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Several people are discussing the possibility of Aaliyah Edwards from UConn as a first-team All-American and the fact that she is playing well despite the fact that the team is missing several top players. Some have argued that her stats are not as impressive because of the poor strength of schedule at LSU, and others have argued that UConn's non-conference schedule makes up for this. It is also mentioned that Edwards may have been getting away with a few things and that other players should not even be in a conversation with her. Finally, it is noted that she looks very happy.

Topic Modeling

  1. Schedule comparisons, player performance and achievements
  2. UConn women's basketball players and their success
  3. Party atmosphere
  4. Performance of referees
  5. Brittney Griner and the Phoenix Mercury

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions, from excitement and anticipation (evidenced by the phrase "start the party early") to frustration and disappointment (evidenced by the words "bullshit" and "clown refs"). There is also a sense of justice and satisfaction in the tweets, as well as admiration and respect for the players' hard work and success. Finally, there is a sense of joy and happiness, especially in the last tweet about Brittney Griner. Overall, the tweets reflect a mix of emotions, from joy and admiration to disappointment and frustration.

Trend Analysis

  1. Success of UConn Women's Basketball Team
  2. Player of the Year and All-American Awards
  3. Quality of Opponents in Schedules of Different Teams
  4. Performance of UConn Players
  5. Questionable Referee Calls

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espnW espnW #ThatsaW❗️ women x sports x culture Sign up for Women's Fantasy Basketball 🏀 ⬇️ 313,327
ESPN_WomenHoop ESPN Women's Hoops Official account for ESPN WBB. LEGAL NOTICE: If you send tweet, you consent to letting ESPN use/showcase it in any media, even TV. 109,888
MAVoepel M.A. Voepel Writer for women's college basketball, WNBA, volleyball. Began covering sports in 1984; grateful to still be doing this. (He/him) 28,871
hoopism womenshoopsworld Loving women's basketball to pieces since 1982. Blog: Website: Story ideas? 23,417
MG_Schindler Mark Schindler NBA, WNBA, Draft/Scouting | Writer: @WNBA @DimeUPROXX @CerebroSports Podcast: @TagTheRoll & @TGNbball 15,935
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maggiehendricks Maggie Hendricks writer @ballysports, aunt, wife, cyclist, baker, sewist, Trekkie, fan of Lincoln & Aquinas. I cover all the sports and don’t answer questions you can Google. 12,021
CharlieCreme Charlie Creme women's basketball bracketologist 8,795
womhoopsguru Mel Greenberg Hall of Fame and 2021 Gowdy Media - Print among others award winning Women's basketball writer formerly with Phila. Inquirer. Also USBWA VP-Women. 7,623

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te_moonchild4 BIG CANCER ♋️ENERGY Fun, Witty, Loving, Big Kid, 🤪 Follow at your own risk. #BLEEDBLUE💙💙@_thecrew1 5,004
KevC062 KevC062 - 5,004
dajnew2014 Daniel Newman Growing up and enjoying life in Wisconsin. #NFB 5,004
ls8basket ls8basket : WebSys & Basket Writer 5,002
England20124 Troy MacDonald Hi I'm Troy from Augusta Maine. I'm single and looking for a single woman or a single mom. I love the beach I like music. I like to try new things. A lot more. 4,995
SSN_UConn Sidelines - UConn @Sidelines_SN account for fans of all UConn sports! Not affiliated with The University of Connecticut. 4x men's & 11x women's national bb champs. 4,987
WinkMarvel Wink.Marvil Straight no chaser! Cowboys - UGA Bulldogs - Yankees - UConn Women's Basketball NJ✈GA✈OH✈TENN✈TX #FullyVaccinated #TeamPulte 4,940
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Ruben_A_Ibarra Ruben Angel Ibarra R.I.P. to Kobe & Gigi Bryant, John, Keri & Alyssa Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Sarah & Payton Chester and Ara Zobayan. Pic from @BossLogic. #BlackLivesMatter 4,655

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CharlieCreme women's basketball bracketologist 12
StanfordWBBBlog 2 Basketball teammates who blog about (unaffiliated) Stanford Women's Basketball games, and are totally biased towards all things Stanford…and love Tara-isms 8
therealbosman - 8
babyy_delrey BLM ✊🏽 Women’s 🏀 - FL - Connecticut Native - UConn - NY Liberty 🏳️‍🌈 Nika Muhl stan account 7
bbd938 - 6
HugYourLove - 6
LastHonestSport A guy who likes talking sports. I’ll talk some junk, but I like reading smart stuff and talking to smart people. (non-sport @ucsu94, writing @a_silly_place) 5
hannah_c_basso Hannah, 24, ADHD, Autistic, Houston Sports fan (except Texans), Non-binary She/he/they Public Notary Texas: Fan Account 5
whatsinaname545 “ . . . your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else." Toni Morrison 5
NgatiBryan - 4

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1624815601360244736 Start the party early 🍿🍿🍿 (h/t @alexaphilippou) 115
1627432309027643394 @CharlieCreme @tysonx2c @Penelope123567 @BizerkJerk @MAVoepel @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ how would we even know if this is true or not when she’s only played one game against top-25 competition and didn’t play well 2
1627385513920368640 @MAVoepel @BizerkJerk @CharlieCreme @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ Those were ESPN’s January mid-season predictions/picks. Which is why it was upsetting. At that point, Edwards had done enough. No reason two Stanford players should’ve been getting that kinda love. 1
1624879417754370048 @alexaphilippou @ESPN_WomenHoop Who cares if it was Diamond-less. Quit making SC narratives small. Big win for the Gamecocks is all you need to say! 1
1627049493790183425 You know it is a big game Womens Hoops game on the Main Line when you have @maggie_vanoni @alexaphilippou @lilabbromberg @womhoopsguru @Aaron_Bracy @jensenoffcampus in attendance #Villanova #Uconn #NCAAW 1
1626039845264191488 @alexaphilippou Huskies get some more homecooking!! Woot woot! Gooo UCONN!! 1
1627057402213441536 @alexaphilippou One of UConn's players swore at the ref, deserved a technical. 1
1627424844768858115 @CharlieCreme @Penelope123567 @tysonx2c @BizerkJerk @MAVoepel @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ Reese was a non factor against SC. Reese can’t compete at the top level and that has been shown. The SEC is really down this year and LSU has been over ranked since day 1 hands down. There are many teams in the top 15 that shouldn’t remotely be there. 1
1626404139327430656 @alexaphilippou What a shot! Wow! 0
1626404172357591041 @alexaphilippou What an ending WOW! 0

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1624815601360244736 Start the party early 🍿🍿🍿 (h/t @alexaphilippou) 578
1627384847944540162 @CharlieCreme @BizerkJerk @MAVoepel @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ Maybe by not rewarding a player at LSU who has played a schedule so soft it makes toilet paper in highway rest stop bathrooms feel like Charmin … 19
1627375489362071553 @BizerkJerk @MAVoepel @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ I think Edwards is great and the key reason for UConn’s success. But she’s not having a better year than Boston, Brink, Reese, Siegrist or Holmes as frontcourt players. Throw in Clark and where is the path to 1st-team All-American? 15
1627062887243190272 @alexaphilippou I know it's been said, but it is really amazing how well UConn is doing this season missing so many top players. 12
1627386044881547267 @CharlieCreme @BizerkJerk @MAVoepel @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ I mean, for someone who despises UConn the way you do that makes sense. But if you want to be impartial and reward the best players this season, the person putting up numbers like Edwards’ against the No. 1 SOS despite all the bullshit they’ve dealt with has to be there. 11
1627376282798329860 @CharlieCreme @BizerkJerk @MAVoepel @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ Reese’ numbers are such because of the weak SOS. Compare her numbers vs SC. Aaliyah Edwards would easily have far better stats if she played the same caliber of teams. Reese ultimately is not a 1st team All American when you look at the entire picture. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 10
1627442442688405504 @alexaphilippou Boston fouled her 10
1627391363783307265 @CharlieCreme @tysonx2c @BizerkJerk @MAVoepel @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ You still haven’t answered my question. Are u saying the SEC + LSU non-conference schedule was tougher than the Big East + UConn’s non-conference schedule? That’s all I want to know. 9
1627372527130492928 @BizerkJerk @CharlieCreme @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ I don't mind you pointing that out. In the preseason, the projections are mostly based on what players did last season. We've chronicled how well Edwards has played this year and mentioned her as a NPOY candidate. 9
1627385513920368640 @MAVoepel @BizerkJerk @CharlieCreme @alexaphilippou @AaliyahEdwards_ Those were ESPN’s January mid-season predictions/picks. Which is why it was upsetting. At that point, Edwards had done enough. No reason two Stanford players should’ve been getting that kinda love. 8

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