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Twitter for Android 710
Twitter for iPhone 701
Twitter Web App 126 103
TweetDeck 38

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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Bio Followers count
leannrimes leann rimes cibrian we are all god’s work // new album ~ available everywhere 475,252
sznraymundo szn iheart media bobby Bones. i promise i'm szn raymundo even though i don't have a blue check mark. etsy store ⬇️ 94,762
CISNCountry CISN Country 103.9 Number one for new country! 💋 Listen LIVE: 81,064
webgirlmorgan Morgan2 Behind the computer of @bobbybonesshow. 👩🏼‍💻 Taco Bell eater. Dog mama. 49,066
paynelindsey Payne Lindsey I make podcasts and stuff 46,763
mikedeestro mike deestro Head Writer @bobbybonesshow. Producer of @TheBobbyCast + Host of Movie Mike's Movie Podcast + 25 Whistles +Nashville Podcast Network + Women of iHeartCountry 29,789
JasonWahler Jason Wahler Love, Memories, Legacy 16,303
BelmontMBB Belmont Basketball Official Twitter Account of Belmont Basketball • 9 NCAAT, 20 conference 🏆 since ‘06 • 🎟 #ItsBruinTime 15,211
laura_birdwell Laura Slater - 9,147
US933 us933 Your Country! 8,798

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
CISNCountry CISN Country 103.9 Number one for new country! 💋 Listen LIVE: 47,658
MadonnaLoveDale Dale Crites @Madonna is my big inspiration. @vh1celebrity @Vh1Music is follow me also @guyoseary @Nicolewinhoffer @boygeorge @PaulaAbdul @Interscope @Mtvawards 6,275
AshleyHLovesTay 𝐴𝑠ℎ𝑙𝑒𝑦•Eras Tour🫶Kansas City, MO🕰July 8th Dream to meet @taylorswift13 who gets me through my pain disease. IG: @ashleyhettenhausen. TN liked 5/14/19, TN follow, TN commented 2/11/21. 6,019
ethicalbrand Ethical Brand Helping the world make better choices. 5,371
greenranger1993 John Belcher, JR. 30 cart pusher at Walmart graduated Cedarville in 2004 5,006
bullystyle311 Steve L go lie to someone else 5,005
TheRealLeeCraft Sir Lee Craft, OMS Nashville's Self-declared wealthiest man, Knight of Sealand, Artist for Team USA 2022 designer-RLCraftDryGoods, CraftCombat; Philanthropist-MusicCuresCancer 5,005
Nicole_Fritz96 Nicole Hettenhausen #HelpAshleyMeetTaylor Christian, music lover, musical theatre lover, singer, drama queen, movie/TV lover, animal lover, college graduate, bookworm, goofball, ... 5,004
TREEMANSHOW1 Tomthetreemanshow Tune in to the TomtheTreeman Show on #TheMixxTALK live Wednesday 7-11pm ET Call-in 727-235-6330 cohost/producer @Jaxthetreegirl 5,003
seven4liberty Vickie Roark - 5,002

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
bonbonmonkey672 - 276
961TheTon Welcome to The Ton. We play tons of country music and we have tons of fun. 103
leizimm Pay it forward, it feels good #pimpinjoy #🅱️Team 89
HikerBabe517 Mom of two teenagers, dogs are life, fiercely independent, bold, assertive and love to read. 60
bfoor24 It's me, hi. I'm the problem. Dad to 2 kids | Computer Technician | Raised on Cleveland sports | Carolina Hurricanes 59
rhonnihop2 Sports NASCAR , @KyleBuschFan. Music: Country! Ole Rock n Roll. The Best Things That Make Me Happy Are NOT Things At All~ My family&friends are my ❤ 27
US933 Your Country! 27
997canton 99.7 Canton's New Country and home of the @BobbyBonesShow Listen on @iheartradio. Thanks for listening! 17
981TXT Tuscaloosa's #1 for New Country! 📻 Mornings with the @BobbyBonesShow plus @yogreenwood, @DollarBillBull, @heswayned, @grangersmith 🤠 16
mary985123456 one of those Angels on earth waiting on her wings.. Let me be Very Clear on this: I send no money, apple cards or any type of monetary means so that's HardNo! 14

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1638553914852143105 Pablo survived the solar eclipse and he said a fractured back is easy compared to those annoying glasses 🤣 @bobbybonesshow @laura_birdwell 4
1639804727998267392 * PLEASE READ & RETWEET! THANKS! 💖 @AshleyHLovesTay @BonHetLovesTay @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 @TSTheErasTour #TaylorSwift #KCTSTheErasTour @ADANational @AAPD @POTSActivist @CapitalOne @GEHAField @mrBobbyBones @bobbybonesshow @RadioAmy @GMA @TODAYshow @FOX2now 3
1639640824668454914 @GradyMajors @big73miller @ASTSprts @BallHoggMedia @ARBballRankings @ETTaylor79 @hmcilvain2 @SBLiveARK @k_sutherlandAR @CrunkdOutEnt @Kaylin_Rice @CoachChanteC @RazorbackWBB @ARPrepSports @PrepRedzoneAR @bobbybonesshow @5NEWSJacobSeus @_jacosta @4029Meridith @MeridithMulkey 3
1640764796759932948 The relevance and weight of this song hits so incredibly close to home. Regardless of your political affiliation, change MUST happen. 💔 @carrieunderwood @CountryMusic @Tennessean @iHeartCountry @bobbybonesshow 3
1640042820827336705 @GradyMajors @ASTSprts @big73miller @BallHoggMedia @ARBballRankings @ETTaylor79 @hmcilvain2 @CrunkdOutEnt @ARPrepSports @InsiderExposure @the1nss @ARHoopScoop @ArSportsNet @RRainwater1037 @jimharris360 @bobbybonesshow @BobbySwofford @4029Meridith @MeridithMulkey @5NEWSJacobSeus 3
1638244075303305216 Many thanks @SharpshotSelect @bobbybonesshow 3
1641060728311279617 @bobbybonesshow @carlypearce @baileyzimmerman @laineywilson Ironically, instead of being between a rock and a hard place, Bailey Zimmerman is between two beautiful, talented women. 🙂 2
1641075668283711490 @GradyMajors @ASTSprts @big73miller @BallHoggMedia @ARBballRankings @Nextupsportsnu @5NEWSJacobSeus @_jacosta @CrunkdOutEnt @4029Meridith @MeridithMulkey @5NEWSJacobSeus @ARPrepSports @bobbybonesshow @BobbySwofford @RRainwater1037 @jimharris360 @JimBestRPSports @PrepRedzone 2
1641442002784096272 @bobbybonesshow @RadioLunchbox Careful with the swollen eye. It can get worse and end up being a more serious situation. I would at least get seen and hopefully get an antibiotic. 2
1641039994520207362 @bobbybonesshow @carlypearce @baileyzimmerman @laineywilson Love sll these songs, they're such the jams! Congratulations Carly on having the #1 song!👊🤟😊💜 2

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1639270534729834496 @MusicCityTyler @bobbybonesshow I thought this after the fact and I was disappointed in myself I didn’t do it 😆 83
1638526802791415808 @bobbybonesshow @sznraymundo He says thank you for the prayers!!! They are working. ❤️ 68
1639270179526909953 @bobbybonesshow @webgirlmorgan She should’ve said “no, I’ll take both checks”. Mic drop. 61
1640675817842720768 @bobbybonesshow @mrBobbyBones Absolutely... not your real friends, real friends will support you on this action and enjoy the moment happening that day.... they just showed their true colors .. 38
1639284860652060672 @CharliePants @bobbybonesshow nah I’m at the point in my life where I’m not even going on a date with someone if they don’t give good energy/aren’t someone I’m genuinely interested in. So your statement wouldn’t be true in this situation 😉 35
1638553914852143105 Pablo survived the solar eclipse and he said a fractured back is easy compared to those annoying glasses 🤣 @bobbybonesshow @laura_birdwell 31
1640715119230607361 @bobbybonesshow @mrBobbyBones I would invite them. Make it clear that it is a dry wedding. If they come cool, if not, No big deal. I am shocked that anybody would complain because a known recovering addict is choosing to remove triggers from their wedding. I will then remove them from my circle. 17
1640676693676380164 @bobbybonesshow @mrBobbyBones It’s their day and their wedding. If anyone thinks that they are being selfish bc they are looking out for themselves, then they don’t have to go to the wedding. 15
1640310487777701888 @bobbybonesshow @RadioAmy Each individual one is $1 if you buy 10. But sometimes the individual cost will be say $1.39 each if you only buy 3. 14
1640699652235317248 @bobbybonesshow @RadioLunchbox This goes for children too. If you cannot control your children they shouldn’t be there either. That’s what carts are for. I’m a parent and all kids love to run around and there is a time and a place for that but it is never at a business/store. 14

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Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#pileofstories 24
#1 12
#themorningcorny 8
#goldbobbygold 6
#funfactfriday 6
#kctstheerastour 5
#prayersfornashville 5
#taylorswift 4
#listenlive 3
#countrytop30 3

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Mention Count
@bobbybonesshow 1763
@mrbobbybones 466
@radioamy 337
@producereddie 194
@radiolunchbox 151
@webgirlmorgan 149
@bonbonmonkey672 87
@chrisstapleton 64
@leizimm 64
@lukecombs 63

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Emojis used in tweets

Emoji Count Emoji Text
😂 269 face_with_tears_of_joy
😬 78 grimacing_face
😉 74 winking_face
🙄 67 face_with_rolling_eyes
😊 55 smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes
💜 50 purple_heart
👊 46 oncoming_fist
🙏 46 folded_hands
🤣 43 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
🤔 39 thinking_face

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 940
People & Body 249
Activities 72
Food & Drink 58
Objects 16
Travel & Places 12
Animals & Nature 11
Symbols 5
Flags 2