Hello, dear reader, I see that you wish to increase the quality of the leads with your Twitter ads.

And, you've come to the right place, because this article will provide you with the information you need to improve your ad targeting on Twitter. Interestingly enough, the tools one might need to present their ads to the people who are meant to click them can be found on the actual Twitter itself.

If the sentence above spiked your interest then this list of five ways to target your audience more effectively with Twitter ads is made just for you. Take a look below.

#1: Target Your Audience by Country

Your ultimate goal is, of course, to advertise to people in all corners of the world, but when starting your new ad venture you should have geotargeting in mind as it is perhaps the simplest but at the same time fastest way to find customers locally or spread to a market you have yet to tap. Even one well created geotargeted ad can work wonders when trying to reach your audience better. To target your audience by location, you can either search for specific locations or import multiple locations:

Twitter Targeting by Audience: Geo targeting

Fig. 1. Target your audience with specific locations: US, UK or any other country

Select target locations for your Twitter ad campaign (see image above). To use the search bar, enter a target location and press Enter to autofill the suggestion. To import locations, click Import Multiple Locations and enter specific states, regions, or countries on separate lines. Then click Verify Locations.

With a Twitter ad, you can target more than 200 markets at the country level (yellow) and target certain countries on a granular scale (orange). Twitter allows you to target more than 200 markets at the country level (yellow) or a few countries on a more granular scale (orange). When creating a geotargeted campaign, carefully consider whether you’ll be targeting specific countries or using more granular targeting.

Targetting Twitter Followers By Specific Geo Locations

#2: Advertise to Only One Gender

I know, this one might come as a bit of a shock, but depending on the results of your potential customer research the audience you have to reach might be mostly constituted of men or women, and because of that gender targeting will prove invaluable in your quest to present your ads in front of potential customers.

In a Twitter ad campaign, gender targeting is easy. Simply select a gender and you’re done! To target a Twitter ad based on gender, simply select gender.

Twitter Targeting by Gender

Twitter doesn’t ask users for their gender. Instead, behind the scenes, Twitter uses other signals for gender-based ad targeting.

#3: Appeal to Audiences in Their Language

This one is very easy to understand because speaking of understanding if the customers aren't getting ads in the language they speak/understand how are they going to buy your product. With twitters language targeting, your Twitter ad is getting the ability to present itself to people in their native tongue.

Fun fact: Think about combining geotargeting (#1 on our list) and language targeting to better filter the market for your ad. To set up this type of Twitter ad campaign, first select the countries you’re targeting and then filter for specific languages.

Twitter Targeting by Language

A Twitter ad can target customers who live in a specific country and speak a specific language.

Twitter’s self-service option allows you to advertise to many languages, including Afrikaans, Bahasa, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, and Swedish.

#4: Reach Customers Who Use a Specific Device or Operating System

Now, things get a bit technical here, but nonetheless, device targeting is a must because it allows you to target specific operating systems, specific devices and even Wi-Fi connectivity of your potential customers. An example comes to mind, mobile users probably won't pay much attention to antivirus software but desktop users will surely give it a glance or even a click, that also means that desktop users won't be interested in new apps, but mobile users surely will. And, if you really prod the data, you can even find behavioural variations between Android and Apple users.

You can even target users with the newly purchased device because they will probably be the first to click on new interesting apps. To target users by device, click Select Devices and Platforms and check all of the appropriate boxes. Segment your campaigns by device to reach mobile users, desktop users, or both.

Twitter Targeting by Device

You can also combine geotargeting with device targeting to hone your outreach even further. Simply click Browse Carriers, find the country you’re targeting, and select all applicable carriers.

You can target by country and carrier.

If you already have an ad campaign in full swing and you’re unsure which devices to target, click Device in your Twitter ad campaign dashboard to view engagement metrics based on the devices people are using.

Twitter targeting by mobile carrier

#5: Connect With Twitter Users Based on Their Interests

And last, but surely not least, number five on our list deals with users interests. When you look at it, Twitter is all about the people and the connectivity, that means a plethora of different people with different interests and different things they are enthusiastic about that's why it is important to target an audience that is involved with the thing you are trying to advertise. One of the prime examples is Red Bull and how they are globally recognized when extreme sports are involved.

To target interest categories, click Add Interests. You can then search for interest categories or browse categories. Select the categories that apply to your business and appeal to your target audience.

Now, be careful with interest targeting, you can go overboard seeing how Twitter has 25 categories and more than 350 subcategories of interests. The easiest way to avoid this issue to limit each Twitter ad campaign to exactly two categories, you can always select more, but sometimes less is more, keep that in mind.

Twitter Targeting by Interest

And there you have it, dear reader, you have reached the end of our list of helpful ways to upgrade your Twitter ad targeting, but before we say goodbye, we have to check if you have any means of analyzing your potential customers from Twitter. Now, what I'm talking about is that all of the info above is useful only if you have an idea to whom you're applying it to. So, if you wish to successfully target people with your ads, you need all the data Twitter has to offer on your followers. twtData can extract all the data Twitter holds on your followers and give it to you on a platter in a form of an Excel sheet meaning that you may analyze said data even when you're offline.

Some of the data you’ll receive include the following:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Screen Name
  • Location
  • Description
  • URL
  • Protected
  • Followers Count
  • Friends Count
  • Listed Count
  • Created At
  • Favourites Count
  • Time Zone
  • Verified
  • Statuses Count

This might seem like a lot of data, but it’s, by all means, necessary if you wish to have a clear understanding of your target demographic.

Well, now that we've equipped you with everything you need to start your AD campaign, it's time to say goodbye until next time.