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Anna Cramling is a popular streamer playing in a tournament tonight for Chesscom and Chess24turkce. People are congratulating her, wishing her luck, and hyping her up. People are also discussing sexism in terms of chess. There is an link shared asking for her help. She's also celebrated for a draw against FM Ryo Chen and people have made creepiest comments and congratulated four nominees who are excellent streamers.

Topic Modeling

  1. Anna Cramling: Congratulation and Support
  2. Chess: Tournaments and Celebrity Players
  3. Video Streaming & Social Media
  4. Gender and Sexism in Chess
  5. ChessKid Rating Point Losses

Emotional Analysis

The tweets expressed a range of emotions including excitement, congratulations, admiration, enthusiasm, encouragement, and congratulations. There were also expressions of support, respect, and congratulations for Anna Cramling, the subject of the tweets. Additionally, there were some expressions of skepticism, creepiness, and disappointment. Overall, the tweets demonstrate a positive sentiment towards Anna Cramling, with many people expressing their support and admiration for her.

Trend Analysis

  1. Congratulatory messages and encouragement for Anna Cramling
  2. Anna Cramling in competitive chess tournaments
  3. Appearances of other professional chess players in tournaments and streams with Anna Cramling
  4. Analysis of openings and strategies in chess tournaments
  5. Questions and comments around Anna Cramling's appearances in tournaments and streams, and those of other professional chess players

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Usman64182198 lost id and this is a new one 3
ThomasBlankenh3 Autodidactic polymath. I solve problems like no other. Ease up on ego defense mechanisms and help me help this world. 3
weIIdeserved jack of all trades master of some 3
TaloHed - 2
CraigSm87301193 - 2
shawtygmi You Grin, I Win 💚 Music Maker | BoomBox | The Sol Army | tD | 🔪 2

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1624736619981901824 Dear @AnnaCramling, We need your help! Here is the link: 4
1625299686067212288 @AnnaCramling Lil bit 2
1624772368462757889 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @FabianoCaruana @Shakhmamedyarov @AnnaCramling @itsandreabotez @alexandrabotez @GothamChess @BortnykChess 1
1624818416220610562 And we've LIVE! 🔴 Tune in to see WFM @AnnaCramling challenge FM @BrewChess in a battle of the ages ⚡ 1
1628089813105770496 @AnnaCramling Go Anna go anna go anna !!! :D 1
1625571478459813888 @AnnaCramling Gorgeous ❤️❤️ 1
1627806405834194945 @AnnaCramling Sadly I think botez are taking it bc they tend to do more slutty content. Rooting for you!!♟️♟️ 1
1628254153201053698 @AnnaCramling i voted for you. 🤗 0
1625211266850779138 @AnnaCramling Who do you think should get paid more, a quarterback in the NFL or Hari-Kari Nakamura? I think both are extremely overpaid. 0
1625229905335033862 How.. polarising.. @GothamChess @AnnaCramling 0

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ID Text Like count
1625299686067212288 @AnnaCramling Lil bit 438
1625950570279497728 @AnnaCramling hi anna!!! was so nice seeing you in la again ill be visiting sweden sometime this year and will let you know when :O 62
1628021732828217346 @AnnaCramling CONGRATULATIONS i wish the best of luck!! :) 🎊🎊 60
1628089813105770496 @AnnaCramling Go Anna go anna go anna !!! :D 48
1625571478459813888 @AnnaCramling Gorgeous ❤️❤️ 32
1625386104970182656 @Krytopsy @MKBHD @AnnaCramling Tf what was the "smooth opening" here? Hyping any single thing you see 26
1627811683090432000 @ligmajohns @AnnaCramling Hikaru gets more slutty than botez 21
1625307445303164928 @MKBHD @AnnaCramling This is the collab we didn’t know we needed. 18
1625117176783945728 Popüler yayıncı @AnnaCramling de @chesscom_tr ve @chess24turkce'nin bu akşamki turnuvasında oynuyor. Not: Kendisi favori oyuncularımdan GM Pia Cramling'in (kendisiyle tanışmıştım) kızı olur. Annesiyle videoları var annesiyle. 14
1627931687551107074 @davit_ghazaryan @AnnaCramling It doesn’t sound sexist. It is sexist. They both explain things very clearly especially for people who are relatively new to chess. 14

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#chess 2
#chessgame 2
#chessbaseindia 2
#chessstreamers 1
#valentinesday 1
#chessavatar 1
#fakechesspic 1
#damagedcola 1
#fakeavatar 1
#fakepic 1

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@annacramling 260
@gothamchess 39
@magnuscarlsen 27
@gmhikaru 26
@mkbhd 24
@fabianocaruana 23
@gmjuditpolgar 17
@alexandrabotez 16
@vishy64theking 15
@im_rosen 13

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