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@asimo3089 has broken into @DavidBaszucki's house to get a brand new Roblox events page. Afterwards, @asimo3089 and other users discussed how to monetize bans in Jailbreak, the new engine sounds, and the Spring Map. They also discussed glitches that need to be fixed and @asimo3089's 4 year old options. Finally, it is someone's birthday and they asked @asimo3089 to comment on the tweet.

Topic Modeling

  1. Roblox Events
  2. Live Events in Games
  3. Branded Events
  4. Monetization of Bans
  5. Game-Breaking Glitches

Emotional Analysis

The overall emotions expressed in these tweets range from excitement, curiosity, skepticism, joy, admiration, and surprise. Many of the tweets express excitement and joy about the new Roblox Events page, as well as admiration for @asimo3089 for breaking into the house of @DavidBaszucki. Other tweets express curiosity and skepticism about the new changes, as well as surprise at the game-breaking glitches. There is also a bit of humor, as some of the tweets joke about @asimo3089's power and influence. Finally, there is a sense of nostalgia, as some of the tweets reference old Roblox games and features.

Trend Analysis

  1. CEO & Jailbreak
  2. Live/Branded Events in Games
  3. Ban Monetization
  4. New Engine Sounds
  5. Talent Hub Posts & Unbans
  6. Game Breaking Glitches
  7. Spring Map Appearance

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KreekCraft KreekCraft YouTube Streamer • Not Sponsored by Pop-Tarts.. • • • business: 1,229,781
MyUsernamesThis MyUsernamesThis professional bacon hair wearing tech nerd also does roblox stuff maybe idk 404,864
DJMonopoli DJ Monopoli The green haired guy with the golden suit in @TeraBriteGames & @RobloxBattles. DJ, not a Deejay. Roblox YouTuber, Game Dev, & Musician. I was on Conan too! 😎 320,704
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DJNinjaRoblox DJ Ninja ⚔️ Hi I'm ⚔ DJ Ninja ⚔ | 20 | Roblox Youtuber with 6K+ subscribers | ⭐ #RTC member | 🇬🇧 British | He/Him | PFP by @xxlight__ | PFB by @Flameninja1200 | 26,357
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CinemaAlexander alex | XVII DAYS🚇 | 3 Days M3GAN Unrated #ScreamVI March 10 • #Quantumania NOW PLAYING • #TLOU New Eps Sun at 9p/8c, on @HBO | @hbomax • 🎬 & 📺 Reviewer / Advertiser • Manifest • Chucky. 4,997
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AidanBarnard3 Aidan Barnard - 4,963
The_LegendYT Caleb YouTube Steamer, Roblox goes down every Saturday 4,913
Unicorn63095111 @SparklyUnicorn✨~ Unicorn |✨ Stan's KreekCraft, Variety Youtubers!✨ 🐴 Big @KreekCraft Fan 💙 🙌Likes To Spread Positivity🙌 😎STAY AWESOME! 4,529
Sergei2020GoMia Sergei "ACAB" . Grey wolf 🐺 . Gay furry. Born January 26th 2003. Don't like what I do, then don't follow. I also follow some nsfw stuff, so no minors! 3,906
gingy4_rblx Babygingy4 Game Developer/Youtuber He/Him Certified member of Based department average dude Avid TF2, Fortnite, and Roblox fan. I make concepts. block🤯 = I own you💀💀 3,671

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CamRacerX 🏁 Owner Of CamRacerX League! 😎 Banner Made By @JBvolt_4x4 💎 I'm That Hyperchrome Guy From Twitter 😱 Racing @RanBelGamingYT To 1k Followers! 56
MikeAndingson Yo what's up bros the name is Mike and I'm a cool dude and also I'm a huge fan of that legit pro @GoSoFly 55
JB_Keycard Hello! I'm Keycard and you need me to enter the bank as well as many locked doors in #roblox #jailbreak ! ''Main'' @MrSuperEEE Banner by @JBvolt4x4 44
SuperBlox543210 I love sport and playing games, I normally play Roblox and flipline studios games. And I play junior football where I have won a premiership. 41
ItzLions i make brain dead tweets 🧠❌ 34
aa2816playzz_al God first! | 16 | Single ;-; | Redhead (Ginger) | Call me Ashton/Poly | Junior | 3 Youtube Channels | Learning 3D modeling/Photoshop | Instagram - ashton._.v | 30
KelloxQ 🖤 Oscar | Piggy + Jailbreak Enthusiast | Owner of Mimi’s Chronicles | Young Actor + Voice Actor; Young Commentator | Moderator for @madziie | So C-Dai 💜 30
Soarvie AroAce / @ EIesia on roblox / Local cat witch ᓚᘏᗢ / Sorry if I do something wrong or something you don’t like / Allergic to cats :( / INFJ-T / LOVE #Jailbreak💖 27
Optimus7591 - 26
Sebati422 Just some random guy 26

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1626760918708133889 BREAKING: @asimo3089 has broken into the house of @DavidBaszucki and convinced him to create a brand new Roblox Events page. It's over. We won. 🥳🎉 86
1624483145939578882 The #Jailbreak season 14 is finally here! 🎉 ❤️ & 🔁 are appreciated! @badimo @asimo3089 @badccvoid #Roblox l #RobloxGFX l #robloxart l #RobloxDev 15
1627416759790706688 Made my own #Roblox #Jailbreak Icon! After seeing a lot of "Bring old Jailbreak icon back!" so I decided to make my own icon, with that "prison game" feel. What do y'all think? @Badimo @asimo3089 @badccvoid 9
1627121287989547008 In front of the #Jailbreak most powerful person ☄️ ❤️ & 🔁 are appreciated! @badimo @asimo3089 @badccvoid #Roblox l #RobloxGFX l #robloxart l #RobloxDev 8
1626768080687824896 @asimo3089 watch out for any red dots that come through your windows tonight 8
1626836447306170368 Look, sometimes you make cool stuff on accident. Okay? --- So I made this funny edit with spammed effects and duplicated scenes for the filler and uhhh I love Roblox #jailbreak :3 --- Like/Retweet whatver you want lol!!! #Roblox #RobloxEdit @asimo3089 @badimo 6
1626761908094115840 NOTÍCIA: De acordo com @asimo3089, a página será substituída por uma nova que mostrará eventos oficiais do Roblox e eventos dos jogos comuns! 🥳 Elas seriam separadas por categorias e mostrariam datas e horas! 5
1625974905551421460 Seeing the evolution of this lobby has been amazing! 💯 ❤️ & 🔁 are appreciated! @badimo @asimo3089 @badccvoid #Roblox l #RobloxGFX l #robloxart l #RobloxDev l #Jailbreak 5
1625967915072901120 @asimo3089 and they said it wouldn't happen... 5
1625655630156468224 Everybody inside the basement floor of the #Jailbreak bank! 🏦 ❤️ & 🔁 are appreciated! @badimo @asimo3089 @badccvoid #Roblox l #RobloxGFX l #robloxart l #RobloxDev 4

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ID Text Like count
1626760918708133889 BREAKING: @asimo3089 has broken into the house of @DavidBaszucki and convinced him to create a brand new Roblox Events page. It's over. We won. 🥳🎉 1866
1626775490924085248 @asimo3089 @KreekCraft @_jbbolter Interesting. So branded events will be mixed in with live events in games? 445
1626768080687824896 @asimo3089 watch out for any red dots that come through your windows tonight 427
1626766934036430848 @asimo3089 @KreekCraft @_jbbolter Holy W 302
1627725657005510666 @asimo3089 I think you should have split into 10-15 and 15-20 as im pretty sure this is gonna be one-sided towards 10-20 💀 260
1627846274354380803 @asimo3089 221
1625967915072901120 @asimo3089 and they said it wouldn't happen... 219
1626474704063303680 They should monetize bans like how @asimo3089 does in jailbreak... It would be so awesome, it would be so cool...... 125
1626441496563159043 @asimo3089 jailbreak…? new engine sounds…? has the world gone mad 😳 124
1627725161200746524 @asimo3089 mom said i cant talk to strangers 124

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#jailbreak 87
#roblox 37
#robloxdev 16
#robloxgfx 11
#robloxart 11
#story 4
#ceo 4
#badimo 3
#asimo3089 2
#robloxedit 2

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@asimo3089 4914
@badimo 964
@badccvoid 587
@kreekcraft 336
@badimooo 260
@jailbrokenn 255
@camracerx 163
@critstyx 153
@jb_keycard 147
@zewo_tsu 142

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💀 107 skull
😭 72 loudly_crying_face
😂 64 face_with_tears_of_joy
👀 46 eyes
😱 29 face_screaming_in_fear
😡 28 enraged_face
🤡 22 clown_face
🔥 20 fire
🤓 20 nerd_face
🤔 18 thinking_face

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Smileys & Emotion 648
People & Body 165
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Objects 31
Symbols 24
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Activities 10
Flags 5
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