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Damien Wood and Chris Taylor discuss the media and their reporting on the Jets; they criticize Cimini and Coz for being pot stirrers who created drama around Elijah Moore and Zach Wilson, and they also discuss the problems with AI and child labor, with Chris arguing that there is a willing labor force ready in the US-Mexico border. Chris also talks about friends on social media not seeing each other's posts, and suggests Metallica should come to Israel for their next tour. Chris also comments about late capitalism, and encourages Alec Scott to stay safe.

Topic Modeling

  1. Media and athletes in NY.
  2. Immigration.
  3. Child labor.
  4. Late stage capitalism.
  5. Bucket list items.

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions from excitement to frustration. There is a sense of enthusiasm for making the right call on a hold, and also for being included in a bucket list item. On the other hand, there is a feeling of anger and disappointment at the misinterpretation of media, the use of child labor, and the lack of attention to immigration issues. There is also a sense of sarcasm and humor in some of the tweets, as well as a sense of camaraderie and support. Overall, the tweets reflect a mix of positive and negative emotions.

Trend Analysis

  1. Media and New York Athlete Misinterpretation
  2. Politics - Immigration and Labor Force
  3. Professional Sports - Calls and Drama
  4. Advertising and Misogyny/Ageism
  5. Late-stage Capitalism

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1624592581077106688 @christaylor_nyc @sharpemcelroy God forbid we let in any more immigrants who are begging to work - but yeah, let’s submit our children to Dickensian conditions to keep the coal mines running! 2
1628077753739227148 Hey @Metallica - can you help me knock this off my bucket list? @larsulrich @KirkHammett - I need to see you guys in Paris! (alternatively, you can come to #Israel on your next tour) #metallica #oooyeah Thanks @christaylor_nyc for including me 1
1624566649700630529 @christaylor_nyc @bauthorfowler Late stage capitalism 1
1624574924642721794 @christaylor_nyc And yet there is a willing labor force waiting on our southern border... 1
1628181679796891651 @christaylor_nyc Remember when he said people who were going to have there house go underwater due to global warming could just, you know, sell it? 0
1625571578585964557 @christaylor_nyc Filing this away for next year..some great sound bites to be had. I did Rite Aid on xmas eve. Similar panic mode. 0
1625692701923610625 @christaylor_nyc this can’t be real. He forgot beheadings. 0
1625642544355856384 @christaylor_nyc 0
1625639352385642496 @christaylor_nyc Only saw one so far and it was carrying a bow and arrow. 0
1625639286035939328 @christaylor_nyc The images of the dead fish and chickens is horrifying. People deserve the truth about the long term effects of this, and they should be doing testing a lot farther away than they are now. 0

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1624974138023575552 @damienwoody @christaylor_nyc for making the right call on a hold? 19
1626343838301265920 @christaylor_nyc Cimini and Coz are for sure pot stirrers. 11
1626344840878333953 @christaylor_nyc What’s being misinterpreted with the media stuff is it’s not the jets beat. It’s the attention and over dramatic nature of being a NY athlete that occurs nationally. The highs are higher but the lows are the lowest. 11
1624592581077106688 @christaylor_nyc @sharpemcelroy God forbid we let in any more immigrants who are begging to work - but yeah, let’s submit our children to Dickensian conditions to keep the coal mines running! 11
1624565502927413250 @christaylor_nyc The solution is beating down the doors of our southern border, but of course the GQP plan is child labor. 7
1626262540719394821 @christaylor_nyc I remember hearing someone talking about a subject at a party, and I knew I knew a decent amount about it, but couldn't pull up the file. The piece she was speaking of, relying on in re: the subject -- Canada's National Ballet Company -- was mine. 6
1624559723163922432 @christaylor_nyc Child labor and AI. The future. 6
1626363840165281793 @christaylor_nyc Cimini helped create the Elijah Moore drama. Connor helped create the Zach Wilson drama. They are creeps. 6
1627388560889315334 @christaylor_nyc Jesus. And all he's doing is picking up on a desperate idea from Musk and not noticing the problems and negative press it's created. This is an example of why you don't give people absolute control over public companies. 5
1626349122008625154 @christaylor_nyc The NYC media is filled with people who was picked last in gym class. That’s why they the absolute worst group to give opinions on.And they sensitive as hell. Not a good combo 4

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