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Alveus Sanctuary is an online platform where people interact over topics related to arachnids, invertebrates, and other interesting creatures. People have expressed appreciation for the educational environment and condolences for the passing of Pickles, a beloved creature of Alveus Sanctuary. People have also praised the platform for creating an awesome and supportive community.

Topic Modeling

  1. Learning about invertebrates and arachnids
  2. Support and appreciation for Alveus Sanctuary
  3. Grief over Pickles' passing
  4. Sharing Live streams on Alveus Sanctuary
  5. Giving Pickles a hug

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions, from joy and appreciation to sorrow and grief. Many of the tweets express gratitude to @AlveusSanctuary for their educational content and for providing an entertaining live event. The passing of Pickles, a creature at the sanctuary, is also acknowledged in some of the tweets, with expressions of sympathy and sadness. Overall, the tweets demonstrate a strong sense of community and appreciation for the sanctuary and its inhabitants.

Trend Analysis

  1. Live broadcast on @AlveusSanctuary
  2. Valentine's day card offerings
  3. Invertebrates and education
  4. Mourning the death of Pickles
  5. Support for @AlveusSanctuary broadcasts and events

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Twitter Web App 63
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Twitter for iPad 1
Hopscotch Social 1

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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Bio Followers count
mayahiga Maya founder of @alveussanctuary • twitch streamer💚 367,044
scum_art scum 35,563
ashweyashley Ashley 🐱 I do stuff @otknetwork Part time keyboard warrior. business: 24,422
sasseyirish kerri Wherever you go, go with all your heart. 1,419
Jonnyboig Jonnyboig(open commissions 2/5) Creator @twitch emote: StinkyGlitch / Business email: /Portfolio: 1,387
PointmanRT Pointman #advocate #missing #missingperson #missingchild | #twitter #marketing #organization #nonprofit #fundraising #business #news #writerslift | #BMPRT #PointmanRT 1,226
Katiescapey Kat I’m an mmo addict 😜 1,086
iKvZ KVZ  Like silver wine floating in a spaceship, gravity is all nonesense now. 1,055
FocusedZay Zay☁️_ Yo ∆ He/Him ∆ 23 👽∆ Steelers betta💯∆ One piece clears🏴‍☠️∆ 935
xFoxinabox Fox 20 | Used to play rocket league | now I just play league 901

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
WilliamAriasV2 William St. Arias 🇳🇬🇳🇬 CASCIAVIT Bilardista 🇨🇴🇨🇴 ௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌௌ 5,000
sasseyirish kerri Wherever you go, go with all your heart. 4,987
welshboy11 welsh_nerd my name is william and i am dyslexic if spell anything wrong 😀 and yo 2,226
SuperSojh Joshua ~ varsity rocket league at @FLSouthern ~ peach belt rl lan winner ~ creative director at @Disconnectgg ~ 20 ~ 2,201
FocusedZay Zay☁️_ Yo ∆ He/Him ∆ 23 👽∆ Steelers betta💯∆ One piece clears🏴‍☠️∆ 1,872
Baba_Oke Babafunlayo A. Oke - 1,782
MistBZRE 🖤💋Mistress Margo💋🖤 if you have more my sexy pics i have a chat room on this site welcom: 1,733
Copssuckacab 🇵🇸🇨🇺ACAB ☭ 🏕 defund the police. fund communities. defeat republicans/moderate democrats. decriminalize all drugs. Retweets/Follows are not endorsements. he/him 1,708
bigd4282 D.Wayne - 1,432
Diayaya_ Katelyn Clinically Insane | Known in chat as DiaHonkers | Priv @Diasrealwife 1,360

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
HellSatanX Mechanical Genius. Knower of most things, expert at none. 7
StolenArmy_ stop looking in here... im not interesting. 4
JamesRedPandaLP 21 Basically a MCU stan. #fuckdepression #MakeChesterProud Casso is the homie.I'm so happy that I'm alive. Happy I'm alive at the same time as you. 4
GhandiiOutcast Gandhi wrong on purpose 4
Alduinsbane20 Haiii!!! My name is Andrew and I'm 19 and 5'6 I love to play video games such as minecraft, skyrim, and fallout!! I also love to watch minecraft twitch streamer 4
Bobby_LightPR - 3
jazz__peru “Today we unite our kingdoms. Tomorrow we scorch the surface! Rise Atlantis!” #OrmIsMyDad 3
Sivvii_ doin your mom 3
juusojd Twitch streamer from Finland. Avgeek! Stage tech nerd! 3
SuperDuprEgg Environmental scientist, student, Egghead 2

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1624101238118789148 LIVE AT @AlveusSanctuary📸 on my channel <:•) 5
1623693859581579266 I may be a small streamer, but for the rest of the month of Febuary, I will be #fundraising for #AlveusSanctuary for the animals! Any and all amounts donated counts! @AlveusSanctuary #twitch #animals #donate #mayahiga #maya #Ambassadors #animalambassadors 1
1625570939592142849 the @AlveusSanctuary fundraiser is so cute 🥺 so excited to get my postcard 1
1625539896579440642 @mayahiga @AlveusSanctuary Georgie card if anyone wants to woo over their valentine today 1
1624566688133038081 @AlveusSanctuary 1
1624599916780883968 @AlveusSanctuary @mayahiga my heart sank when I saw this, pickles was an amazing ambassador! 0
1624592632910315521 @AlveusSanctuary Rest in peace pickles <3 0
1624591797635760128 @AlveusSanctuary That is really unfortunate. But such is life sometimes. 0
1624589723544039427 @AlveusSanctuary RIP Pickles 😭💙 0
1624588441974411264 @AlveusSanctuary Rest easy pickles 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1624101238118789148 LIVE AT @AlveusSanctuary📸 on my channel <:•) 726
1625539896579440642 @mayahiga @AlveusSanctuary Georgie card if anyone wants to woo over their valentine today 124
1624566688133038081 @AlveusSanctuary 110
1624570678459473921 @AlveusSanctuary damn... 💚 32
1624568331402452992 @AlveusSanctuary never thought I’d learn so much about arachnids and other invertebrates. thank you Pickles 💚 32
1624566659531870213 @AlveusSanctuary 💜 Stay saucy Pickles 💜 26
1624568534973009922 @AlveusSanctuary I’m so sorry. The video Maya did with Pickles was so educational, and she was a really interesting creature. RIP Pickles, thanks for helping me be more informed about the world around me 😔 24
1625994432008032258 @AlveusSanctuary thats me 22
1624615637799833603 @AlveusSanctuary Oh nooooo Pickles!!! 😭❤️ I'm so sorry Maya and Alveus team... I know she was so important to everyone. We'll miss her ❤️ 16
1624566941305241603 @AlveusSanctuary 💙💙💙💙💙 16

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#5 3
#fundraising 2
#alveussanctuary 2
#twitch 2
#animals 2
#donate 2
#mayahiga 2
#maya 2
#ambassadors 2
#animalambassadors 2

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@alveussanctuary 174
@mayahiga 33
@stealfydoge 3
@killerjen1 3
@scum_art 2
@johnsmithrm9 1
@theknowledgefe1 1
@your_pos_corner 1
@kookykrook 1
@tehboneboy 1

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💚 12 green_heart
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😭 7 loudly_crying_face
💜 7 purple_heart
💙 6 blue_heart
♥️ 5 heart_suit
💔 4 broken_heart
🥺 3 pleading_face
✨ 2 sparkles
🥳 2 partying_face

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