricCrazyJohns Caribbeans have never ruled india da pumda🤣 Go and read history first 878
1626555636967407620 .@CricCrazyJohns and @mufaddal_vohra today 😂 346
1626108172233756672 @officialtharun_ @Vitamin_is_back @CricCrazyJohns Enna comment thalaiva 🔥🔥🔥🫶🫶🙌🙌 all love from AP/TS 74
1627221995137163264 @CricCrazyJohns Will Australia be the second team if they do it? Just guessing. 65
1626100795593879552 @CricCrazyJohns Those who don't about his batting skills watch this🔥🔥🔥 Sachin should proud to took a photo with is legendary cricketer😎 55
1626552176020705280 @CricCrazyJohns To Get Owned 30
1626109225234726914 @CricCrazyJohns #Rolex Sir 🤜🤛 @sachin_rt God of cricket🤩 29
1627201390018965509 @CricCrazyJohns , 28
1625905378029617152 @CricCrazyJohns Why all these south guys are black? 28

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ID Text Like count
1625908191887491076 @Vitamin_is_back @CricCrazyJohns Our ancestors didn’t let Britishers enter our home👍 11527
1626555636967407620 .@CricCrazyJohns and @mufaddal_vohra today 😂 9116
1625914329118961664 @Vitamin_is_back @CricCrazyJohns Caribbeans have never ruled india da pumda🤣 Go and read history first 3972
1627221995137163264 @CricCrazyJohns Will Australia be the second team if they do it? Just guessing. 1537
1626108172233756672 @officialtharun_ @Vitamin_is_back @CricCrazyJohns Enna comment thalaiva 🔥🔥🔥🫶🫶🙌🙌 all love from AP/TS 1121
1626621729379586048 @CricCrazyJohns Thanks :) 824
1626944806667825152 @CricCrazyJohns But all 1 lakh people will be PKMKB Supporters . 516
1626850123744673792 @CricCrazyJohns Sack Nitin Menon from the IPL. That’s such a horrible decision. 456
1626543491710062592 @CricCrazyJohns No wonder Harbhajan greatest cricket analyst world will ever see. 432
1626850058263224322 @CricCrazyJohns ye hmesha kohli ke saath hi kyu hota hai aisa 421

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#indvaus 99
#indvsaus 92
#bgt2023 54
#viratkohli𓃵 33
#ipl2023 31
#viratkohli 27
#klrahul 26
#bgt 15
#cricket 15
#bordergavaskartrophy2023 14

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@criccrazyjohns 28552
@vitamin_is_back 1144
@officialtharun_ 844
@mufaddal_vohra 511
@ro45goat 325
@goatkohii 236
@rajasthanroyals 140
@bcci 135
@abdevilliers17 131
@boiesx45 130

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❤️ 370 red_heart
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