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woonomic Willy Woo #Bitcoin analyst | Partner at Crest Fund, we deploy capital into quant funds, if that's you contact us at | I'm on #nostr: 1,050,455
IAmClintMurphy Clint Murphy I simplify psychology, success and money by sharing advice from millionaires, expert authors and my life. 277,068
TikTokInvestors TTI We curate cringy & funny financial social media content. We are NOT affiliated with TikTok. Posts belong to respective owners. Voted #1 hedge fund. 244,350
nomadicmatt Nomadic Matt NYT best-selling writer giving you unsponsored, practical travel tips that get you off-the-beaten-path and save you money. 141,458
AnthonyCrudele Anthony Crudele Trader. Became one of the youngest Members in CME Group history & one of the 1st electronic Futures Traders. Heart Attack Survivor❤️💪🏼Founder @PlaceYourTrades 64,875
The_Crypto_Dood The Crypto Dood Freedom maximalist, reseller & altcoin trader. Lover of all things cryptocurrency. Legal cannabis supporter. Bitcoin maxi hater. My pronouns are dude & duder. 43,494
CHalexov2016 Chalexov.eth CryptoCurrency is future!BlockChain is our life! #bitcoin #blockchain ,Investor, #btc #eth #rpl #ethereum #bitcoin #rocketpool (Always protect your invest) ❤️ 38,705
BTCVIX BTCVIX Banned from r/WSB for talking crypto in 2015 Admin of WallStreetBets TG 36,325
AstroCryptoGuru Crypto Damus Financial Astrology & Technical Analysis for #Bitcoin to see the whole picture. Subscription reports with in depth analysis. 32,435
iluvstocks1 🎰Vegas🎰 🎰Inspiring women. Live in discord following $ flow. My ideas are NOT signals to buy/sell & are for educational/entertainment only. Do your DD!! $SHIB 💵💸📊 31,833

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Username Name Bio Followers count
BTCVIX BTCVIX Banned from r/WSB for talking crypto in 2015 Admin of WallStreetBets TG 12,389
bullshitjobs #bullshitjobs Your governments stole your lives and forced you to destroy your biosphere via 3-4 billion #bullshitjobs. Or to die of poverty. 11,816
AdamSarwar 👨🏻‍🚀 🐺 👨🏻‍🚀🐺 @cryptospacedog 🛸 🌎 🃏 11,734
naeelsana naeelsana | Social Media Manager 10,913
1718106J SaveAmerica “ Quiet people have the loudest minds” Stephen Hawking ♦️PLEASE SAVE NYC♦️ 9,232
Latina_Morena0 @ItsGoingToBeBiblical much of the political rhetoric serves as a substitute for reasoning. -Thomas Sowell 6,130
ImChrisChampion IamChrisChampion 🐳 Master connecter, investor & passionate human. #Bitcoin Wealth - Health - Mindset - Founder of 10X Connect - @DAOStudiostweet Find me on IG: iamchrischampion 5,771
StonedBAYCApe Budfan.eth Lifelong Philadelphia 🦅 Fan! B3L Member 5,358
senseibigdog Lose vs loose 👀 $DeFi = 🥂 5,084
Mike28337611 Mike FJB - stolen confidential documents=impeachment! 5,005

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RealJayEllefson I put people to sleep and like riding a bike. Adjectives are Muscular/Intelligent/Handsome 8
iivanov2 #watcher 8
samkostka He/Him 25 8
Thorchain_Node Building deep liquidity pools on #THORchain. Earn ~20%+ yield on your favorite crypto/stables as a LP. No time locks. #BTC #ETH #RUNE 8
webshuuter Teacher, Magician, Dad @CryptoDadsNFT, LUNA Survivor 6
CryptoBoss23 keep going. Keep growing. 6
javierehb 👽 6
nessi54768380 PhD, Trader, Data analyst 6
TweeDub Husband, father, son, student of the game. Plan for the best and expect the worst. 5
TylerSc93234110 Trader. Investor. Bitcoin enthusiast. Took an orange pill and fell down a rabbit hole that lead to a future thats blindingly bright. 5

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1638613200454164494 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership The hellhole is the urban prisons marketed as “walkable/15 minute/smart cities.” 4
1638587861120294947 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership Really??? 3
1638682610820841473 @Jup1t3r13 @samkostka @houseofwachs @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership That is nonsense. I live in the kind of city that the post above is describing, and because of the short distances, you can have food delivered to you from the grocery store in under an hour for free. Please don't talk about things you've never experienced. 1
1638572884087160833 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership Wishful thinking: those of you pushing for “walkable” cities make them actually walkable instead of us having to dodge tents, feces, trash and drugged out homeless. 1
1638007272092696576 @ChrisDunnTV @Timcast Doesn’t even take into account most likely scenario of getting hacked/ losing private key over those 10 years 1
1638593145725231134 @HypocriLib @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership Exactly. This on top of our hard rain rate during the rainy part of the season. I’ll tell you one thing- most of the yr we aren’t walking anywhere here in TX! 😆 It takes me 15mins just to get into town. 1
1638571813750931457 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership As long as cities are violent crime infested shit holes (as my nearest largest city is), the suburbs will be a necessity. It would be nice if that was the case, but some people a few hundred years ago just insisted on paying less for farm labor so here we are. 1
1638625711354445825 @ChrisDunnTV @CelsiusNetwork 1
1638100444227698688 #Bitcoin To the Moon . @ScryptoTrader @simplykashif @hmalviya9 @CryptoKingKeyur @ChrisDunnTV 1
1638567705451143168 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership 15 minute cities? Smart cities? So you are saying its all by design? 1

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1638553559410024448 @ChrisDunnTV YouTubeShortsInvestors 410
1638613200454164494 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership The hellhole is the urban prisons marketed as “walkable/15 minute/smart cities.” 198
1638731201640034305 @ChrisDunnTV Boating accident. 91
1638572884087160833 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership Wishful thinking: those of you pushing for “walkable” cities make them actually walkable instead of us having to dodge tents, feces, trash and drugged out homeless. 71
1638570098016354304 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership Great, those of us who aren’t childless and need to haul a ton of shit around still need transportation. There are plenty of walkable places, go move to one. 35
1638639720745013251 @houseofwachs @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership Dude I just want to be able to walk to the grocery store. It's not that deep. Stop drinking the koolaid 30
1638568340233809925 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership Not all of us wish to live on top of each other like ants. 29
1638646778601050114 @ChrisDunnTV Listening to nft mfs 22
1638594075388678145 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership Yeah it's awful out here in the burbs with the low crime, good schools, no tent cities, no armed guards at the grocery store... 17
1638579506226110470 @BWill851 @ChrisDunnTV @GuyDealership Newsflash- people walk outside in the country and suburbs. We don’t have to live in NYC to walk outside! 16

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#bitcoin 6
#btc 1
#oxsyntrum 1
#nft 1
#web3 1
#cryptocurrency 1
#gamefi 1
#defi 1
#blockchain 1
#dapps 1

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@chrisdunntv 669
@guydealership 131
@houseofwachs 27
@balajis 15
@sunshinesoul9 9
@samkostka 9
@timcast 9
@mythbuster1304 8
@tenbytenbiz 8
@cburniske 7

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🤣 7 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
💯 5 hundred_points
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🙄 3 face_with_rolling_eyes

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