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Mrhumanitygives is offering a collaboration worth $100. They have mentioned people such as Elonmusk, RuaneFootball, and Herbriede as part of the original concept. There is also an attack against MrHumanityGives with TwitterSupport possibly helping out. There are conversations about a cash app, winning cash tips, and someone being scammed. Lastly, there is a something special being offered to MrHumanityGives followers.

Topic Modeling

  1. Cash App Scams
  2. Business Collaborations
  3. Creative Content
  4. Giving Away Money
  5. Creating Original Content

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets are generally positive and enthusiastic. The tweets show excitement for the collaboration and appreciation for the generosity of @MrHumanityGives. There is also a sense of camaraderie and connection among the users, as well as an eagerness to participate in the collaboration. Additionally, some of the tweets express frustration and vulnerability due to being scammed, but the overall tone is still positive.

Trend Analysis

  1. Follow and support @MrHumanityGives to participate in a collaboration worth $100
  2. Interaction between @MrHumanityGives, @elonmusk, @RuaneFootball, @herbriede, @TwitterSupport, @TitterTakeover, @Breaker, @ehikian, @CashApp, @RiseShinigami, @KristaBigler, @alifarhat79, and @hawkmania4
  3. Hashtags #TheAttackOfTheClones and #DAGT #DOGE #Dogecoin
  4. Cash App monetization
  5. Reporting of fraud in entrepreneurship

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Twitter for Android 3248
Twitter for iPhone 2900
Twitter Web App 701
Twitter for iPad 39
MyDogeTip 16

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Username Name Bio Followers count
mattswider Matt Swider (once-a-day tech deals @ The Shortcut) 💼Founder & Editor-in-Chief 📈Substack's #1 consumer tech publication 🔙Fmr @techradar US EIC 🏃‍♂️Follow @theshortcut 💰Links earn affiliate $ 990,864
stufflistings Mukul Sharma Techmaster. Travels to the future, brings stuff back for you. Building the biggest tech community:#stufflistingsarmy Past: Indian Army.More stuff @cybervillager 367,890
itskac Kelly Ann Collins CEO at @VultLab | Host at @CryptoRichFab 246,138
blockbuster Blockbuster The official Twitter feed for Blockbuster US. Follow us for updates and promos for all US Blockbuster fans. 198,398
MrHumanityGives MrHumanity I give CASH to teammates. - #TeamHumanity. Subscribe to me or I’ll eat your French fries. Send us a text - 718 521 2364 151,652
SirDecka Decka Video Games / Memes/ Crypto/ Twitter Giveaways / Philanthropy / Conspiracies/ Ghosts /Paranormal/ Tech / Gadgets / Futurist / Spiritual/ Seeker of Knowledge 59,514
clickup ClickUp Save time with the all-in-one productivity platform that brings teams, tasks, and tools together in one place. 58,947
BillyiLash Billy Eyelash Beauty/Lifestyle/Skin Care • BUSINESS / PR: 52,142
TitterTakeover T(w)itter Takeover News  Your #1 News source on everything Twitter 2.0  | Hit follow and don’t forget to sign up for notifications! 🔔 37,599
ChrisClickUp Chris Cunningham Founding Member @ClickUp 🚀 💼 I help build raving fans for brands via influencer marketing, community, and brand strategy 📈 IG: 36,162

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
itskac Kelly Ann Collins CEO at @VultLab | Host at @CryptoRichFab 46,779
msredk1 ♥ Cindi Evelyn K ♥ ρєσρℓє mαу нєαя υя ωσя∂ѕ вυт тнєу ƒєєℓ υя αттιтυ∂є! #TwitterPhilanthropy #TeamHumanity 25,533
earthgirlmandy Mandy D ❤ #DOGE is the way. #DoOnlyGoodEveryday #DogecoinToTheMoon #DogeFam #DOGECOIN #ThePeoplesCrypto #ToTheMoon 18,330
momsfocus 🍀RAJEE I am blessed beyond measures. I am dependable and resourceful. I am forever grateful 😇 I am that I am. 17,678
ccarson004 💙🌊💙Cecilia C GOD FIRST, WE ARE ALL AMERICAN….FULLY VAXXED. #BLM #VOTE BLUE #SAVE OUR PLANET 🌎 GO GREEN #RESIST SYSTEMIC RACISM cash app is a $carsoncecile 🚫dms 13,499
ThatGuyRivers ThatGuyRivers • Twitch Affiliate • NUFC • 12,877
JHWreporter James H. Williams covers UCLA football UCLA football reporter & ast. Sports Editor for @OCRegister / SCNG 📰• 🎙️Host for @BleavUCLA & @SomethingsBruin | Looking for the best hoodies & backpacks 🎒 12,871
RamRshiv38 @ram_Shivchand(@RamRshi38) FL Me #Retired, in-PRINCIPAL- Follow you G.l.c.Govt.inter college, yamakeshwar, pauri Garhwal Uttrakhand, 🇮🇳 12,637
More4Kids More4kids Parenting Official Profile of More4kids. Trusted by Parents. Articles by Parents for Parents. 12,593
syndrome22q1 Justin G Official Twitter Account for Justin G /online influencer / I love to Raise Awareness for 22q /Appeared on @NewsHourExtra @NewsWeek + More 12,464

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
alexuuuje I work for realtor 🏡🏡🏡 218
mhsajib007 Traveller🔸Content Creator🔸Try To Help People🔸Appreciate Support in Tipbar or A ShoutOut for My YT Channel To Grow ❤️❤️ #cashapp $MhSajib007 67
Melinda63248408 #SUPERFAMILY - CashApp $melindaggreen 63
dhaniielievan I'm a man🥇 Fun loving,caring🎀💵 A firm building contractor Tourist ✈️ 🏪 Traveller 🛩🌎 text onlybusiness no calls📵 60
Here4JuiceLOL Political debate, walking the beach, making friends, drinking starbucks lol. Just a normal person. 50
Sugar_MKate653 I am just me being me nothing more or less 49
Kellib420 I'm just me. Not trying to be anything else 🥰 I want to learn everything I can. 46
VeronicaLemast3 Are you looking for financial help out? I'm here to help out and share my benefit out just to help others 45
amandaskool - 42
YoKosmica Train your mind to see good in every situation! #SUPERFAMILY @Jayecane 38

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ID Text Retweet count
1626049789447077896 Follow @Mrhumanitygives and check out his pinned tweet for our $100 collab! 56
1627135932175360001 Follow @mrhumanitygives and check out his pinned tweet for our $100 collab! 22
1625300895641530371 @MrHumanityGives and @KristaBigler Out here dropping blessings. Thank you once again. 5
1627689438737313794 #TheAttackOfTheClones... @MrHumanityGives is being targeted... Anything @TwitterSupport can do? @elonmusk 5
1624276437846102016 Hey fam we’re still going later for more of #TeamHumanity to get in on the fun! Join us at 10PT @MrHumanityGives will have something special for someone! 4
1625956043996991488 Freaking out a bit. Trying not. Landlord sold. Special circumstances with mold toxicity & MCS. Can't just hop along to another place quickly, plus healing from illness. New ones raising rent & need own utilities. Anything helps! $bctripletmom 🙏🏻 @pulte @MrBeast @MrHumanityGives 3
1625588124901335043 @MrHumanityGives @ChrisClickUp $RaburesuK I would love one. Pleassse 3
1625588003534929921 @MrHumanityGives @ChrisClickUp Always lol 2
1626621301837135875 @GuyAdami @MrHumanityGives @blackkingkofi @OfficialJaskoYT @OmarGoshTV @LadyJayPersists @LeaBlackMiami @ACTBrigitte @brawadis @davidmweissman @RochieWBZ for always supporting me on my disability 22q how have you all been? 2
1626528440248852480 @MrHumanityGives @elonmusk 🚀 2

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1626049789447077896 Follow @Mrhumanitygives and check out his pinned tweet for our $100 collab! 100
1627135932175360001 Follow @mrhumanitygives and check out his pinned tweet for our $100 collab! 46
1624554453440335874 @MrHumanityGives @elonmusk @RuaneFootball Vine the original concept of short form content 41
1626751193006628864 @MrHumanityGives @herbriede would you be into it if it were? 38
1627689438737313794 #TheAttackOfTheClones... @MrHumanityGives is being targeted... Anything @TwitterSupport can do? @elonmusk 14
1626773202218401797 @TitterTakeover @MrHumanityGives @herbriede @Breaker lol wish you were in my figma rn fwiw i am very into the idea of it as primary tab in the bottom nav instead 13
1626775329141317633 @ehikian @MrHumanityGives @herbriede @Breaker Ooh yes on the bottom nav. Then UI for swiping between for you and following would stay the same when switching to video tab. 👀 12
1627469068822364160 @MrHumanityGives $mdozier5960 my cash app 11
1627727617687158786 @MrHumanityGives Well , I got scammed by a entrepreneur who claimed to help. Tired to take over my accounts and sent a fake check and got my account suspended and now I owe the bank 9000$. Can’t trust anyone anymore! 11
1626751101490892801 @MrHumanityGives 🤣🤣🤣rich text is throwing up on 98% of this screen but that's what you see - i love it 11

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Hashtag Count
#teamhumanity 50
#dogecoin 19
#doge 15
#tiptrain 15
#dogecointothemoon 12
#mydogetip 8
#axl 6
#axlinu 6
#fundraising 6
#sugarmomma 6

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Mention Count
@mrhumanitygives 6978
@snarky_driver 267
@hawkmania4 267
@project_emma 219
@elonmusk 86
@herbriede 82
@chrisclickup 57
@mrbeast 51
@pulte 49
@ruanefootball 42

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🙏 334 folded_hands
❤️ 138 red_heart
107 check_mark_button
😂 99 face_with_tears_of_joy
🤣 86 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
💙 66 blue_heart
✔️ 60 check_mark
🥰 55 smiling_face_with_hearts
🎉 53 party_popper
😭 50 loudly_crying_face

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 1159
People & Body 874
Symbols 245
Objects 122
Activities 114
Travel & Places 98
Animals & Nature 54
Food & Drink 28
Flags 17