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@2gay2lift finally watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Avengers and Ironman, and a Neil Breen film, and remarked on the funny deer scene, the Alberta lie, Mongolian horse territory, the random effort of greenscreening Ed Harris, and dogs playing poker on black velvet. They also discussed a rat sighting in a small town.

Topic Modeling

  1. Movie watching and Reviews
  2. Making Rules and Jokes
  3. Animals and Locations
  4. Black Lights, Velvet, and Helicopters
  5. RV Parks and Rat Patrols

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from happiness to amusement to surprise to awe. The tweets discuss topics such as watching movies, discussing Mongolia and Alberta, playing poker, and rat patrol. These conversations suggest that the individuals involved in the conversation have a close relationship, as they share jokes and stories with each other. Overall, the tweets reflect a sense of camaraderie and joy.

Trend Analysis

  1. Movies/Entertainment
  2. Ironman/Avengers
  3. Neil Breen
  4. Comedy
  5. Animals

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Twitter for Android 296
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Twitter for iPad 4
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Username Name Bio Followers count
Diction NICK I yell at video games for a living. He/him. Follow me everywhere: Biz Email: 176,970
Trey_Explainer Trey the Explainer A W-Grade Internet Celebrity whose main goal is sharing information about paleontology, biology, anthropology, history, and science. I make Youtube videos 🤙 63,384
BrockBaker Brock Baker Voice actor. Impressionist. Comedian. Writer. Creator of videos you may have seen. Contact: 61,890
AnisaTheGreasy Anisa Jomha Boxing promoter. Married to a boxer. 36,087
RockLeeSmile Nick Reineke Indie game lover! YT & Twitch partner & Indie Impressions host for 1,000+ eps. - Merch: 28,925
CrisppyBoat Crisppyboat Aspiring 2D/3D digital artist | OCAD Illustration 2024 | (C0mms available! DM for inquires) pfp by @mysillycomics ! banner by @captainpacito 21,470
torriangray Jean-Michel Connard Irritable in the streets, unable to sleep between the sheets. Senior contributor to my underfunded 401(k). 2006 runner-up Britain’s best bum of the year. 19,407
JeffHolidayReal 𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 🆓 Jeff Holiday's manager. DMs can be passed to Jeff. Rated 4.17/5 on WikifeetMen 13,735
Casey_Business Casey Business 🌸💸 writing a video essay about portal and posting it on 9/11 11,883
notscotthenson Steve Harvey Oswald (Big Cat Scott Henson) Stay-at-work mom, phrenology enthusiast, computer owner. Pronouns: Frost/Nixon. I post bad ideas, my pro wrestling, and pictures people draw of me as a cat. 6,756

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Username Name Bio Followers count
Kurtis41Fan Gocubbies2016 Everyone creates content, make yours interesting. Avid NASCAR, Football and MLB fan. Go Kurt Busch, Colts and Cubs! 5,002
MotheVarun tbh - 5,002
Justsome66 Jonothie with a y We stan liveable cities 4,787
iLike_fembo1s i like femboys я люблю фембоев 4,743
JakeSickel Jake Sickel YouTubing Film Buff and Goofball 4,486
ForgetfuP ForgetfuIPerson The most nuanced man on Twitter, and famously dubbed “certified Twitter gangster” 4,415
Lunar__Cowboy Mr Nimbus - 3,636
KumongaTheBrave GOAT GOD I’m goat god and I commit war crimes on a daily basis . Big Indy fan also when In the hell is the next #DOOM game coming out . 2,849
JulianMagni Julián Magni 🇨🇱🇮🇹 Chilean/Italian. Student Filmmaker. Arsenal Fan. 2,793
bbksweet Negan Gains I'm just another random guy on Twitter. Part-time internet troll. Nanomachines, son. Avid Rick Dunaway stan. #RaiderUp 2,770

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weepingsquonk some guy | 21 9
nidohime ¿Qué queréis que os diga? Pues me gustan los videojuegos, el anime y los animales. Sé un poco de todo pero también ignoro mucho. Y puedo insultar en 2 idiomas. 5
buub4ku he/him Vegan Marxist Artist living in the future Pluronational Republic of Australia 4
lukose__ Grad Student, Env Science @duqedu // BSc in Applied Conservation + Env. Stewardship // trophic rewilding, ecology, evolution // he/him // views my own 🇺🇦🇹🇼 4
vdbhxvbcc Engineer gaming 4
l0S3r198 just an ordinary guy | he/him | (autistic) | NUMBER #1 METAL SONIC (and/or) DARK SONIC FAN!!! alt is @2K1LL_1SSU3 (also a big KitKat fan) 3
Shedontwantme23 Peace was never an option 3
MarcoTedesco97 25, biodiversity MSc. I want to paint. /any/ 3
AnisaTheGreasy Boxing promoter. Married to a boxer. 3
Nuggets_Chewed (He/him) a follow is not an endorsement. 3

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1626776237296459776 @2gay2lift 8
1626705114835607552 @2gay2lift The deer one always cracks me up too 7
1624614844757594115 @2gay2lift You finally watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I’m so happy. 4
1626728671234101248 @2gay2lift 4
1626700861559943169 @JeffFromRegina @2gay2lift I remember an RV from BC coming to my small town's RV park and someone saw a rat drop from it and immediately reported it to our rat patrol. There was a helicopter with infrared flying around the park and 2 trucks blocking people coming in and out. 2
1626446437394571265 @2gay2lift @YouTube Bang* at the Cabin 2
1626703632258285574 @2gay2lift I thought this was your favorite map 2
1626756152405946369 @JeffFromRegina @2gay2lift These look like parodies, but they were very real 2
1626689196168474625 @2gay2lift 2
1627974567393382400 @2gay2lift jerma is such an enigma like the most random people just bring it up under the correct assumption that everybody else knows about it 1

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1624614844757594115 @2gay2lift You finally watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I’m so happy. 1187
1626705114835607552 @2gay2lift The deer one always cracks me up too 1000
1624599731858198528 @2gay2lift Me after watching Avengers and Ironman says “uhh so that just happened?” 589
1626776237296459776 @2gay2lift 373
1624603150027001858 @2gay2lift he finally watched it 323
1624599430803365888 @2gay2lift He watched the new Neil Breen film 316
1626739006015774720 @Trey_Explainer @2gay2lift the mongolian deer force field 308
1626686901741658112 @2gay2lift Alberta... why are you guys lying to everyone. 297
1626705489957470208 @Trey_Explainer @2gay2lift Mongolia is exclusive horse territory, no deers allowed 283
1624607327000137729 @2gay2lift Did you finally watch this masterpiece? 204

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Hashtag Count
#1 2
#dharmann 1
#protest 1
#horsesquad 1

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Mention Count
@2gay2lift 782
@trey_explainer 51
@jefffromregina 25
@youtube 14
@tommy_j_valor 10
@marcotedesco97 8
@thealexsylvian 8
@drachonathewolf 7
@thehodgehead 7
@prjpreston 7

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😂 8 face_with_tears_of_joy
🛢️ 7 oil_drum
⛰️ 7 mountain
🌾 7 sheaf_of_rice
🤣 6 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
❤️ 6 red_heart
😭 4 loudly_crying_face
😍 4 smiling_face_with_heart-eyes
👍 4 thumbs_up
🔥 4 fire

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Smileys & Emotion 41
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Animals & Nature 9
Objects 2
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