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Adnan Siddiqui tweets about how Karachiites demonstrate enthusiasm when certain brands and cafes come to their city compared to the people in Canada where they could be queuing up for a cup of coffee. He criticizes people who spend money on certain luxuries while others are still searching for basic needs. He also mentions the passing of two cultural figures who they lost and other such topics.

Topic Modeling

  1. Adnan Siddiqui and cultural landscape
  2. Branded products and imported goods
  3. Canadian food and cafes
  4. Karachi culture
  5. Tributes to people who passed

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets are mostly positive, with a few negative comments mixed in. The tweets range from humorous jokes to serious reflections on the current state of affairs in Pakistan. The majority of the tweets show a sense of camaraderie and good-natured teasing between the tweeter and the person being addressed. There is also a sense of pride in Pakistani culture and the accomplishments of its people, as well as a sense of frustration at the perceived injustices in the country. Finally, there is a shared sentiment of grief and sadness at the recent passing of two of the country's cultural pillars.

Trend Analysis

  1. Canadian Cafe
  2. Imported Brands
  3. Cultural Loss
  4. Karachi Habits
  5. Fund Spending

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AajEntertains Aaj Entertainment Drama (not the political kind) on @AajEntertains, the fun side to @Aaj_Urdu. Catch Akkar Bakkar, Unchahee, The Couples Show, Chef Jalal at 1,577
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1625027493060116480 @adnanactor Khali lahore walun ko ilzam mat dain pak ky kisi bhi bary seher main ya hota to yahi kuch dakhny ko milta 1
1625146958334808067 Wait, what? 👀👀(via @adnanactor / Instagram)#AdnanSiddiqui #SabRangHainAapSe #AajEntertainment 1
1625421237085151234 @adnanactor We didn’t ask for your opinion who don’t know that by tweeting like that you’re just promoting provincialism. You are an actor so i understand you need to tweet like that to get some petty popularity…Now Actors will also try to gain popularity on ethnic basis.. 1
1624207398276669442 @ZafarJdc All Pakistani Star's Plz Help Ur Brothers In Syria As a Ummah ,Every one is Helping Turkey but Syria also needs help @SAfridiOfficial ,@SarfarazA_54,@babarazam258 , @simadwasim ,@76Shadabkhan ,@iMRizwanPak , @shani_official ,@TheRealPCB ,@iamhumayunsaeed, @adnanactor,@yousaf1788 1
1624804638087151616 @adnanactor @tariqmateen Lahore lahore eh😂😂😂 0
1624749743321583618 @adnanactor Kyu saanu chaa wad'di ae? Apnay kol rakkhan ae chonchlay saanu vel ni 0
1624756706575097860 @adnanactor ✅✅✅✅ 0
1624758063960924160 @adnanactor Bro, your tweets seems less intellectual then your screen presence! Or am I wrong 😑 0
1624762276996648960 @adnanactor Good one. 0
1624789801948807170 @adnanactor karachiites itny butthurt q hain?? 0

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1624827045875163140 @adnanactor Le Karachi walas .... 7
1624889592414445569 @adnanactor Hahahha sir app ko aisi batein shobhaa nhn deti jab aap khud bahir ja ke pe lete hain,tabhi batein arahi apko…ab sab loog tu canaaaadaa nahin ja sakte 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️ 5
1624734449299517440 @adnanactor Karachiets will b the first one. Wo kaunsa kamal kr rahe hein 4
1624825122681913344 @adnanactor @tariqmateen Is it Tim Hortons ? Then it’s not Canadian anymore. It’s Now American brand and it’s owned by Burger King😙 2
1625146958334808067 Wait, what? 👀👀(via @adnanactor / Instagram)#AdnanSiddiqui #SabRangHainAapSe #AajEntertainment 2
1624737736417476609 @adnanactor Disgusting to see that how نو دولتیے are spending money on such things. Poor are still in search of Atta, Ghee and Paani. 2
1625127359790608385 @adnanactor met him at air port. 2
1625146643724005376 @adnanactor Better than standing and waiting in a queue outside Nawaz Sharif London flats. 1
1625073811937714177 @adnanactor What a sad week, first Amjad Islam Amjad sb and now Zia sb. In an already deprived cultural landscape we r loosing our cultural pillars with no one in sight to replace them. 1
1625159360593936384 @adnanactor Wow so rich sitting in your lavish mansion and commenting this. While people were drowning in floods you people went to the very same 🇨🇦 dancing on stages and going to niagra. How about you stop wearing imported branded things ? 1

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#kaafeehype 2
#timhortonspakistan 2
#timhortonslahore 2
#adnansiddiqui 2
#sabranghainaapse 2
#aajentertainment 2
#karachi 1
#staystrongturkey 1
#srilankapakistan 1
#shokhay 1

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@adnanactor 117
@iamhumayunsaeed 9
@fahadmustafa26 6
@babarazam258 5
@themahirakhan 4
@safridiofficial 4
@sarfaraza_54 4
@76shadabkhan 4
@iamsajalali 3
@mehwishhayat 3

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